After discovering an arkansas 'fancy Walmart', Tiktokers panic: "This feels like another universe"

Saturday, May 21, 2022
author picture Gerald Girard
walmart after discovering an arkansas fancy <strong>Walmart</strong> tiktokers panic this feels like another universe

Rogers‚ Ark. woman is. Going viral after showing off your fancy walmart marketplace in her town. The video comes from a tiktok user named Sarah ( @reallifesarah918 ). Her

this May 3rd‚ 2009 post has been shared almost 2‚000‚000 times. Federal Reserve increases interest rates for the first time since 2018. Sarah's post is part of a continuing trend where users are sharing upscale images of businesses and chains. One video: A New Yorker showed off the fancy home depot store located in midtown manhattan An Australian woman is another example. She shared her experiences at KFC's exquisite dining restaurant. Sarah appears to have shown the store in her video walmart neighborhood Market‚ 5000 West Pauline Whitaker Parkway. The following is the tiktoker she pointed out that the Walmart was near an expensive area at the beginning of the clip. Walmart's entrance is a gazebo shape‚ with accents‚ and tiles roofing. TikTokers claimed that they had never seen such a store. “Imagine the clothes one user left a comment in the Walmart. This feels to me like another universe. Another user suggested that they might give Target some competition if all Walmart stores looked this way. Jerome LaMaar‚ designer‚ explains what men need to bring for weekend escapes. Other commentators noted that it was located in an area with nice amenities. One user mocked that Royalty was a status. The video told me that I was broke. Another added. Sarah demonstrated in the follow-up video that it isn't as luxurious as you might think. The inside is actually the same as other Walmart locations. TikTokers shared that there are similar-dressed Walmarts around their region‚ and that it is possible to design the exterior so that it blends with the other buildings within the shopping center. Some others pointed out the Rogers site is very close to Walmart headquarters in Bentonville (Ark). The two cities are actually almost adjacent. Riverdale's actress Shannon Purser holds the bag at a designer shopping trip:
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