After Elon says she does not want to be related, Elon gives his daughter a name and gender shift

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Elon Musk's Daughter Reveals New Gender Identity

While he is known for his technology and innovation‚ Elon Musk has also been making waves in politics by expressing his support for Republican candidates. His daughter‚ Justine Musk‚ is transgender‚ and a recent court case has recognized her new gender identity. She filed documents in Los Angeles Superior Court to change her name and gender identity. Now‚ she goes by Vivian Jenna Wilson. Her new birth certificate reflects her gender as a woman.

Elon Musk According to PEOPLE court records‚ the request of a 18-year old daughter to legally alter her gender and name has been granted. According to court records‚ on Wednesday‚ the judge of Los Angeles County Superior Court granted permission to Vivian Jenna Wilson's request for legal change to her name. Her new name is Justine Wilson's maiden name. The judge recognized Vivians' gender as feminine and ruled that a new birth certificate should be issued to reflect these changes. PEOPLE reached out to Vivian in order for her comment. Vivian was one of five children who were adopted by Vivian. Justine Musk Canadian writer‚ 49 year old‚ has a share with 50-yearold businessman who is the wealthiest man in the entire world. In 2002‚ their first child died tragically from sudden infant mortality syndrome at 10 weeks. They split in 2008 after they tied the knot in 2000. Elon Musk elon musk TMZ Reporter on the ruling was the first. RELATED: justine elon musk's ex-wife shares sweet family chat after their child says she doesn't want to be related to dad Vivian filed her initial petition on April 18‚ shortly after she turned 18 years old. She included a brief explanation explaining why she requested the amendments.

According to PEOPLE court records‚ Gender Identity was the statement she made that it is not possible to live or be related to my biological dad. RELATED:  elon musks' child declares that she doesn't want to be related to billionaire in petition to change name and gender While neither Tesla's CEO nor author have spoken out publicly on the decision‚ Justine did share a small excerpt earlier in the week. Family chat She had a relationship with her 18-year old son. My 18-year old son said that I was a strange child. Justine posted on Twitter Monday that she couldn't believe I was as normal-seeming and it came at the exact same time as news about the court documents started to circulate. She did not say if she was speaking with Vivian‚ but said that her mom told Vivian‚ "I am very proud of you." I am proud of myself as a teen.

My 18-year old son told me that I was a strange child. It's hard to believe I seem so normal.

I said‚ Im very proud of you.

Im proud of myself! Justine Musk (@justinemusk).

Musk also has two children with musician grimes over the weekend‚ he shared some thoughts about his kids. Happy Fathers Day to the billionaire‚ who added a message: I love all of my children so much. RELATED:  what is elon musk's ex-wife? everything about justine musk Musk was vocal in the past on Twitter about his views regarding preferred pronouns to transgender people and those who are not binary. Following being criticised in December 2020 over a tweet that mocked the use of preferred pronouns and since deleted‚

He said that he supported transgender individuals‚ but that all pronouns were an aesthetic nightmare. In July 2020‚ almost five months ago‚.

Pronouns suck. Musk stated that his plans for the future were to become a father in May 2022.

elon musk justine vivian jenna wilson gender identity after says she does not want to be related gives his daughter a name and gender shift

This was one month after Musk's daughters filed their court papers. Vote for Republican Candidates Moving forward is key.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the controversial Parental Rights in Education Bill‚ which was denounced by. The dont say gay law in March.