Agents: Austin woman is wanted for the murder of Moriah Wilson in the love triangle

Sunday, May 22, 2022
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A Man Wanted For the Shooting of a Woman Who Was Dating a Professional Cyclist

A man wanted for the shooting of a woman who was dating a professional cyclist is being sought by Austin police. Anna Moriah Wilson, 21, was the victim of a violent attack on May 11. She was the fiance of pro cyclist Colin Strickland. The shooting was deemed a romantic act of jealousy. Despite the apparent misunderstanding, the couple remains friends.

Federal Agents confirmed Saturday that KaitlinMarie Armstrong is still at large, having been accused of murdering a bicyclist who was once her boyfriend. Agents claimed they could not find Armstrong's black Jeep Cherokee with Texas plate LDZ5608 and believed she may still be driving it, or that it was abandoned around Austin. U.S. The U.S. Marshals distributed a wanted poster asking for the public's help to call 800 336-0102 with any information or photos of Armstrong. An arrest warrant in the Wilson, a professional cyclist, was shot to death According to Austin police, details of a triangle that included Armstrong and a professional male cyclist. Wilson, 25 years old, was discovered dead at her East Austin residence on Maple Avenue May 11. Wilson, 25, had been traveling from San Francisco. She was in Austin to stay before participating in the Hico gravel race, located northwest of Waco. Our hearts are broken: The cycling world grieves Anna Moriah Wilson's passing, but celebrates her life Anna Moriah Wilson, a woman from Austin was shot and killed in Austin on May 11. Armstrong The shooting resulted in a 34-year-old Austin woman being charged with murder. Armstrong was confronted by police on May 12, the same day Wilson died. They also provided video surveillance which showed Armstrong driving a car that is identical to hers, pulling up at Wilson's residence. Wilson, Armstrong's boyfriend, had just returned from swimming and Wilson was already back at the house. Anna Moriah Wilson death: Check out the details and charges against Kaitlin. Police said Armstrong nodded when she was told by detectives that the video didn't look right for her. According to police, she had deleted all her social media accounts. Her boyfriend also told police that he hadn't seen her since May 13th. Strava, an online fitness and cycling platform that allows users to track their progress and share photos of themselves -- her Strava account is still public. It shows she had last been on Strava on May 11th. Wilson's death. Story continues below.

The U.S. The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force declared that it was conducting an investigation into Armstrong and requested the public's assistance in finding him. According to the affidavit, Armstrong and her boyfriend of over a decade Colin Strickland were separated in October. Strickland and Wilson met during a short break from their relationship. Armstrong soon got back together. Police say that a tipter who was assisting with the investigation into homicide said to detectives that Armstrong had learned about Stricklands'relationship with Wilson in January. She became angry and began shaking. According to the tipster, Armstrong claimed she was going after Wilson. Police say that Strickland purchased two guns around the same time: one for Armstrong and one for him. Investigators seized an Armstrong 9mm handgun while searching Armstrong's home with Strickland. Police believe that Armstrong may have used the same gun as Wilson's shell case. Story continues below.

Colin Strickland describes Wilson's relationship

Red Bull sponsored professional cyclist Strickland issued Friday's statement to the American Statesman, saying that he briefly had an affair with Wilson following meeting her in Austin, October. After that brief fling that lasted for about one week, he said his relationship with Wilson became platonic and professional and that Armstrong was back with him. Wilson was not a romantic interest to him anymore, he said. Strickland stated that there is no other way to express my sorrow and guilt at being so close to such a horrible crime. This unfathomable circumstance is beyond my comprehension. I'm sorry. Strickland stated that he had cooperated with authorities, and would continue to do so. He stated that he did not intend to have an auxiliary relationship with anyone.

Moriah was a leader in the niche, lonely sport of cycling. I loved her deeply and consider her close friends. She is a dear friend and I feel deeply sorrowful. Wilson, who was considered one of the top national cyclists, had just quit her job and started training. Wilson was the favourite to win Gravel Locos in Texas, which is the race she first came to Texas. According to the affidavit, Wilson went swimming at Deep Eddy Pool with Strickland around six p.m. the day before she was killed. Police say that Wilson returned to her home at around 8:30 p.m. after Strickland had dropped her off on his bike. A minute later, surveillance video from nearby homes shows a dark SUV equipped with a bike rack and luggage rack. It appears to have stopped right next to Wilson's home. Strickland said Armstrong didn't know Wilson's address. Wilson's Strava account may have offered a hint: She uploaded a ride on the morning of her death that started and ended at the house where she was living. Wilson had been found in her bathroom by a female tenant who called police just before 10:10 p.m. The woman told police Wilson's bicycle was the only thing missing from her home. Investigators found it in thick bamboo 60 feet away. Authorities with the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force visited the house where Strickland and Armstrong live to investigate Wilson's connection with Strickland. According to the affidavit, the team discovered the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee in its driveway. It matches what was shown on the video. In a voluntary interview, Strickland revealed to police that Armstrong had returned home the night after driving the Grand Cherokee. All accusations are only allegations made by law enforcement, until and unless a suspect is convicted. All suspects remain innocent until they are proven guilty by a court. The Austin American-Statesman originally published this article: Police continue to search for Austin woman in murder of cyclist