Ali Merchant on rekindling relationship with ex-wife Sara Khan in

Monday, March 14, 2022
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After a year apart‚ Ali Merchant revealed that he was planning to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife Sara Khan in an interview with The Times of India. He told the magazine that he was cheating on Sara when she left the show. However‚ she had already learnt about his affair through the media. The truth about Ali's cheating is that all his friends from the film industry stopped talking to him. He was left with a couple of lakhs of rupees after his divorce. During the course of the last year‚ he has also worked hard on his personal development. Sara Khan's divorce from Ali Merchant was revealed to the media after he entered Kangana Ranaut's talk show Lock Upp. After seeing Ali‚ Sara ran to the kitchen. As soon as Sara saw him‚ she was furious and quickly left the show. The pair became more intimate and the media seized on the news. But once Sara returned‚ Ali's first reaction was to go away to the kitchen and start afresh with another girl. While Sara was still inside the house‚ Ali got carried away and cheated on Sara. He also dated a girl. She said that Sara was emotionally fragile and didn't speak up‚ but she later rekindled her relationship with another man. The media's attention focused on Sara and Ashmit‚ and she went to the kitchen. The news broke and the media was abuzz about Ali and Sara's relationship.