Argentina vs. Venezuela result Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria put on

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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Argentina vs Venezuela result: The team containing the world's top strikers have taken the lead in the first half. Lionel Messi opened the scoring in the 58th minute after an excellent run from the left. De Paul then set up Angel Di Maria to calmly chip the ball into the goal. In the 82nd minute‚ De Paul put on Di Maria for another goal. In the 88th minute‚ he turned provider for Messi‚ getting the ball behind the 'keeper. After the break‚ Argentina went ahead in the 36th minute thanks to a low driven cross by Rodrigo De Paul. The low cross was read by Nico Gonzalez‚ who threw a body in front of the ball. Messi sent Joaquin Correa through‚ but Farinez saved his shot. The match resumed after a potential hand ball by Venezuela. After the interval‚ Venezuela subs in Jhon Murillo for left back Miguel Navarro. However‚ the first half was dominated by Argentina's attacking players. With a strong defensive line‚ they were able to dominate possession and control the game. Their attack was confident and they had a clear advantage. It took them just five minutes to score their second goal‚ and their goalkeeper deserved it. The game is now underway and it is highly unlikely that either team will lose. The team's 3-0 victory over Venezuela was the best they have played in their last four competitive games. It also clinched second place in CONMEBOL qualification and extended their unbeaten run. Meanwhile‚ Angel Di Maria put on an emotional Instagram post praising his teammates. Argentina vs Venezuela: The South American team has a strong home advantage but the game is likely to be a tougher one for the South Americans. The hosts have an advantage in terms of manpower‚ but they must be able to defend well. Their top players should be able to take the lead in this game. With the win‚ they will remain unbeaten until the 2024 Copa America qualifiers. Argentina vs Venezuela: The first half was fairly even and the visitors had a bright start. But the game soon deteriorated‚ with the home side defending for the first half. But the second half was a different story. The hosts had a good start‚ but the game ended in a draw. The goal was scored in the 48th minute. While Argentina's midfield was dominant for most of the match‚ Venezuela showed their defensive commitment. They threw bodies in front of shots to counter Argentina's attack. Moreover‚ they showed respect for the opposition. They almost replicated the Argentina goal in the 39th minute‚ but Josef Martinez failed to square up to the waist-high cross.

argentina vs venezuela result lionel messi angel di maria put on vs
Image source : sportsnet

With the win‚ Argentina will extend their unbeaten streak to 30 matches. The match began slowly. In the 36th minute‚ Rodriguez Gonzalez received an unmarked cross from Rodrigo De Paul. With a 5-0 lead‚ Messi was certain to score. After that‚ the team was looking for more goals and the game became even more entertaining. The first half ended with two goals for Argentina and the second ended in a draw for Venezuela. This was the first World Cup qualifying game between two nations. The game ended 1-0. After a slow start‚ the teams were still in contention for the World Cup. In the Champions League round of 16‚ the team was beaten by Real Madrid. The Argentina vs Venezuela result‚ while it had a hard time scoring in a match against the opposition‚ had a very high quality attack. The game ended with two goals from Messi and one for Di Maria. Argentina vs Venezuela result: The match was a tense game‚ with a lot of emotion on the line. The team was not in the mood for a draw. The second leg of the tournament is the last of the qualifying rounds. The first leg will be held on November 8 in Chile and the second leg will be held in Ecuador. The World Cup qualifiers will start in June 2018.