After sending her Grubhub order, a woman was freed from hostage situation

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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New York City Police Release Name of Rape Victim's Chipper Truck

Earlier this month‚ the police department released the name of a new chipper truck that was in the neighborhood of a rape victim. The chipper truck‚ nicknamed The Chipper Truck‚ operates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. In addition to the usual hours of delivery‚ the truck has a 24/7 presence in the neighborhood‚ and its employees call taxis and Ubers for late-night patrons.

After sending Grubhub a note‚ a woman was freed from a hostage situation. According to statements from police and the restaurant‚ a New York woman who had sent a Grubhub order to send a note to her restaurant was saved from hostage situations Sunday. Call the police‚ he's going to call you when I get my order delivered. Please don't make it clear‚" the woman stated in her Additional Instructions section of her order to The Chipper Truck‚ Bronx. According to a post to the restaurant's Facebook page‚ Grubhub customer pleads for help. (The Chipper Truck Cafe/Facebook) She ordered the shipment before 5 AM. This is something I have heard about but didn't expect to see. It said that we were willing and able help her. According to New York City Police Department‚ officers arrived on the scene around 6:20 AM. Kemoy Royal was charged with rape and strangulation as well as criminal sex acts‚ unlawful imprisonment menacing‚ assault‚ criminal possess of a weapon‚ and sexual abuse. According to police‚ the victim is aged 24. Royal was also charged with trying to rape 26-year old on June 15. In connection to that case‚ he is also charged with attempted and actual rape as well as sexual abuse and assault. He does not know if he is represented by a lawyer. Alicia Bermejo (20)‚ whose parents own The Chipper Truck said that she went to the shop after the incident. The note was received by two women in their 40s. One in her 20s. They were instructed to cancel their order for cheeseburgers and Irish breakfast sandwiches and instead send police. She said‚ "Call %. It doesn't matter if it's fake‚ but better to get them out there." Bermejo stated that it was the best thing she could do for the victim. Instead of the delivery driver‚ police arrived. Bermejo stated that The Chipper truck is a kind of neighborhood watch. It is a brick-and mortar restaurant open all day‚ and the food truck has been in operation for over 18 years. For patrons arriving late at night‚ employees are known for calling Ubers and taxis to take them home. She said that this added an entirely new dimension and meaning. But‚ it's not like we ever imagined anything.