A mother said she was kidnapped. Now she admits it was all a hoax

Thursday, April 14, 2022
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A Mother Said She Was Kidnapped - Now She Admits It Was All a Hoax

A mother has told the FBI that she was abducted as a child‚ citing two Latina women and her ex-boyfriend as her captors. The alleged abduction also happened on the day of Donald Trump's election. In the FBI report‚ her ex-boyfriend said he drove to Redding to pick her up‚ which was the day she had said she was abducted.

Sherri Papini

Sherri Papini‚ who was arrested in 2016 after claiming she was kidnapped at gunpoint while jogging‚ has reportedly entered a plea deal in which she'll admit orchestrating the whole ordeal. According to her defense lawyer William Portanova‚ Papini will admit lying to federal authorities and mail fraud. Papini went missing on November 2‚ 2016‚ when she failed to pick up her children from day care. Three weeks later‚ she was found on Interstate 5. Papini said she was held captive by two Hispanic women who had a handgun. Her husband told the FBI that he drove to Redding to pick her up‚ and he told investigators that he had helped her escape by driving her to the Southern California area. Papini told authorities that she was held captive by two Hispanic women for 22 days. But she didn't provide any detailed identification of her captors. In fact‚ her abductors were her ex-boyfriend. The FBI backed up her story with DNA evidence and phone records. It's still unclear if the women were responsible for Papini's kidnapping‚ but the case has been cleared up. The bogus kidnapping plot was apparently planned on pre-paid cell phones by a woman with attention seeking tendencies. Papini was involved in numerous affairs and asked her ex-boyfriend to pick her up and stay at his apartment for weeks. When she returned home‚ her ex-boyfriend drove her back to her home neighborhood. But then Papini disappeared.

Her ex-boyfriend

Papini's story sparked national media coverage when she allegedly told investigators that she had been held captive by two Hispanic women who had a handgun. Her DNA was found on Papini's clothing‚ and the FBI was able to tie it to her ex-boyfriend‚ who claimed he helped her escape. But the investigation revealed that Papini had not been abducted. The FBI says it is now awaiting results from a DNA test from her ex-boyfriend‚ who had told investigators that his girlfriend had abducted her daughter. However‚ the ex-boyfriend has told investigators that he is not responsible for the alleged kidnapping and has now admitted it was all a hoax. The affidavit is 55 pages long and details the case in more detail than other documents. The mother who claimed her daughter was abducted was reportedly a victim of an elaborate prank. Papini's ex-boyfriend did not know the final plan. In fact‚ he only learned about her new relationship after she returned home. It was also found that she had never slept with her new man while staying in his home. Papini's ex-boyfriend lived with her for two weeks and didn't notice the news reports about her disappearance until she was hurt. She was forced to sleep on the couch and stayed indoors during the alleged abuse. The Shasta County Sheriff's Office and FBI launched an investigation into the case. The investigation involved the bogus kidnapping of Papini. Several hours were spent following leads and tracking down the woman's abductors. But the investigation was ultimately unsuccessful. It is believed that Papini's ex-boyfriend was behind the bogus kidnapping‚ but Papini was not suspected of any crime.

Two masked Hispanic women

When Papini went on a run in November of 2016‚ she told police that she had been abducted by two Hispanic women. Police found her in a parking lot on Thanksgiving Day. Her family embraced her return‚ and the Redding community rallied around her. In a subsequent investigation‚ the DOJ determined that the kidnapping story was fabricated. Police uncovered a sketch of the supposed abductors that Papini had drawn when she told them she was abducted. Papini's abductors failed to identify themselves‚ but the FBI was able to match DNA evidence to her abductors. A mother who said she was abducted now admits it was all a hoax After being accused of faking her own kidnapping‚ Papini has pleaded guilty to lying to a federal agent. She will also admit to mail fraud. Papini‚ a stay-at-home mom from Redding‚ Calif.‚ was reported missing in November 2016. Her husband‚ Keith Papini‚ searched for her and pleaded for her safe return. Sherri Papini claimed that she was abducted at gunpoint in 2016. She reappeared three weeks later‚ 200 miles from where she went missing. However‚ police have now arrested her. According to prosecutors‚ Papini lied to investigators and falsely claimed that her kidnappers actually abducted her and took her children. Papini was also accused of defrauding the state of California of $30000 in victim assistance funds.

DNA on Papini's underwear

DNA on Papini's underwear led authorities to suspect her ex-boyfriend. The underwear was allegedly found in a trash can when she was missing. The FBI was notified and requested a forensic DNA analysis. The results showed that the male DNA was found on Papini's underwear. The DNA also pointed to a possible relative of the unknown male. The investigation revealed that the male had two sons‚ one of whom was Papini's ex-boyfriend. In June 2013‚ Papini's ex-boyfriend‚ Shauhin Davari‚ helped her run away from her abusive husband. He picked her up in Redding‚ California and drove her to her apartment in Costa Mesa‚ California. The ex-boyfriend later told reporters that Papini was a habitual liar and that she would not tell the truth. The former boyfriend was not able to recall the Bible passage that was on her underwear‚ but he did recall that she tried to burn her arms and cut off her hair. The ex-boyfriend allegedly admitted to helping Papini run away. Papini told the man she had a bad relationship with her husband and that she needed to escape. After a few days‚ the ex-boyfriend picked her up in a rental car outside of Redding and drove her to a two-bedroom apartment in Costa Mesa. Papini's ex-boyfriend and her ex-girlfriend are now in jail.

Her disappearance not connected to kidnapping

A mother said she was kidnappedon Nov. 2‚ 2016‚ and now she admits it was all a hoax. The court ordered Papini to rescind her story after she was confronted by the false evidence she had fabricated. She also claimed victim assistance funds for the period of time she was missing - from 2017 to 2021 - and harmed herself to give credibility to her fabricated story. The California Victims Compensation Board‚ which is responsible for compensating victims of crime‚ wasted time and resources investigating Papini's story. Papini initially told authorities that her captors were two Latina women. That claim coincided with Donald Trump's election. But the woman's ex-boyfriend‚ who was the father of her children‚ drove her to California on the day of her alleged abduction‚ according to the FBI. The FBI also said Papini had lied about the identity of her captors. The FBI's DNA analysis revealed that PAPINI stayed with her ex-boyfriend during the dates she went missing. The mother left her jewelry and purse in her car and didn't pick up her kids at daycare. But when her ex-boyfriend returned home from a jog and later told authorities that she was abducted‚ the DNA match was confirmed. The ex-boyfriend's phone and car rental records also matched Papini's DNA.

Papini's injuries were self-inflicted

Papini was found on Thanksgiving Day‚ 150 miles from her home. Her injuries‚ including burns on her arms and head‚ were self-inflicted. She had claimed that two Hispanic women kidnapped her and burned her for their own gain‚ but she was later found with burns on her skin and a brand on her shoulder. Authorities suspect she faked the kidnapping‚ but she allegedly spent time in Southern California with her ex-boyfriend. When her ex-boyfriend came home from work‚ she was found with burns on her arms. When Papini disappeared‚ she went for a late-night jog while her husband was at work. After she failed to pick up the children from daycare‚ her husband began worrying. He found her cell phone‚ ear buds‚ and a knife on the street. When she returned to the area‚ she was found with self-inflicted injuries and with her cell phone at an intersection. Investigators in Shasta County asked for DNA samples from family members who may have been Papini's friend. The search turned up the genetic material of a relative of Person 2 who had previously been Papini's fiance. The DNA match revealed that Person 2 had two sons‚ one of whom was Papini's ex-fiance. The two were also close relatives.