Actress Amanda Abbington recalls how escapologist fiance

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
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How Extreme Actor Jonathan Goodwin Proposed to Amanda Abbington Within Half an Hour

After meeting in Vienna‚ Goodwin proposed to Abbington within half an hour. After the stunt failed‚ Goodwin nearly died twice‚ but Goodwin still managed to propose to the actress within half an hour. The pair now plan to get married this summer. Goodwin is the second highest-paid actor in the world‚ but it's not an easy road. While the proposal went off without a hitch‚ Goodwin's first attempt at escapology nearly ended in disaster.

Goodwin proposed within half-an-hour of meeting her for the first time in Vienna

After becoming friends on social media for over a decade‚ Goodwin and Abbington began dating. Goodwin had been married and divorced before meeting Abbington‚ who had recently split from her longtime partner Martin Freeman. Abbington stayed in touch with Goodwin due to their son. When they met for the first time in Vienna‚ they exchanged messages. Goodwin even proposed to Abbington within half-hour of their first encounter. The couple plan to marry this summer. Jonathan Goodwin and his fiance Amanda Abbington met on the set of America's Got Talent: Extreme. The escapologist was working in a stunt car when he was injured. While wearing a straitjacket‚ Jonathan Goodwin was hanging between two burning cars. Amanda Abbington misjudged the stunt‚ causing Goodwin to crash between the cars. He was paralysed from the waist down and lost a kidney. Jonathan Goodwin almost died twice while performing an escapologist stunt. Jonathan Goodwin‚ who won the 2017 season of Britain's Got Talent‚ nearly died twice during a rehearsal for the America's Got Talent: Extreme. His stunt required him to hang between two suspended cars 30 feet in the air. However‚ the stunt went horribly wrong‚ and he was almost killed twice. After the initial shock‚ Jonathan was convinced she was the one for him and proposed to her within an hour of meeting her. They plan to tie the knot this summer. Despite the initial skepticism‚ the proposal is still going to be a dream come true for Amanda. They plan to tie the knot in June 2019. Goodwin had featured on the first season of Britain's Got Talent and is now retired from escapology. Abbington described Goodwin as strong and positive. She also revealed that Goodwin had left her a voicemail before she underwent surgery telling her he loved her. Goodwin and Abbington had been friends on social media for over ten years before meeting for the first time. They are still close on the internet. Abbington's son was impressed by Goodwin's performance.

Goodwin retired from escapology

After failing to escape a straitjacket in Britain's Got Talent‚ Jonathan Goodwin devised an elaborate stunt. Goodwin was suspended 30 feet in the air between two cars. Unfortunately‚ the stunt was executed at the wrong time‚ and the cars exploded‚ crushing Goodwin. In addition to the burns‚ the stunt left him severely injured‚ breaking both legs and shoulder blades. Goodwin has since retired from escapology. In 2006‚ the stunt went horribly wrong for Goodwin‚ and the former stuntman nearly died two times. He was hanging between two cars suspended 30 feet in the air when the stunt went wrong. The timing was incorrect‚ and Goodwin was crushed between the cars‚ which caught fire. Goodwin later resigned from escapology as a result. He has a scarred back and was unable to perform stunts for the next five years. Jonathan Goodwin retired from escapology in 2010 after suffering serious injuries during stunt rehearsals. However‚ he returned to the profession in 2009‚ performing ten episodes of the Discovery Channel series One Way Out. After this‚ Goodwin began a new relationship with Irish actor Jonjo O'Neill. The two spent 16 years together. Goodwin and Abbington plan to marry this summer. He has two children‚ two dogs‚ and four cats.

Goodwin nearly died twice after stunt went wrong

America's Got Talent: Extreme Star Jonathan Goodwin has almost died twice while performing a dangerous stunt. He was blindfolded‚ had a target on his back‚ and dodged crossbows fired at him. But this stunt went horribly wrong‚ leaving him with horrific injuries. The show has temporarily halted production‚ but Goodwin is expected to recover. Goodwin‚ a professional daredevil‚ has performed dangerous stunts for his live shows. Jonathan Goodwin almost died two times when a stunt went wrong on America's Got Talent: Extreme. The daredevil performer was in a strait-jacket‚ suspended from a wire and two cars. Goodwin was meant to fall onto an air mattress and free himself. Instead of landing on the floor‚ he was thrown 40 feet up and bounced off the bonnet of a burning car. After almost dying twice during a stunt‚ Goodwin's stunt was halted while it was being recorded. He fell between two vehicles and was trapped between them. In his attempt to free himself‚ he missed an air mattress meant to cushion his fall. Instead‚ he fell 40 feet‚ smashed his head on the pavement. In spite of his injuries‚ he has since appeared as a finalist on Britain's Got Talent. Goodwin also works as a stunt advisor and motivational speaker. On the second attempt‚ Goodwin was pinned between two burning cars. A rope that separated the cars caught Goodwin in a strait-jacket. The stunt continued until he jumped into the air mattress and fell to the ground. The crash caused an explosion. Goodwin was lucky to survive the second attempt. The stunt was not the only incident of Goodwin nearly dying. In a video posted on YouTube‚ he describes the experience in a funny way. In October 2021‚ Jonathan Goodwin almost died in a freak accident. The stunt he was attempting was called 'The Daredevil'. It involved hanging upside down in a straight-jacket in between two cars that burst into flames and broke his legs. Fortunately‚ he survived‚ though he was paralysed for four months. A few months later‚ Jonathan Goodwin appeared on Britain's Got Talent: Extreme. He was performing an escape stunt while swaying between two cars suspended in the air. Jonathan Goodwin nearly died twice after a dangerous stunt during rehearsals for America's Got Talent: Extreme. Goodwin had been working on his act in preparation for the show's new season. The stunt was aimed at getting Jonathan Goodwin to jump from two burning cars and escape from a straight-jacket. The stunt went horribly wrong and Goodwin was crushed between the two cars‚ which caught fire. Goodwin nearly died twice‚ and is now in a wheelchair.