A vehicle of a texas woman is wanted for murdering cyclist Anna Moriah Mo wilson

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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U.S. Marshals Service Anna Moriah Mo Wilson Warrant For Her Arrest

A U.S. Marshals Service Anna Moriah Mo Wilson warrant for her arrest has been issued for Kaitli Armstrong. According to police‚ Armstrong is suspected of killing Wilson on May 11‚ 2022 in Austin‚ Texas. The incident also left Armstrong's boyfriend‚ Colin Strickland‚ in critical condition. After being arrested‚ Armstrong was taken to a major international airport where she was dropped off.

A suspect in homicide wanted for the murder of an elite cyclist. Anna moriah mo wilson she was located in Austin Texas. However‚ the search for her in relation to the May murder continues. According to U.S.‚ Kaitlin Marie‚ Armstrong (34)‚ allegedly shot Wilson (25) in Austin‚ Texas on May 11. Marshals Service. A for her arrest homicide warrant was issued May 17. According to an arrest warrant affidavit‚ NBC affiliate obtained‚ Wilson was in a short relationship with Colin Strickland as a professional cyclist‚ just after Armstrong's breakup. KXAN of Austin. Strickland is not accused of wrongdoing. The U.S. The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force reported that they had located Armstrong's black Jeep Grand Cherokee. Armstrong purchased the car from CarMax in South Austin on May 13th‚ two days following Wilson's passing‚ for $12‚200. After being questioned by Austin police‚ she received a check at the dealership. She left Austin on May 14th. According to investigators‚ she flew to Houston Hobby Airport and then boarded another flight. Boarded the connecting flight to New York LaGuardia Airport. Last known drop-off location was Newark Liberty International Airport‚ May 18‚ one day after Austin issued a warrant for her arrest on suspicion of Wilson's murder. An outbound flight search at Newark Airport was done‚ but there were no reservations under her name. Armstrong's search is in major case status. For information that leads to her arrest‚ a $21‚000 reward will be offered. The U.S. offers $5‚000. The U.S. offers $5‚000 to the Capital Area Crime Stoppers‚ and $1‚000 to an anonymous donor. Investigators received an arrest warrant for unlawful fleeing on May 25 to avoid being prosecuted in U.S. District Court‚ Western District of Texas. According to the U.S.‚ Wilson was both a Vermont native and a world-class cyclist. Marshals Service. On May 11‚ she had been visiting Austin to attend a Hico race‚ Texas. She was unconscious and bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. On the spot‚ she was declared dead. According to an arrest affidavit‚ Armstrong was in a three-year relationship with Strickland. According to the arrest affidavit‚ Strickland started seeing Wilson after Armstrong broke up with him. In a statement to the

Strickland stated that he was still reeling after the death of Mo Wilson and claimed that Wilson and he had briefly been in a romantic relationship between late October and early November‚ while Wilson was visiting Austin. Strickland said that his relationship had changed to one that was professional and platonic with Wilson‚ and that she was a good friend.