After a spate of patient deaths, hospital worker is charged with the murder of a patient

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Fern Franco Ann Hall‚ Respiratory Therapist at Hedrick Medical Center‚ Was Killed in the Car Accident

The coroner determined that the drug succinylcholine and the morphine she ingested were to blame for Franco's death‚ but they were not prescribed to the patient. These drugs‚ which paralyze respiratory muscles and suppress respiration‚ were not administered to Franco when she was diagnosed with pneumonia. However‚ the coroner did state that she had full consciousness‚ which could indicate that she was suffocating. Nurses at the hospital had failed to perform resuscitation attempts. Hall worked as a respiratory therapist at the medical center from December 2001 to May 2002. She was placed on administrative leave two days later.

(Livingston County Sheriff's Office). A. Missouri a hospital worker was charged with the murder of a patient. This allegedly occurred amid several deaths that took place 20 years ago. Jennifer Ann Hall‚ a former respiratory therapist was taken into custody kansas fern Franco was unresponsive on her 18th May 2002 hospital bed when she died. Fern Franco was charged with the crime. Officials claim that Ms. Hall was employed at Hedrick Medical Center between December 2001 and May 2002. It is believed that the hospital's rates of cardiac collapse increased alarmingly while she was there. According to investigators‚ there were 18 incidents during the year she was at the hospital‚ as opposed to an average of just one. According to court documents‚ nine of the 18 patients who died in those cases were confirmed by medical records. The death rate dropped after her administrative leave. According to WDAF‚ the documents state that Ms. Hall's proximity to patients and her drug access‚ as well as her involvement in the reporting of each death‚ led to other nurses believing she was to blame. An autopsy report on Franco reveals that succinylcholine was found in her body‚ along with morphine. These substances were discovered by Franco's doctors and not recommended to her. Chillicothe officers stated that Hall was caring for the physical needs of a elderly‚ sickly‚ and defenseless victim in Hall's care. Succinylcholine is the substance Hall used to brutally end Fern Franco's existence. It paralyzes victim's muscles including their diaphram. This causes the victim to die from asphyxiation‚ but they still have full consciousness and are aware that it's impossible to breathe. Morphine can also suppress breathing and should not be given to patients with pneumonia. On Thursday‚ Ms. Hall did not plead guilty to the first-degree murder charge. The bail hearing will be held on 27 May. Matthew O'Connor her attorney said that he was in negotiations to let his client turn himself in before she was taken into custody. He previously said that no evidence links her to Ms Franco's murder.