Anthony Davis Lakers believe they can earn play-in bid

Saturday, April 2, 2022
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The Lakers believe they can earn a play in bid for Anthony Davis‚ but they must do so in a way that appeals to both sides. While James has said he doesn't want to sign long-term deals‚ Davis is openly contemplating this option. The Heat are also willing to offer high-level players in exchange for Davis‚ but the Lakers are unwilling to commit the same amount of money. The Lakers haven't ruled out the possibility of getting a play-in bid from the NBA after losing LeBron James. Both players are still focused on winning the bid. Even though they've been out since Feb. 14‚ the Lakers are still optimistic that they can win a game. While they're two games out of a play-in bid‚ they've played just two of their last eight games without their star forward. The Lakers' chances of getting a play-in bid from the NBA aren't bleak. The Pelicans' general manager‚ Dell Demps‚ has yet to respond to the Lakers' calls. However‚ they're expected to do so before the trade deadline. Despite their lack of urgency‚ the Lakers believe they can earn a play-in bid from the NBA. In their effort to win a play-in bid‚ the Lakers have been able to trade their young‚ developing players for Anthony Davis. While the Lakers haven't been able to land James yet‚ they've been able to acquire three or four young players for a reasonable price. In addition to acquiring Davis‚ the Lakers can move on to the draft's top pick‚ Kyrie Irving‚ so that they can fill the remaining roster spots with star players. The Lakers' biggest concern‚ however‚ is not Davis's health. Several players in the team's past have been injured or suspended and are now sidelined. Among them‚ the Lakers are a contender in the 2021 playoffs‚ but if they're not able to land him‚ it's not a good deal for the Lakers. In other words‚ they're a small-market banner and have to be patient. With Davis's return‚ the Lakers will have a new star. The Lakers have a lot of talent and need a superstar‚ but the problem is the lack of depth. The Lakers' lack of depth means that they can't win a championship. So they are in a tough position to compete with the Dallas Mavericks. If they can't get Davis‚ the Lakers will be eliminated from the playoffs. The Lakers are hopeful they can land Davis while still focusing on their own future. The upcoming playoff series against the Suns will be an interesting test of both teams.

anthony davis lakers believe they can earn play in bid play in
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The Suns won in six games‚ and the Lakers won't have a chance if Anthony Davis plays poorly. The Lakers' hopes are based on their two-year-old star. While the Suns aren't a perfect fit‚ they are the only contenders with any guarantee of getting the star. After Anthony Davis' injury‚ the Lakers are still hoping to get the best player available on the market. While it won't be easy to land LeBron James‚ the Lakers are confident that they can snag Davis from the Pelicans. A deal with LeBron James would make the Lakers the best team in the world. The deal would also benefit the Lakers. The Pelicans are aiming to trade for Anthony Davis‚ so they don't need to lose other key players in their roster. The Lakers' current situation isn't looking great. In fact‚ the Lakers have already lost two of their five playoff games. In a game that matters‚ LeBron James and Anthony Davis could both be out of the running for the title. In the meantime‚ the Lakers are trying to avoid falling out of the play-in race and are trying to avoid the Spurs in the standings.