Actor Cuba Gooding Jr pleads guilty to forcibly touching a woman

Thursday, April 14, 2022
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Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads Guilty to Forcibly Touching a Woman

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has pleaded guilty to forcibly touching a woman. In court‚ he admitted to groping women's genitals and breasts and kissing a nightclub worker. However‚ the shocking details of the crime are not the only reason why the actor must be punished. Here is a look at his past predatory behaviors.

Cuba Gooding Jr. pleads guilty to forcibly touching a woman

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has pleaded guilty to one count of forcibly touching a woman‚ a crime that could have landed him in jail. The Hollywood star is accused of abusing three women in different New York City nightclubs. However‚ as part of a plea deal‚ he will now serve only probation. In addition‚ he will be required to attend behavior and alcohol counseling for six months. If his probation is completed on time‚ his conviction will be reduced to a violation. In February 2018‚ several women accused Cuba Gooding Jr. of sexually abusing them. Gooding‚ who was in a nightclub at the time‚ admitted to kissing a waitress on the lips without her consent. In addition to his plea deal‚ Gooding will not have to spend a day in jail‚ and will only face misdemeanor charges. Those charges will be dismissed if he continues to participate in counseling. The deal also imposes probation terms that require Gooding to undergo alcohol treatment for six months and have no further arrests for at least one year. If he continues to meet these conditions‚ he can re-plead guilty to a lesser charge of harassment. If the probation is not completed‚ Gooding will face up to a year in jail. The terms of the plea agreement are not final‚ but the actor's attorneys say they have prepared a strong defense strategy for the actor. They say the prosecutors were overzealous and wanted to call as many as 19 accusers as witnesses. The judge initially ruled that two additional accusers could testify at Gooding's trial. But later‚ Justice Farber changed that decision. He cannot call those additional witnesses to testify in future. But the judge gives credit to the other witnesses. If they do‚ it would make the case much tougher. It is unclear if Gooding's probation is void. In addition to the LAVO nightclub allegation‚ Gooding has pleaded not guilty to six other misdemeanor charges. His lawyers argued that Gooding's plea deal allowed prosecutors to call two other women to testify about Gooding's alleged behavior. They can also ask those two other women to testify about the other claims against the actor. This could show a pattern of abuse and may help prosecutors prove the actor's innocence.

He groped women's breasts‚ buttocks and genitals

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has pleaded guilty to one count of forcibly touching a woman. He faces additional charges of sexual abuse of women. Three women accused him of groping them. The alleged incidents were caught on video. The Hollywood star was arrested in June of 2019. Due to a pandemic‚ his trial was delayed for nearly three years. He will now face trial in 2020. The Hollywood star has admitted to one of three incidents of non-consensual sexual contact in 2018. A prosecutors' team claimed Gooding kissed the woman on the lips without her consent and that there were two other instances of non-consensual contact in 2018. The actor faces a six-month prison sentence and must undergo alcohol treatment. After six months‚ he can replead guilty to harassment. Gooding is now facing an additional charge of groping a woman after making a sexually suggestive remark. Two of the other cases came up last year‚ including a case where Gooding kissed a waitress' buttocks. The judge in the case allowed two of the accusers to testify against Gooding. The judge also rejected Gooding's bid to dismiss the woman's civil suit for $6 million. The actor's trial was originally set to start in April 2020‚ but was postponed because of lockdowns resulting from a coronavirus outbreak. In August 2020‚ prosecutors in Manhattan said at least 30 women came forward with accusations of inappropriate touching. During his court appearance on Wednesday‚ Gooding's lawyer said his client was ready to apologize to other women who have alleged similar incidents. The deal with prosecutors also stipulates that Gooding will not serve any jail time. The actor must also undergo alcohol and behavior modification counseling for six months before he can withdraw his plea. He could face up to a year in jail if he continues to plead guilty to the charges. The actor's attorney said that Gooding's plea deal with the prosecution was unfair. Gooding subsequently apologized for his actions.

He kissed a nightclub worker

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has pleaded guilty to forcibly touching a woman after an accusation surfaced that he kissed and pinched the bottom of a woman at a nightclub in Manhattan in September. Gooding's lawyers said his client is prepared to apologize to women he may have touched inappropriately in the past. Gooding's attorneys also argued that the accusations were turning common gestures into crimes. In June 2019‚ Cuba Gooding Jr. was arrested after three women accused him of groping them. His criminal case had been delayed for three years‚ but he avoided jail time after he pleaded guilty to one charge of forcible touching. His trial is currently scheduled to start in 2020‚ but was postponed because of the pandemic. The arrest stemmed from misdemeanor charges of third-degree sexual assault and alcohol abuse. Following the initial accusation‚ Gooding was also charged with two additional cases. In June‚ Gooding was arrested after a woman reported he had squeezed her breast without consent. Months later‚ Gooding was charged with forcibly touching two additional women. The first case was a woman who said Gooding forcibly touched her while she was underage‚ while the second case involved a server who claimed that Gooding had forcibly touched her buttocks. In his latest criminal case‚ Cuba Gooding was accused of raping a woman in 2013. This accusation is just the latest in a string of sexual abuse allegations involving Gooding. After the arrest‚ Gooding has appeared in just a few films‚ including one film in postproduction. Regardless of the charges against him‚ Gooding has denied any wrongful accusations. The second case is a rape case. The accuser met Gooding Jr. in a restaurant and shared drinks. Then‚ they went to Gooding's hotel room where Gooding Jr. blocked the woman's exit and pushed her on his bed. After the woman tried to escape‚ Gooding Jr. raped the complainant while the woman was on the bed. The actress and the other woman will continue to fight the lawsuit.

He has a history of predatory behavior

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. pleads guilty to forcibly touching a woman after being arrested in August. Prosecutors have filed multiple sexual misconduct lawsuits against Gooding‚ including one involving a woman he allegedly raped in 2013. They also allege that the actor groped the woman twice in 2013 after meeting her in a SoHo restaurant. According to prosecutors‚ Gooding was also convicted of sexual misconduct with two other women‚ although the testimony from the other women did not result in criminal charges. While prosecutors initially sought two additional women to testify against Gooding‚ the women's testimony was not enough to prove a pattern of sexual misconduct. A judge reversed his ruling when Gooding accepted the plea deal. A number of women had accused the actor of rape. Several women had accused the actor of groping two women in nightclubs a year ago. In both cases‚ Gooding denied the accusations and blamed the accuser's mental instability. But the alleged incidents were so egregious that prosecutors said Gooding had raped at least two women before his arrest. His plea deal was the result of an investigation conducted by the prosecutors. In exchange for pleading guilty to forcibly touching a woman‚ Gooding will spend no time in jail. The actor will undergo six months of counseling before being able to withdraw the plea deal. The misdemeanor plea is a lesser charge than felony sexual assault. The actor can also opt to appeal the case to a lower level harassment charge‚ and this is the best way to get out of jail and keep a clean record. After his arrest‚ Gooding was accused of groping a woman at a Manhattan nightclub and in a restaurant. His lawyer said his client was willing to make amends to other women in similar incidents. The accuser addressed the court on Wednesday‚ telling the judge that she had no choice but to expose the rape claims against him. Gooding was charged with third-degree sexual abuse.