Arsenal vs. Liverpool result: Reds squeak by Gunners with 2-0 win

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
author picture Daniel Marino
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In a match that saw both sides squander early chances‚ Liverpool managed to scrape by Arsenal with a 2 0 win. The win cut Manchester City's lead to one point and extended their nine-game winning streak. With the 2-0 win‚ Liverpool moved within two points of the leaders‚ while Arsenal lost for the first time since April to a struggling Tottenham. While the result was a tough one for Arsenal‚ it was not without some positives for the Reds. While the Gunners are out of the Champions League places and are now in fourth place‚ they remain within striking distance of their opponents. However‚ they are still in the hunt for a return to the Champions League. The team's defence is doing well but made mistakes in the first half and were unable to cover for them. Despite this sloppy start‚ the Gunners look to have found their form and are now within five points of the leaders. In the first half‚ they were able to break down Liverpool's defence and score a penalty. This was the best chance to take advantage of a lapse in concentration. The goal came after a free kick from Alexandre Lacazette‚ who tipped a deft effort onto the crossbar. Virgil van Dijk then cleared a corner and then substituted a player for the injured Andy Roberton.