Alleging inaction on rape charges against Vijay Babu, Maala

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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Alleging Inaction on Rape Charges Against Vijay Babu Maala

The ICC chairperson and other leaders have condemned the association's inaction after allegations of racial slurs were made against the actor. The ICC's chairperson‚ Shweta Menon‚ is quoted in the article. The Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) is quoted in the article as well. But why is the association doing nothing?

ICC chairperson Shweta Menon

The ICC has been criticized for its apathetic approach towards the case of a woman allegedly raped by actor Vijay Babu. The ICC's executive committee met on April 27 and found that revealing the name of the alleged rape victim on social media is an offence. The ICC recommended that Vijay Babu be removed from his official post in the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists. On April 27‚ Amma's Executive Committee convened an emergency meeting to discuss the case‚ which did not allow the panel to take action against Vijay Babu. It accepted the letter from Babu‚ despite women members' demands. Meanwhile‚ authorities are mulling over whether to cancel his passport and take custody of his daughter. After the incident in May 2016‚ the AMMA's Internal Complaints Committee was forced to dissolve following the allegations. A few members of the ICC‚ including chairperson Shweta Menon‚ resigned from the body due to the rape allegations against Vijay Babu. This has been followed by a spate of resignations in other associations in the Malayalam film industry. Several members of the AMMA also quit the ICC over the issue‚ arguing that the ICC does not have enough power to investigate the case. Despite the ICC's limited powers‚ the AMMA's stance nullifies the scope of its work. Moreover‚ the resignations of three of the six ICC members were not due to any personal vendetta or drooping. The ICC was formed by amending the constitution of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists to include women's interests. ICC members included Rachana Narayanankutty‚ Kuku Parameswaran‚ and Mala Parvathy. ICC members criticized the ICC's inaction on the rape allegations against Vijay Babu Maala.

Kukku Parameshwaran

The Association of Malayalam Cinema Artists has split over a rape allegation against Vijay Babu Maala. The AMMA's internal complaints committee‚ chaired by Shweta Menon‚ has decided to resign over the issue. Kukku Parameshwaran‚ a member of the ICC‚ has also resigned. Both Parvathi and Menon have alleged rape. After Maala Parvathy resigned from the AMMA's internal complaints committee‚ Kukku and Swetha Menon resigned from the association. The women have raised the allegations of rape against Vijay Babu on social media. The actress has not filed an official complaint‚ which means the police haven't received it yet. In her Facebook live session on Tuesday‚ the alleged rape victim said that the actress had been afraid to speak about the alleged assault because of Babu's influence on her. Since the alleged assault‚ the actress had been offered roles in films by the actor. She was also arrested after she won an audition. The film maker filed a motion with the Kerala High Court for anticipatory bail on April 22. The actress alleged that Vijay Babu had raped her several times in his flat in Ernakulam. The film director has not responded to the allegations. Police have refused to disclose details of the case. The film star has been credited with several hits in Tamil cinema and has been involved in numerous films. Despite the AMMA's inaction on the allegations‚ women in the Malayalam film industry are calling for the ICC to do its duty and expel Vijay Babu Maala. While the ICC has not yet taken a final decision‚ the Women in Cinema Collective is demanding the association to suspend Babu's membership until a verdict is reached.

Maala Parvathi

Maala Parvathi has taken a strong stance against the AMMA's inaction on rape charges against Vijan Babu Maala. She says the organisation was legally required to take action and should have asked the absconder to resign and stay away from the industry. This‚ she claims‚ is a breach of the law and an assault on the victim. Moreover‚ she has demanded that the entire executive committee of AMMA be disbanded‚ including the chairperson Shwetha Menon‚ Kukku Parameshwaran and others. Maala Parvathi resigned from her position in the Internal Grievance Redressal Committee of the AMMA‚ citing her concerns over the inaction towards the rape allegations against Vijay Babu Maala. She further claimed that the committee's failure to take action against the accused led to her resignation‚ and also triggered the women's movement to lash out at the AMMA. The actress also resigned from the AMMA's Internal Complaints Committee‚ a key industry forum‚ after Alleging that the body failed to take strict action against the actor. The committee voted to not suspend Vijaya Babu‚ despite the recommendations of the committee. This has been met with a heated debate‚ and it is unclear if the AMMA will act to punish the actor. The Women in Cinema Collective (WICC) is an advocacy group that came into existence following the kidnapping of the popular actor. The WICC's report focuses on the sexual harassment of actors in the Malayalam film industry. The group also demands the release of the report by the Justice Hema Committee. However‚ the state government has refused to release this report citing advice from the committee and the personal experiences of the film personalities.

Association of Malayalam Movie Artists

The allegations against Malayalam superstar Vijay Babu have sparked a major internal rift within the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists. Three of the association's members‚ including Mala Parvathy and Kukku Parameshwaran‚ have resigned from the ICC‚ citing their inaction on the case. The association said on Sunday that Vijay Babu had written to it and requested that he remain off its executive committee. The executives discussed the matter and accepted Vijay Babu's request. Maala Parvathi‚ who had resigned from the AMMA's internal complaints committee‚ said the lapse in action sent a wrong message and resigning from the organisation was unacceptable. On April 22‚ the Ernakulam South Police registered a case against the actor. A woman alleged that Vijay Babu Maala raped her and revealed her identity on social media. In the following days‚ the actress registered a complaint with the police‚ claiming that she had been a victim of a sexual assault. AMMA has rejected the report of Maala Parvathi accusing Vijay Babu of sexual rape. The actress‚ who resigned after learning of the allegations‚ is no longer a member of the ICC. The ICC's recommendations have been implemented by the AMMA's executive committee. The alleged sexual assault was carried out at a hotel in Kochi on February 17‚ 2017. During the preliminary interrogation‚ the actor admitted to the crime. The survivor described the physical‚ mental‚ and professional abuse that the actor inflicted on her. In addition‚ the actor forced her to undergo an abortion when she was pregnant. The association has asked the ICC to conduct a report on the allegations against Babu. The ICC meeting convened on April 27. The report recommends that the actor be dropped from his official position as an Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA).