An ex-nasa official claims that a russian design famously incited elon musk by spitting on the shoes of his customers to launch spacex

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Commercialization of Space by Lori Garver and Jim Cantrell

This book traces the evolution of the commercial space industry in the US. The author was NASA Deputy Administrator during the Obama administration‚ and her tenure there was marked by her efforts to make space travel more affordable for everyone. She first met Musk in 2002 when she was training to be a Soyuz astronaut‚ but lost out to singer Lance Bass. Musk is also a benefactor of Garver's connections in Washington.

Elon Musk is seen standing beside a SpaceX rocket at Los Angeles‚ in 2004. Paul Harris/Getty Images Lori Garver‚ former NASA deputy administrator‚ recalled Elon Musk's inspiration to build his own rockets in a recent memoir. After being slapped by a Russian engineer‚ SpaceX's CEO decided to start his own venture in space. Garver's comments on this incident were published in June 21. Garver writes that Elon was so offended by this act that he made a decision to start his own rocket company on the return flight. This was Helen of Troy's face‚ which launched thousands of ships. Garvers' book focuses on the commercialization and growth of US space industries during Garvers' time as Deputy Administrator for NASA in the Obama Administration. Garvers' efforts to lower the cost of space travel are highlighted in this book‚ even though NASA pressures her to do so. Musk first met Garver in 2002. She said that they discussed NASA's dependence on Russia. She had just returned from Russia to train for the Soyuz rocket. This was an experience she regrettably missed out on because of a tragic accident. Competing bid from singer Lance Bass. This incident was not first reported by the ex-NASA official. Jim Cantrell‚ SpaceX's co-founder and CEO‚ said that Musk was treated poorly by the Russians when he visited Moscow last month to discuss a purchase of space rockets to support a future mission sending plants or mice to Mars. Cantrell stated in an interview that Elon was becoming very upset by the chief designer as he spoke. This Channel 4 documentary aired May. He got bored of hearing him talk and began to spit on his shoes. Cantrell stated that he believes the Russians saw Musk's informal clothing as disrespectful. Garver wrote in her book that Musk's disruptive mentality and lack respect for the traditional industry had an impact on NASA workers and White House employees. In a Musk biography by AshleeVance‚ the Co-Founder also described the situation in similar terms. During several meetings in Moscow‚ he said that the Russians had treated Musk badly. According to his biography‚ the Russians seemed more interested in having small talks and drinking than Musk‚ which he said was a sign that he wanted to do business. According to Vances' book‚ Cantrell stated that they looked at us as if we weren't credible. According to the co-founder‚ Musk spit on his team because he believed they were full of crap. Adeo Ressi was even more close to Musk than his friend. Vance asked if Musk had gone mad. According to the book‚ Musk stormed out of his meeting with the Russians after they failed to agree on a price. Cantrell said that Musk had the idea of building his own rockets on the return flight. SpaceX‚ formerly Space Exploration Technologies Corporation‚ was established less than one year after the original Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. SpaceX has become one of the most important companies in space exploration. Most valuable private companies. SpaceX's launch of the SpaceX Lunar Lander was successful last year. According to Musk‚ it is currently one of the strongest rockets on the planet. Musk's rivalry against Russia continues for many decades. The billionaire recently sat down with Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin. Read the original article on business insider