After seven Russian missile attacks, fires erupted in mykolaiv

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Imposes Sanctions on Russian Officials

The latest crisis in Eastern Ukraine has brought the country to a standstill. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that making goods in the country is not the answer to Western sanctions‚ and that the country is looking for new trading partners. However‚ the latest news is that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree imposing travel bans and asset freezes on Russian officials. The sanctions target Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov‚ Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin‚ Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defence Ministry Sergei Shoigu. While this may not have a practical impact‚ the sanctions will surely be felt by the Ukrainian population.

As Russia's aggression on Ukraine continues‚ a Ukrainian soldier points an AK-74 assault weapon in the urban area of Sievierodonetsk. Picture taken June 20‚ 2022. REUTERS/Oleksandr Ratushniak - REUTERS/Oleksandr Ratushniak Russian missile attacks have claimed at least one life and severely damaged a school located in Mykolaiv‚ a southern Ukrainian city. Oleksandr Senkovych‚ mayor of the city‚ stated that the attack caused numerous fires and damaged many residential and commercial buildings. Smoke was also left over the port. It is still very dangerous here‚ I insist. People used to go out by the thousands before‚ but now they are less likely to do so‚ said Mr Senkevych. Vitaliy‚ regional governor‚ stated earlier today that seven missiles had struck Mykolaiv. Viterra‚ a grain handling company said that its terminal at Mykolaiv had caught fire following an attack but no one was killed. Independent verification of the number of victims has yet to be done.

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Ukrainian soldiers take part in military exercises close to Odesa

Ukrainian soldiers take part in military exercises close to Odesa – OLEKSANDR GIMANOV /AFP Ukrainian soldiers take part in military exercises close to Odesa – OLEKSANDR GIMANOV /AFP OLEKSANDR GIMANOV /AFP Servicemen

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Severodonetsk: The danger of Russian victory "tactical" in Severodonetsk. Captured villages

Russia's recent takeover of several villages raises fears about its ability to soon seize key eastern cities. Severodonetsk  and Lysychansk‚ reports Roland Oliphant.

Oleksiy Arestovych is an advisor to volodymyr zelensky in an online video‚ President of Ukraine‚ Yuriy Yatsenyuk acknowledged that there was a threat to his country. Tactical Russian victory  is there‚ but they  haven’t done it yet following Russian gains in the southeast of Lysychansk. Serhiy Haidai is the governor for Ukraine's Luhansk Region. He confirmed this Wednesday morning russian forces they had taken the villages of Pidlisne & Myrna Dolyna. Now they are making an attempt to attack Bila Gora. “Hellish battles in  severodonetsk lysychansk and the surrounding villages. Hostile attempts to cut off the area. ‘road of life’ He said this in a Telegram update. It is the enemy's attempt to take control of everything. Severodonetsk.”
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Zelensky: My role models are ordinary Ukrainians who resist invasion

Volodymyr Zelensky said that his role models were normal Ukrainians who resisted invading Russian troops. In a uniform of military service‚ the President of Ukraine was responding to questions by videolink from students of the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy‚ University of Toronto.

When asked by a student about his role models‚ Mr Zelensky replied: "The people of Ukraine... there are many." He spoke through an interpreter that he saw a Ukrainian farmer who was able to take his tractor to close the road to Russian tanks and a woman who could go out with her naked hands to stop armoured trucks.

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Vitali Klitschko‚ Kyiv Mayor‚ speaks at the funeral of Battalion Commander

Vitali Klitschko‚ Kyiv's Mayor‚ speaks at a funeral for Oleh Kutsyn (Future Publishing)

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Biden appeals to the President for a fuel tax cut as Americans feel pain over Putin's increase in prices

Reports indicate that Joe Biden‚ the US president has requested Congress to temporarily suspend federal fuel taxes for three months because skyrocketing gasoline prices have caused widespread anger in America ahead of critical midterm elections. Jamie Johnson.

This would result in the government not collecting any 18c per gallon petrol or diesel taxes until September. It would cover peak summer driving seasons while Americans go on holiday. A senior administration official stated that the White House would call upon all states to offer relief for American consumers affected by Putin's price rise. The average price of petrol is $5.78 per gallon. This has been almost $2 more than when Vladimir Putin started building forces at the Ukrainian border in early this year. Biden's administration has repeatedly framed the matter as Putin's price rise.

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Moscow names an area in the USA Embassy that isn't part of its breakaway territory

Moscow authorities renamed the intersection adjacent to the US Embassy in honor of a Russian-backed separatist territory of Ukraine. The city government published a decision on its website stating that the Donetsk Peoples Republic Square was the winner of an online poll. Street signs bearing the new name were put up by workers near the Moscow home of the Russian government. The US Embassy had a funny response to the previous proposal‚ suggesting that the Defenders in Donbas were Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russian aggression. It said that the country must know its heroes.

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Shelling damages TV center in Donetsk‚ a separatist-held town

According to the Russian news agency TASS‚ today's statement was made by the Donetsk-based news agency that the Petrovskiy TV Centre in Donetsk‚ a Ukrainian separatist-held town. According to Donetsk‚ the broadcast tower still stands‚ but some of its equipment was damaged. Some equipment‚ however‚ has been removed.

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Podcast Episode: Battle for the Donbas

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Ukraine sends reinforcements to Severodonetsk

Ukraine sent reinforcements to Severodonetsk. Moscow claims it has surrounded the eastern city. Moscow informed Ukrainian forces that they had been trapped in the strategically important city. It is now the focus of Russia's attack and must surrender to Russia or be killed After the bridge crossing the Siverskyi Donnets River into Ukrainian territory was destroyed. Oleksandr R. Ratushniak was a freelance photographer and reached Severodonetsk in conjunction with Ukrainian forces. He filmed reinforcements in an inflatable boat crossing the river‚ as well as troops fighting against the destruction of the industrial zone at the frontline. According to him‚ he arrived in the city along with Ukrainian troops of Svoboda battalion. He remained for two nights and provided rare insight into a crucial battle during Russia's invasion.

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Estonia charges Russia with escalatory acts

Estonia accuses Russia of engaging with escalatory activities ahead of the next week's NATO summit. This includes alleged missile simulations‚ airspace violations and other mistreatments. This also referred to Russia's threats this week against Estonias Baltic neighbor Lithuania‚ over Russia's restriction of rail traffic from Russias Kaliningrad exclave. At the moment‚ Estonia is not under any immediate threat from a military conflict. Thomas Mell‚ spokesperson for Estonia's defence ministry‚ told AFP that we can see the Russian Federation escalating their rhetoric and activities in advance of the Madrid Summit. Russia is now implementing European Union sanctions against Lithuania. This was announced months before. He said that simulating missile strikes against Baltic targets and Russian Federation helicopters violating Baltic border are all co-inciding in space and time. This escalatory behavior is yet another confirmation of the importance and timing for the forthcoming NATO summit in Madrid. His explanations about the simulations and the violations of airspace were vague.

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UK backs Lithuanian ban against sanctioned goods traveling to Russia

Liz Truss today stated that Britain supports Lithuania's decision to prohibit the passage of Russian goods through Lithuania. Russia warned Lithuania‚ a member of NATO that Russia would not allow goods transit to Russia's Kaliningrad exclave at the Baltic Sea. If this isn't done quickly then Moscow will take unnamed steps to protect its national interests. The UK supports Lithuania in stopping Russia's sanctioned goods passing through its country. The Foreign Secretary stated on Twitter that we must remain strong against Russian aggression and confront these unjustified threats.

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According to the head of the Armed Forces‚ it could take many years for UK's weapons stockpile to reach pre-Ukraine levels.

According to reports‚ it could take many years for the UK's weapons stock to return to pre-Ukraine levels‚ according the chief of the Armed Forces. Dominic Nicholls.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin (CDS)‚ who assumed the role of Chief of Defence Staff in November 2021 said that even the replacement for less advanced weapons sent to Ukraine would take many years because the UK's limited industrial capabilities. On Wednesday‚ CDS answered questions from Lords International Relations and Defence Committee. He also stated that it might take between five and ten years for the UK to deploy a unit capable of fighting alongside the US. He stated that we could now throw out one division‚ but it wasn't the one we wanted. Since February's Russian invasion‚ the UK provided many weapons for Ukraine‚ including heavy artillery and armoured vehicles.

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Separatists assert that they have close plans to surround Severodonetsk‚ Lysychansk

Pro-Russian separatists from Ukraine claim they're close to surrounding Ukrainian forces protecting the twin cities Lysychansk (and Severodonetsk)‚ which were the sites of intense weeks of fighting. A Luhansk separatist officer - an eastern Ukrainian breakaway pro-Russian region - stated that their troops had attacked Ukrainian soldiers in the villages Hirsk‚ Zolote and Zolote a day After they captured the nearby village of Toshkivka. These three settlements can be found a short distance from Severodonetsk or Lysychansk which Moscow's forces tried to capture for several weeks.

Andrei Marochko‚ Russian state television said that soon Ukrainian groups will be in Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. He added that there was a complete encirclement in Zolote and Hirsk of Ukrainian troops. Also‚ a group foreign mercenaries were eliminated.
These claims are not independently confirmed.

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Zelensky: All EU members support Ukraine's candidate status

Volodymyr Zelensky stated that he believes all European Union member countries would support a proposal for Ukraine to be granted EU-candidate status during a summit this week. The Ukrainian President stated that he believes all 27 European Union member countries would support the candidate status. He spoke via video link to students from the Munk School of Global Affairs Public Policy‚ Toronto. He said that this is similar to stepping into the light After the dark.

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Russia's Black Sea Forces suffer a major blow when Ukraine strikes Snake Island

Russian forces on . Snake island After Ukraine won a major victory at the Black Sea post‚ they were dealt a serious blow. Verity Bowman reports.

After it used various forces to strike the island‚ the southern operational command said it caused significant losses for Russian troops. Satellite images show damage caused by Ukrainian forces‚ including the destruction of a tower as well as vegetation. Russian aircraft‚ radar stations and anti-aircraft systems from Pantsir were all also destroyed. Russian forces captured the strategic island located just 80km from Ukraine's south coast early in the conflict. Numerous bombing attacks have been conducted on the island.
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Funeral service in Kyiv to Oleh Kutsyn‚ commander of the Battalion

Official held in Independence Square in honor of Oleh Kutsyn (49th Separate Rifle Battalion‚ Ukrainian Armed Forces)‚ who was killed at the Izium direction of Ukraine in Kyiv on June 22‚ 2022. ( - Anadolu Agency

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Italian MPs back Draghi on Ukraine despite coalition splits

Italian legislators overwhelmingly voted to support Prime Minister Mario Draghis Ukraine policy‚ just days After his largest coalition partner collapsed. Draghi is firm on Russia's invasion and sent weapons to Kyiv. He also supported sanctions against Moscow‚ despite Italys dependence on Russian gas‚ and supported Ukraine's ambitions of joining the European Union. There have been some rumblings within the coalition government that his father is in‚ and this led to a split yesterday among the Five Star Movement‚ parliament's largest party. Luigi Di Maio‚ the Foreign Minister of Italy‚ announced that he would be leaving the party. He accused it of being ambiguous about Ukraine during a crucial time for Western unity. He is being followed by 60 legislators‚ who are called Together for the Future. This group is just over 25% of the Five Stars members.

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Report states that a Ukrainian journalist was murdered by Russian forces

Reporters Without Borders (RSF)‚ a media rights organization‚ stated that Russian soldiers may have tortured Maks Levin‚ a Ukrainian photojournalist‚ in March. After sending a team from Ukraine to examine the death of Levins‚ they reached their conclusion. RSF informed AFP that it will file a specific complaint with The Hague International Criminal Court about Levins' killing - the sixth complaint regarding the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Levins corps was discovered with the body of Oleksiy Chernyshov on April 1‚ in a Moschchun forest‚ about twenty kilometres (12 mile) from Kyiv. After Levin's embedment with Ukrainian soldiers in an area undergoing heavy fighting‚ they had been reported missing since 13 March.

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Scholz: Russia and Ukraine are still miles away from peace talks

According to Olaf Scholz‚ the German Chancellor‚ Russia and Ukraine are still far from ending war by negotiations. He also said that Vladimir Putin believed‚ incorrectly‚ that he could decide the terms of peace.

We are still far away from any negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. In an address to German legislators‚ Scholz stated that Putin believes there is a chance for a dictated peaceful solution.

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Putin signs decree on foreign debt service as possible default looms

According to Interfax‚ Vladimir Putin signed a decree that establishes temporary procedures for foreign debt obligations. Investors are keeping a watch out for a possible default. According to the agency‚ Putin ordered that banks be chosen within 10 days in order to process payments for Eurobonds. Russia's inability to pay its foreign debts due to Western sanctions has brought it closer to defaulting on international bonds for the first time since the Bolshevik revolution over a century ago.

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Scholz says that Ukraine requires a Marshall Plan for rebuilding.

According to Olaf Scholz‚ the German Chancellor‚ Ukraine requires massive financial assistance in order to rebuild following the destruction wrought by Russia's invasion. Referring to the US Initiative providing billions for western Europe to rebuild After World War II ended‚ Scholz stated that he invited Volodymyr Zelensky‚ the Ukrainian president‚ to attend the G7 summit which begins this Sunday. This was to discuss the details of a Marshall Plan to Ukraine.

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Scholz: Germany's new army will defend its allies

Olaf Scholz stated that NATO partners in Eastern Europe can rely upon Germany because it is re-equipping its army so it can defend itself and allies against future attacks.

Germany‚ Europe's largest economy and the most populous‚ is facing the worst security crisis in decades. Today‚ Germany's Chancellor spoke to Parliament about the forthcoming summits of the European Union‚ G7‚ and NATO. Not only for their security‚ but for that of allies as well.

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Russia cautions against Article 5 talks in Kaliningrad standoff

Top Russian officials warned the West not to talk about NATO Article 5 mutual defense clauses in an impasse between Lithuanian and Russian. Moscow promised a practical response that would affect the population of Lithuania After it blocked transit from Russia to the Baltic exclave goods under EU sanctions. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said today that he wanted to warn Europeans about dangerous rhetorical games around the subject of conflict.

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Putin: Russia redirects oil and trade to BRICS nations

Vladimir Putin stated that Russia is undergoing a rerouting of its oil and trade exports to countries in the BRICS Group of emerging economies‚ following Western sanctions against Ukraine. The BRICS nations include Brazil‚ Russia India‚ China‚ South Africa‚ and China. Putin addressed the participants of the BRICS Business Forum via video and said that Russia is discussing the possibility of increasing Chinese car presence on Russia's market‚ as well as opening Indian grocery stores.

Russia's influence in the BRICS nations is also growing‚ Putin stated.

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Putin at the anniversary celebration of WW2's beginning

Vladimir Putin attended a Moscow ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of WW2. - via REUTERS/SPUTNIK

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Germany rejects Russia's threats to Lithuania over rail ban

Germany warned Russia to not seek retribution for Lithuania's ban on rail transit of EU-sanctioned products to Moscow's Kaliningrad exclave. Steffen Hebestreit‚ a government spokesperson said that Germany strongly rejects Russia's threats of severe consequences for its transit stop.

He added that Russia should not take measures to violate international law.

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Lithuania: If Russia takes us off the power grid‚ we are ready

Lithuania is prepared to be disconnected from Russia's regional power grid as a retaliation against blocking Russian rail freight shipments to Moscows Kaliningrad exclave. However‚ no military confrontation was expected. After the Kremlin had warned Lithuania Tuesday‚ he spoke out to say that Moscow would react to the EU-imposed ban on goods transiting to Kaliningrad. This would cause the Baltic citizens to feel the pain. Kaliningrad lies between the NATO members Poland and Lithuania. It is supplied via rail through Lithuania. Lithuania closed the steel- and ferrous metals transport route from Russia to Lithuania on Friday. It said it did so because of EU sanctions.

In an interview with Reuters‚ Lithuanian President Gitanas Nuseda stated that we were ready for any unfriendly Russian actions (as a response)‚ including disconnection from the BRELL power grid system or other measures.

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Italy's Foreign Minister quits the party in protest at Ukraine's weapons row

Reports indicate that Italy's foreign Minister has resigned from his Five Star Movement party in bitter disagreement over continuing support for the Anglo-American line against Russia through sending weapons to Ukraine. Nick Squires in Rome. Five Star Movement's departure from Luigi Di Maio was a devastating blow. It has had its support drop from 33% a few decades ago to 12% in the recent local elections. While he will remain an important member of the ruling coalition‚ the foreign minister will be taking at least 60 senators and MPs along with him. He also plans to create a new group within parliament. Since weeks‚ tensions in the ruling coalition have simmered over Ukraine's support during the Russian war. Five Star and hard-Right League‚ which both have been gentle on Moscow in the past have objected the sending of additional armaments to Kyiv. They have also called for peace negotiations.

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According to an energy agency head‚ Russia could cut gas supply entirely to Europe.

Russia could cut gas supply to Europe completely in an effort to increase its political influence amid Ukraine's crisis. The head of International Energy Agency stated today that Russia might do this. He also said Europe should prepare for the future.

Given Russia's recent behavior‚ it is possible that Russia will continue to seek out new issues and find reasons to reduce gas supplies to Europe‚ Fatih Birol (IEA executive director) said in a statement to Reuters. This is why Europe requires contingency plans.

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Moscow charges Berlin with russophobic hypersensitivity on the anniversary of Nazi Invasion

Russia's Foreign Ministry has made a public statement accusing Germany of anti-Russian sentiment on the anniversary Nazi soldiers invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. This comes amid tensions over Ukraine.

The ministry stated that almost every day‚ members of Germany's government attack Russia‚ fueling a culture of fear and hysteria. They also said that Berlin authorities undermine historical reconciliation between Germans and Russians following the Second World War.

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PM examines messages received from Ukrainian children during the Kyiv visit

Boris Johnson examines messages sent by Ukrainian children to him during his recent visit to Kyiv. Simon Dawson/No10 Downing Street

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Ukrainian steelmaker warns its customers against buying stolen Mariupol steel

Ukraine's biggest steelmaker‚ Ukrsteel‚ has asked customers to avoid any product made in Mariupol by it because they fear that the products may be stolen or used as weapons of war against Russia. Metinvest stated in a statement‚ that over 234‚000 tonnes steel products from its Azovstal and Ilyich Steel factories were in Mariupol at the time of Russia's invasion on February 24. It stated that the two plants had not been cooperating with Russian officials since May when Russian separatist forces took control of Mariupol. Russian troops have blocked the Ukrainian ports of the Azov and Back seas. This has prevented Azovstal Steel and Ilyich Steel exporting to Europe and the Middle East. A pro-Russian separatist leader last week said that ships carrying grain and metals would soon leave Mariupol. Metinvest stated in a statement that Metinvest Enterprises have highlighted the high likelihood of theft or smuggling Ukrainian steel products.

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After talks with Russia on grain‚ a Turkish ship departs Mariupol

After constructive talks with Moscow on grain issues‚ a Turkish cargo ship carrying Turkish goods left today's Ukrainian-occupied port at Mariupol.

According to the Turkish Ministry‚ it was concrete that Moscow's meeting produced its first result. The long-awaited Turkish dry cargo ship was released from the Ukrainian port just a few hours later.

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Mariupol is occupied‚ an area that's rebuilding but still surrounded by death

Report shows that rare access to bodies is available showing them filling up makeshift morgues‚ as new markets emerge and school terms start again in the obliterated capital. Luc Lacroix and Alexandra Dalsbaek.

Valeriya Chigrina moved towards the group of warehouses at the eastern border of Mariupol. These warehouses used to store vegetables‚ but now they are full of bodies. Her husband was searching for her help. In mid-March‚ her 32-year old husband died in front of their daughter After being hit by a rocket. It's been all over. She said that she was now back in her hometown to persuade the undertakers of moving my husband. Mariupol once was a vibrant city There are approximately 400‚000 inhabitants living along Ukraine's south coast‚ near the Sea of Azov. It is a predominantly working class area with Europe's largest ironworks in the heart of its relative prosperous economy. Instead‚ this is the place where death takes place. Here‚ death assaults your senses. It is possible to see miles upon miles of mass graves that were dug for thousands of civilians. You can smell the decaying corpses of the unburied‚ and you can hear the quiet of empty apartments and demolished family homes.
you can read the complete dispatch here

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Russian refinery blames Western border drones for setting off fires

Two unmanned aircraft attacked the Novoshakhtinsk oil refining plant in Russia's Rostov Region‚ which borders Ukraine. The refinery issued a statement. A drone flew towards the refinery located five miles away from Ukraine's border. Then‚ a ball of black smoke and flames rose into the sky.

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Defence chief says Finland would be ready to face Russia in an attack

According to Finland's chief of armed forces‚ the country has been prepared for years for an attack by Russia and will stand firm should it occur. A substantial military arsenal has been built by the Nordic nation. However‚ the most important factor‚ according to General Timo Kivinen‚ is that Finns will be motivated and willing to fight. Kivinen stated in an interview that the best line of defense is between your ears. This was evident in the current war in Ukraine. Finland was involved in two wars with its eastern neighbor during the 1940s. It shares an 1‚300 km (810 mile) border.

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EU sanctions made it impossible for Lithuania to transit ban - Kremlin

According to the Kremlin‚ the EU sanctions which led Lithuania to ban the passage of certain goods between Lithuania and the exclaves of Kaliningrad was completely unacceptable. Moscow is working to counter them. Dmitry Peskov‚ a Kremlin spokesperson said that Moscow was still deciding when to impose countermeasures.

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Russian McDonalds has sold record numbers of hamburgers

According to the CEO of McDonald's Russia‚ the new McDonalds in Russia is off to a great start. The restaurant sold a record number 120‚000 burgers in its first day. Oleg Paroev‚ the former CEO of McDonalds Russia told Reuters that he has never witnessed such a daily turnover during his time there. This interview was published Tuesday. Former CEO of McDonalds Russia‚ Mr Paroev. After 32 years of being in Russia‚ McDonald's quit the Russian market. They cited the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the unpredictable operating environment that precipitated it. American fast food chain McDonald's sold Russian rights to Alexander Govor (local licensee‚ businessman)‚ and the business reopened under Vkusno Tochka on June 12. According to Reuters‚ 15 rebranded stores opened around Moscow in June 12th. Another 35 shops were open the following day. Images from Vkusno Tochkas' opening in Russia this month reveal restaurants packed full of diners. Last week‚. James Kilner sent this report Vkusno Tochka was opened.

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Ukrainians continue to live their daily lives despite the horror.

Ukraine War: Russia Sets a Curtain of Fire - Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Ukraine War: Russia Sets a Curtain of Fire - Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Ukraine War: Russia Sets a Curtain of Fire - Anadolu Agency/Anadolu

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Russia's move to lower gas flow is a reckless one

According to a top official at the European Commission‚ Russian cuts in gas flow to Europe were very reckless. He also stated that plans for increasing coal use within the bloc would only be temporary while climate goals are still intact. Elina Bardram from the European Commision's acting director for International Affairs and Climate Finance‚ stated that the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia has created an emergency situation within the EU. She spoke to the Africa Energy Forum in Brussels. We are taking some important steps in response to the Putin administration's very reckless actions regarding Gazprom's sudden drop in flow. However‚ all those measures will only last for a short time‚ she said‚ speaking of coal usage. While the EU and other industrialized economies have increased sanctions against Russia‚ including its oil and coal‚ they have not yet banned gas imports. Gas prices are at record levels as Russia's slowdown has caused worries about supply during the winter season.

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Russian oil refinery caught on fire by Kamikaze drone

After two Ukrainian drones were spotted hovering over Russia's Novoshakhtinsk refinery‚ Rostov Region‚ a fire broke out at the facility. TASS cited an unknown source within the local authorities. The impact of one made a difference‚ and it crashed into the heat transfer unit. This caused the fire to start. According to TASS‚ the second flew away. Interfax reported that the fire was extinguished by the local emergency services.

#Ukraine In this video: The Novoshakhtinsk Oil Refinery was struck by a Kamikaze drone. #Rostov Oblast in Russia‚ causing large fires.

It is not clear what type it might be‚ but the UA PD-1 and PD-2 series reconnaissance UAVs are likely to have been used. It is located approximately 150km away from the frontline.

Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons).

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After heavy Russian bombardment‚ Kharkiv saw dozens of civilians being killed

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Fighting with Russia in Severodonetsk hell Kyiv

Ukraine claimed that Severodonetsk‚ an eastern industrial town in Ukraine was a hellish place After Russian forces moved in to surround two cities of the Donbas. This is where Moscow has focused its military operations. All our positions were under fire for four months - and this is something I want to emphasize - from every weapon that the Russian army owns‚ Sergiy Gaiday‚ Luhansk region governor said in a social media statement. He said‚ in reference to Severodonetsk‚ "It's hell out there." He said that our boys have not lost their position and would continue to do so for as long as it is necessary.

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Ukrainians fire on Russians with American guns

Ukraine War: Russia sets the curtain of Fire - TYLER HIICKS/NYTNS/Redux/eyevine Ukraine War: Russia sets the curtain of Fire - TYLER HIICKS/NYTNS/Redux/eyevine

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Sergei Lavrov travels to Iran for negotiations

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Iran Wednesday to discuss enhancing trade and energy cooperation‚ as both countries struggle with Western economic sanctions. Both Moscow and Tehran have large oil and gas reserves‚ but they are limited by export restrictions. Tomorrow (Thursday)‚ Lavrov will be meeting our foreign minister‚ Hossein Amir Abdollahian. Russia received sanctions After its invasion of Ukraine in February. Iran has suffered from the US's reimposing harsh sanctions on it since 2018‚ when Washington pulled out of a nuclear agreement between Tehran and other major powers.

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A Russian journalist sells his Nobel Peace Prize to PS84m for Ukrainian Refugees

08:04 AM

Photos: Ukraine fights for Severedontesk

Ukraine war: Russia lays down curtain of fire - OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock /Shutterstock Ukraine War: Russia Sets a Curtain of Fire - STRINGER/REUTERSUkraine War: Russia Sets a Curtain of Fire - STRINGER/REUTERSUkraine war: Russia lays down curtain of fire - OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock /Shutterstock

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This month‚ the Indonesian President will visit Moscow and Kyiv

His foreign minister announced Wednesday that the Indonesian president and G20 chair Joko Woldodo would visit Russia and Ukraine this month in order to talk about the humanitarian and economic fallout from Moscow's invasion. G20 Summit - to be held in Bali‚ Indonesia in November - is surrounded in controversy due to Jakarta's invitation to Russia despite the alleged war crimes committed in Ukraine. This year's rotating president of G20 is Indonesia. However‚ some Western countries have been pushing for Russia to be excluded from this meeting‚ including the United States. Retno Marudi‚ the Foreign Minister of Indonesia‚ said that Mr Widodo will visit Kyiv as well as Moscow. He had represented Indonesia at the G7 Summit in Germany. This was the first time an Asian leader has visited both countries since the beginning of the fighting. In his visit to Moscow and Kyiv‚ President (Volodymyr] Zelensky will be meeting with the President‚ (Vladimir] Putin‚" Mr Marsudi stated in an internet briefing Wednesday.

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MoD latest update

The latest Defence Intelligence Update on Ukraine's Situation - 22 June 2022

Learn more about the response of the UK government: https://tco/lul6wpsqzm

🇺🇦 #standwithukraine 🇺🇦

Ministry of Defence (@DefenceHQ).

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Britain: Donetsk Republic forces suffer a near 55 percent casualty rate

According to Britain‚ the casualties have reached around 55% of the initial strength of forces from the self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples Republic(DPR)‚ which is one of Russia's proxy in eastern Ukraine. DPR published figures showing that 2‚128 soldiers had died in combat since 2022. The defence ministry also reported daily on Twitter‚ showing the number of wounded military personnel. It also stated that the Russian authorities had not yet released the total number of casualties suffered in Ukraine's military conflict since March 25‚ 2015.

05:41 AM

Russian bombing of key Ukrainian city leaves it vulnerable

Kyiv warns that Ukrainian troops are under constant artillery attack in an eastern battleground city. This is despite Russian troops gaining ground across the Donbas. Moscow's troops are now slowly moving forward despite the fierce resistance of the Ukrainian army. As President Vladimir Putin's forces strengthen their hold on Severodonetsk‚ a strategically vital city in the Donbas region‚ Lysychansk‚ the twin city to its south is under heavy bombardment. Lysychansk is being bombarded by the Russian army‚ Sergiy Gaiday (governor of Lugansk)‚ wrote via Telegram. All they do is destroy everything. They have destroyed many buildings‚ and there have been casualties.

04:33 AM

First in a pledged weapon package of Germany‚ howitzers are delivered to Ukraine

According to Ukraine's defense minister‚ self-propelled German howitzers arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday in order to deliver the first heavy weapon delivery promised by Berlin. Ukraine is asking the West for more artillery to help it out when its Soviet-era ammunition runs low. Russia's arsenal has been a major threat. The German Panzerhaubitze 2000 has been replenished With trained Ukrainian crews‚ they joined the Ukrainian artillery force. This was Oleksii Reznikov's statement on social media.

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EU will welcome Ukraine's candidacy Thursday

EU diplomats announced that Ukraine will become an official candidate to the European Union on Thursday in a symbolic move. According to military analysts‚ Russia's inability to achieve a significant breakthrough since its invasion of Ukraine has meant that time favors the Ukrainians. This is a heavyweight bout of boxing. There hasn't been one knockout in 2 months of boxing. As RU forces are less supple‚ it will happen‚ said retired US Lieutenant General Mark Hertling on Twitter. He was a former commander for US ground forces in Europe.

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After the Five Star Party split‚ Italy's government was sacked

The coalition government of Mario Draghis‚ the Italian Prime Minister‚ was shaken by new turmoil Tuesday following the split of the largest party within parliament. On Tuesday‚ the foreign minister formed a separate group. Luigi Di Maio stated that he had decided to quit the Five Star Movement‚ the party he used to lead‚ due to the party's ambiguity regarding Italy's support for Ukraine After Russia invaded. It comes After months of tensions within the party that have led to it losing most of its support in 2018. The party is at risk of being totally wiped out by the next national elections. Media reports claim that 60 ex-five star lawmakers signed up for Mr Di Maio's group‚ Together for the Future.

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The latest photos from the conflict in Ukraine‚ as the fighting in the east continues

Housing and Communal College building damaged in a recent shelling in Kharkiv‚ - SERGEY KOZLOV/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Mandatory Credit: Photo by ORLANDO BARRIA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (12994967c) View of a destroyed building in the center of Kharkiv‚ Ukraine‚ 21 June 2022. The conflict in Ukraine began on 24 February when Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory‚ causing destruction and creating a humanitarian crisis. Daily life in Kharkiv‚ Ukraine - 21 Jun 2022 - ORLANDO BARRIA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Mandatory Credit: Photo by OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (12994963p) Ukrainian servicemen go to a position in the city of Severodonetsk of Luhansk area‚ Ukraine‚ 19 June 2022 (issued 21 June 2022). Severodonetsk‚ along with its surrounding areas‚ was the scene of heavy fighting over the past days. According to Serhiy Haidai‚ head of Luhansk Regional State Administration‚ 568 civilians including 38 children remain under shelters After Ukrainian troops seized control of a portion of Severodonetsk. The conflict started on 24 February when Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory‚ causing destruction and humanitarian crises. Fights in Severodonetsk‚ Luhansk‚ Ukraine - 19 Jun 2022 - OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Mandatory Credit: Photo by OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (12994963h) A Ukrainian serviceman takes a cigarette proposed by a comrade on a position in the city of Severodonetsk of Luhansk area‚ Ukraine 19 June 2022 (issued 21 June 2022). Heavy fighting erupted in Severodonetsk‚ and surrounding areas over the past days. According to Serhiy Haidai‚ head of Luhansk Regional State Administration‚ 568 civilians including 38 children remain under shelters After Ukrainian troops seized control of a portion of Severodonetsk. The conflict started on 24 February when Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory‚ causing destruction and humanitarian crises. Fights in Severodonetsk‚ Luhansk‚ Ukraine - 19 Jun 2022 - OLEKSANDR RATUSHNIAK/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock As Russia's aggression on Ukraine continues‚ a Ukrainian soldier pet a dog at the Sievierodonetsk industrial zone. Picture taken June 20‚ 2022. REUTERS/Oleksandr Ratushniak - REUTERS/Oleksandr Ratushniak

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Ukraine strengthening defences in Luhansk

Ukrainian and Russian troops remained firmly entrenched on eastern Ukrainian battlefields heading into Wednesday‚ which was a day for commemoration by both countries in honor of Hitler's 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union. In recent weeks‚ Russia has been favoured in fighting in this long-running war because of its superior artillery firepower. This was acknowledged by Volodymyr Zelensky‚ the Ukrainian President. He said that the Ukrainian army has been strengthening its defenses in Luhansk thanks to strategic maneuvers. This is the most difficult spot. Occupants are pressing hard for Donetsk. We are fighting daily for the development of modern weapons for Ukraine‚ just like we are actively fighting to get a positive European Union decision on Ukraine's potential status. He said that we don't stop fighting for Ukraine‚ and urged those countries supporting him to accelerate arms delivery.

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