AMBER Alert Canceled For 12-Year-Old Hampstead Boy

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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AMBER Alert Canceled For 12-Year-Old Hampstead Boy

Baltimore police have canceled an AMBER Alert for a 12-year-old Hampstead boy. Christopher Geiger‚ the boy's father‚ abducted Maxx Geiger. The Maryland State Police Crisis Negotiation Team took him into custody. Christopher Geiger is now being held in custody pending a medical examination. The Baltimore police AMBER Alert was posted Friday‚ April 8.

Maxx Geiger‚ 12‚ was last seen getting picked up by his father in a Jeep Wrangler on Friday‚ April 8

A missing boy is in the spotlight again after the Maryland State Police issued an Amber Alert for his 12-year-old son. Maxx Geiger‚ a middle school student‚ was last seen getting into his father's black Jeep Wrangler on Friday‚ April 8. Christopher Geiger‚ his father‚ is in custody awaiting medical evaluation and a news conference is scheduled for 1pm in Westminster‚ Maryland. Christopher Geiger is a 35-year-old man with brown eyes and blonde hair. He is believed to have gotten into a Jeep Wrangler with Maxx in it and fled. Christopher Geiger‚ Maxx's father‚ hasn't spoken to him since. Investigators are looking for him and his son as he's worried about their safety. Christopher Geiger‚ Maxx's father‚ has been missing for two days. His son Maxx was last seen getting picked up by Christopher Geiger in his black Jeep Wrangler on Friday‚ April 8 before heading to school. The two were later found half a mile from the vehicle in a parking lot in Westminster. On Tuesday morning‚ police located Christopher Geiger and his son. The father was taken into custody without incident and the 12-year-old boy was found unharmed. The father is undergoing evaluation‚ and charges may be filed against him after a thorough investigation. While the investigation is ongoing‚ the family has been reunited.

Christopher Geiger‚ 35‚ was taken into custody after negotiations with the Maryland State Police Crisis Negotiation Team

The Carroll County State Police have identified the man they believe to be responsible for the recent terror attack on a school bus. The suspect‚ 35-year-old Christopher Geiger‚ had been armed with an automatic weapon when the bus crashed. He had fled the scene after the bus failed to stop at a rest area near the Maryland-Virginia border. Geiger had reportedly planned to take a 12-year-old boy to school. In addition to the two officers‚ the Crisis Negotiation Team includes retired Major A.V. Buck Maddra‚ who was a Uniform Operations Bureau Commander in the 1960s. The team also includes retired Captain Mark Wilson‚ who was a Dispatcher for the Baltimore City Police Department and rose to the rank of Captain in charge of criminal investigations. In addition‚ the team also includes retired Lieutenants Buster Greene and Barney Ward‚ both of whom served as the Emergency Communications Center director in the late 1980s. Lieutenant John Herndon‚ who was hired in 1972 as an Emergency Communications Center supervisor‚ was part of the team until his retirement in 2006.

Maxx Geiger was found dead in a field in Westminster

Police in Westminster‚ Maryland‚ are investigating the death of a boy who was last seen in a field on Thursday. Maxx Geiger was last seen with his father‚ Christopher Lewis Geiger. Maxx was described as a white boy with blond hair and weighing about 120 pounds. Christopher is a white man who is 6 feet tall and has green eyes. Police did not specify a cause of death.