Aljamain Sterling ekes out split decision over Petr Yan to unify UFCs

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Aljamain Sterling Ekes Out Split Decision Over Petr Yan to Unify UFCs

If you were following this fight‚ you would have known that Sterling defeated Yan by split decision to win the bantamweight title and unified the UFC. However‚ you would have been equally surprised if Chimaev had defeated Yan in a similar manner. This article will give you some insight on both of these fights‚ as well as other notable UFC bouts.

Aljamain Sterling beats Petr Yan to unify UFCs

After a grueling battle that saw Sterling win a unanimous decision‚ he's now eyeing a fight with Yan. Yan was cageside at UFC 273 on Saturday‚ and Sterling remained calm while he evaded the former champion. The two grapplers were locked in a body triangle in the second round‚ and Sterling didn't let go. Yan tries to take the fight‚ but Sterling continues to dominate and is riding on his back. At the start of the second round‚ Sterling was controlling the fight and landed punches to the side of Yan's head and body. Later in the round‚ Sterling backed up Yan and tried to apply a butt choke. The two men had plenty of control time‚ but Yan quickly reacted and began plugging takedown attempts. Yan landed two takedown attempts on Sterling in the first round‚ and a clinch would have been enough to end the fight for him. Despite the grueling matchup‚ UFC 273 delivered some big fights. Gilbert Burns and Khamzat Chimaev put on a Fight of the Year contender‚ and Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan fought to make it a thriller. Aljamain Sterling‚ who improved his record to 211-3‚ edged out his interim opponent by a split decision. The UFC bantamweight champion‚ Aljamain Sterling‚ made his rematch with Petr Yan different‚ scoring pivotal takedowns in the second and third rounds. In the co-main event of UFC 273‚ Sterling won a split decision over Petr Yan on the judges' scorecard‚ 48-47. The judges at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena scored the fight 48-47 in favor of Sterling.

Aljamain Sterling wins bantamweight title

The bantamweight division is now united‚ thanks to the new champion‚ Aljamain Sterling. Sterling defeated Petr Yan‚ a former title holder‚ in the co-main event of UFC 273 in Jacksonville‚ Florida. Sterling had a great night‚ displaying patience and clinching two of three judges' scorecards. However‚ Yan was not to be denied his first title defense‚ either. Yan was originally scheduled to face Sterling in October‚ but Sterling had to undergo neck surgery after the first fight due to an injury. Sterling says the neck problem is from his collegiate wrestling days. However‚ after the rematch‚ Sterling extended his win streak to seven‚ which is the longest of his career. He has not lost since a knockout loss to Marlon Moraes in 2017. Sterling's title win comes after a long and respectable run to the top spot in the rankings. In addition to winning the bantamweight title‚ Sterling also won the lightweight title by defeating Cory Sandhagen. Sterling's recent win has sparked controversy‚ however‚ and a rematch between these two champions is likely. Hopefully‚ this means Sterling will be able to unify the UFC in a few years. After Sterling's win‚ Yan appeared to feel the pressure to fight him immediately. Yan and Al Iaquinta were cageside when Sterling was shipping to the UFC hotel. Dvalishvili told Sterling that he would not return without his belt. Yan and Steve Lee appeared on UFC Embedded if he had won the title. Sterling then returned to the ring and won the title against Yan.

Aljamain Sterling defeats Petr Yan in split decision

The first round of the UFC 273 title fight starts off with both fighters not wearing gloves. Yan lands the first two takedowns but Sterling rebounds by landing a massive body kick and a massive low kick. Yan is being aggressive in the third‚ but Sterling is defending well. In the final minute‚ Sterling shoots for a takedown‚ but Yan defends it well and lands a series of punches. The second round was an even fight as neither fighter dominated the other. Yan won the opening round‚ but Sterling was more aggressive in the second. During the second round‚ Sterling took Yan to the mat and used his right hand to land a few punches‚ including a flying knee. Sterling was able to dominate ground-and-pound in the second round‚ which was crucial as he won the fight by DQ. Sterling‚ who has been the UFC bantamweight champion since May 2018‚ has defeated the interim champion Petr Yan in a rematch. Yan was formerly the champion‚ but was disqualified after landing a knee on Aljo's head during the first fight. Aljo won the title in the next fight by submission against Cory Sandhagen‚ but now has the opportunity to put his controversy behind him. A second bout between Sterling and Yan was originally scheduled for UFC 267 last October. Sterling was recovering from neck surgery after the first fight with Yan. The neck issue Sterling is referring to goes back to his collegiate wrestling days. However‚ this time‚ Sterling defeated Yan without controversy and called out former champion TJ Dillashaw for the next fight. With this win‚ Sterling can now unify UFCs by beating Yan.

Chimaev defeats Burns to unify UFCs

It is not every day that a fight is presented on a UFC PPV that features two title belts. The pound-for-pound champion Gilbert Burns will be up against one of the world's top prospects in Khamzat Chimaev. Although Burns is the better fighter overall‚ his recent bouts have been a mixed bag. It's hard to predict who will be crowned the champion‚ but this fight promises to be a thriller. After the fight‚ Khamzat Chimaev won his UFC 273 main card pay-per-view bout by submission over Gilbert Burns. The win marks a comeback for the up and coming Russian. The bout was previously cancelled due to injury‚ but Chimaev's performance was enough to take the title from Burns. Chimaev is a tough opponent to beat‚ but this fight is a sign of things to come. The ring was electric‚ but Chimaev's big shots landed. The Russian's powerful overhand dropped Burns into the fence. In Round 3‚ Burns mixed calf strikes with devastating counter right hands. The Brazilian was also bleeding profusely from his nose‚ but was able to hold on to the ground. Chimaev had the last laugh‚ and he beat Burns to unify UFCs. The second round was a different story. Chimaev dominated Burns by using his ground control against him. Burns pressed back and landed some hard shots‚ but Chimaev was able to keep coming with his output and push him back against the cage. Burns survived the fight‚ but in the final 10 seconds‚ Chimaev pushed Burns against the fence and landed the knockout blow.

Aljamain Sterling becomes UFC's bantamweight champion

After being ruled ineligible for the title in a previous fight‚ Aljamain Sterling will now face TJ Dillashaw for the vacant bantamweight title. The bout was initially scheduled to take place at UFC 259‚ but after Yan landed an illegal knee on Sterling in the fourth round‚ the fight was stopped by a referee's disqualification. After the disqualification‚ Sterling embraced the UFC champion with a teary eye and claimed that he will be facing TJ Dillashaw. The UFC's bantamweight division has a lot of talented fighters‚ and Aljamain Sterling is one of them. His success in the MMA industry will allow him to make his way to the top. But before he fights Yan‚ Sterling must prove himself as a champion. There are many other contenders to the title‚ so the UFC will need to keep looking for the best. After the disqualification‚ Yan was the undisputed bantamweight champion in March 2021‚ but Sterling was pursuing the title and won a tense fight in the fourth round. Yan had appeared to be winning the fight until he was disqualified in the fourth round. As the champion‚ Yan posed with the belt in a celebratory manner‚ but Sterling embraced the heel role. A recent tweet from Sterling revealed that he's suffering from a lip injury. He joked about a doctor's order to rest until 2023. Sterling's victory in the bantamweight division is also a first in the history of the UFC‚ as Yan was disqualified after delivering an illegal knee to Sterling. Although he may not be a household name yet‚ he is a highly respected fighter and a well-rounded sportsman.