April Fools Day 2022 accidentally displayed story about Rory

Saturday, April 2, 2022
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The BBC accidentally displayed a story on April Fools Day that claimed former Tory MP Rory Stewart had been appointed as the new comms director of No10 Downing Street. In a tweet on Friday‚ Stewart claimed to be taking the role and that he was very excited about it. Some Twitter users were not amused and were quick to reply‚ stating that it was a hoax. The BBC mistakenly displayed a story about the newly appointed comms director for the Prime Minister Boris Johnson during an online segment. A BBC spokesperson said they will not comment on the incident. The fake story was not published on their website or social media pages‚ and the broadcaster has not commented on it. However‚ the story has caused controversy and outrage among Twitter users. Although this was a rare occurrence‚ it is a reminder that news outlets are not above misrepresenting facts. A British television station accidentally displayed a story about Boris Johnson on April Fools' Day. It was a funny prank‚ as Rory Stewart has written negatively about the former prime minister. The BBC also had an article about Stewart when he was a Conservative party candidate. He was a shadow minister under David Cameron and Michael Howard before Boris Johnson appointed him. The joke was so popular that Boris Johnson gave Stewart a position in the Foreign Office‚ but the news network has not yet commented on the story. This story is the latest April Fools' joke to go viral‚ and was shared on BBC News. The BBC said it will not comment on the incident but has promised to keep the original post up. It's not clear why the fake news was posted‚ and if the story was intended to be funny‚ it's a good joke. It's not that hard to make a good one. The BBC also accidentally shared a story on April Fools' Day about Rory Stewart as the new comms chief at No. 10. The story was intended to make Boris Johnson look bad‚ but it wasn't meant to be true. Fortunately‚ the BBC did not mention the fake news‚ but they apologized for the mistake. A spokesperson for the BBC said that they'll review the story in full. We have no idea if it was a joke The BBC accidentally displayed a fake April Fools' story about Rory Stewart as the new comms chief at No. 10. Despite the fact that the BBC's April Fools' story is a fake‚ the BBC's Twitter account did. The account of the new comms chief is a hoax‚ and the BBC is not going to comment on it. The BBC has apologized for accidentally sharing the story.

april fools day 2022 accidentally displayed story about rory
Image source : uknewzsit

It has since removed it. The BBC has also denied that they ever displayed the story. A fake story about Rory Stewart on No. 10 was accidentally displayed during a news segment on the broadcaster's website. As a result‚ the news site was unable to verify the information. It is unclear why the news outlet was unable to correct the erroneous post. BBC News's April Fools story about Rory Stewart's new No. 10 comms chief was a hoax on the BBC's website. The fake news was posted during a television segment. The news company has declined to comment on the incident. It is believed that the story was originally posted on Twitter by mistake and was not intended to be a real story. The BBC accidentally displayed a story about Rory Stewart as the communications chief for the Conservative Party. This joke has since been removed after the BBC acknowledged that the story was a hoax. The joke was intended to be humorous. A true comms chief is the person who oversees the PR strategy of a prime minister. A fake communications chief is not a credible comms chief.