After approval of the covid shots for children under 5, Biden visited the d.c. clinic

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Joe Biden and Jill Biden Visit Rural Health Clinics in Washington‚ DC

President Joe and Vice President Jill Biden are scheduled to visit a Washington‚ DC vaccine clinic on Tuesday‚ and the two are expected to talk about the recent historic progress against the disease. While they're out in the community‚ they'll also discuss the importance of the Covid vaccine for infants and young children. Both vaccines are highly effective‚ and the bidens hope to spread the word about these vital preventative measures.

WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday‚ President Joe Biden encouraged parents of children six months or older to obtain them. Vaccinated against covid following last weeks approval of vaccines for kids under 5 years old. Biden stated that we have enough supplies and are launching an extensive effort with the state‚ local‚ pediatricians and family doctors as well as pharmacies‚ rural clinics‚ community and health centers and other trusted partners in order to spread the word to help people get shot in arm. The White House. These remarks were made by Biden and Jill Biden‚ first lady‚ After they visited the Washington‚ D.C.‚ Covid vaccine clinic on Tuesday to emphasize recent developments. Approval of the shots for young children After the Food and Drug Administrations approval‚ the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved Saturday the use of Covid vaccinations for children under five years old. This was one year and half since adults started receiving these shots. Biden and White House officials stated that parents can now schedule appointments to receive shots at their children's hospitals‚ pediatricians offices‚ and pharmacies. Parents with young children said that 18% plan to have their child immunized immediately After the vaccine has been approved. 38% stated they will wait to see what happens. According A Kaiser Family Foundation survey was released last month. Although young children are less likely to contract the worst aspects of the virus than their parents‚ more than 20‚000 kids aged 6 to 4 have died and more than 200 were hospitalized. CDC data. Covid is fifth in the list of causes that cause death for children under 5. Biden also warned Tuesday that elected officials are failing to assist in helping parents get their kids vaccinated. Gov. Ron DeSantis‚ last week said florida would not be participating in vaccine distribution for children under five years old and was not recommending the use of it. Biden stated that elected officials should not get in the way of parents wanting to vaccinate their children and protect those around them. Politics is not the right time. Parents must do all they can to ensure the safety of their children.