Arsenal 0 Liverpool 2: Match

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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In the opening half of the Arsenal v Liverpool match‚ the Gunners dominate possession‚ while Liverpool control the ball. A poor back pass from Thiago gives a free header to Sadio Mane‚ who finds himself in a good position for an immediate goal. Both sides have an equal amount of attacking flair and both sets of supporters are rocking the Emirates. Despite the sloppy start‚ the game was a compelling one‚ with Liverpool proving to be the better team in the end. Although Liverpool have won their last four games‚ they have failed to take advantage of their recent form. After winning eight games in a row‚ Jurgen Klopp has expressed displeasure with the buildup play of Man City. This is evidenced by the way in which Liverpool have weaved through the press. The Reds were unable to score and have to settle for a draw. However‚ the win is a relief for all. After the break‚ the match was dominated by the rain.

arsenal 0 liverpool 2 match 2
Image source : theanfield

Both sides played extremely well defensively and had limited chances to make a breakthrough. Neither side dominated possession‚ but the latter were able to create a few opportunities. At the start of the second half‚ both sides were looking for an equalizer and it was the first goal that the Reds scored. During the first half‚ Liverpool's defence was solid‚ but Liverpool's defence was far more threatening.