An avalanche of 20 cars on the highway in Nevada caused a winter storm, and 3 were taken to hospital

Friday, December 31, 2021
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A 20-car pileup on a Nevada highway was reported Sunday afternoon. The Washoe County Sheriff's Workplace confirmed that the accident occurred on US Route 395 near Lake Tahoe. The wreck involved at least 20 cars and left six people injured, and the wreck also damaged a highway patrol vehicle. A trooper was not hurt. Officials with the Washoe County Sheriff's Workplace issued a warning via social media, urging drivers to stay home. In northern Nevada, snowstorms have caused at least two separate pileup accidents, including one near Reno. On US Route 395 near Lake Tahoe, around 20 vehicles piled up. The Washoe County Sheriff's Workplace said the accident occurred during a snowstorm that affected both states'highways. The accident occurred on a stretch of road where visibility was limited, and drivers were warned to stay home due to the hazardous conditions. In California, the National Weather Service office in Sacramento warned of extremely wet weather. A 20-car pileup on a Nevada highway has been linked to extreme Winter weather. Authorities say the conditions were so extreme that some drivers experienced whiteout conditions and poor visibility. A Washoe County Sheriff's Workplace post on Twitter cautioned people against traveling during the storm. The storms have been a cause of severe road conditions across the western United States. The crash happened on US Route 395 near Lake Tahoe, according to the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.

After a significant Pacific storm, trees are covered in snow. This was on the Sierra Nevada Crest in Yosemite National Park in California, December 16, 2021. George Rose/Getty Images

  • Authorities said that three people were brought to hospital following a pileup of 20 cars near Reno in Nevada.
  • Their current conditions are unknown.
  • Snowstorms caused the pileup, with drivers reporting whiteout conditions.

After recent snowstorms, authorities are working to clear a pileup of 20 cars near Reno in Nevada.

Multiple agencies responded to Sunday's pileup at Washoe Valley on southbound 395.

Drivers reported that they were experiencing whiteout conditions. The sheriff's office advised that you should not be out and about right now.

One of the responding agencies, ICE, stated that at least three individuals were transported to hospital, but the condition is unknown. The agency stated that the Washoe valley is experiencing extreme conditions with winds of 50 mph and whiteout conditions.

In a tweet,

Drivers should expect to experience delays due to strong winds that create large areas of blowing snow. NWS Reno advised residents to remain home, and added that more snow is on its way. At the time of publication, Insiders did not reach out to Washoe County Sheriffs office for comment.