After 12 federal elections, Leigh Sales will resign as 7.30 host

Thursday, February 10, 2022
author picture Gerald Girard
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Leigh Sales will not be returning to 7.30 After the federal election despite her favourable ratings, but her departure is a shock. The ABC's flagship program has consistently enjoyed a high profile, and her farewell to the audience was hailed by both politicians and media personalities. It is a sad day for me and for the ABC, said Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Chris Bowen. Although Leigh Sales will be missing her former prime-time position, she will continue with the network in a new role, as the host of its federal election night television coverage. While she will not be presenting federal election coverage on ABC, she will remain as a regular contributor for the network. Her next project will be covering the national elections. She has already covered two federal elections and nine budgets. The sudden exit of Leigh Sales from ABC is a surprise to many.

As a veteran journalist, she has hosted seventy-three shows since 2010. During her time at the ABC, she had also covered five prime ministers and anchored nine federal budgets. After the federal election, she will have her third poll, and it will be the most important job in the media in Australia.