Artem Severiukhin Russian karting driver, 15, sacked and under FIA

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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Russian Karting Driver Artem Severiukhin in the News

The Russian karting driver is in the news again. FIA bans him for 'unacceptable conduct'‚ Team sacks him and a Russian media outlet describes the gesture as a Roman salute. Severiukhin denies making the salute‚ FIA launches investigation. Here's more. Let's look at the alleged salute and the karting driver's response.

FIA bans karting driver for 'unacceptable conduct'

The FIA has banned Russian karting driver Artem Severiukhin for 'unacceptable conduct' after video footage of his post-race Nazi salute circulated on social media. Severiukhin had won the FIA Karting European Championship in Portimao‚ Portugal‚ earlier this year. But a Nazi salute and laughter were captured on video and quickly spread online. In addition to the FIA's suspension‚ Ward Racing also has terminated Severiukhin's contract. The team stated on Instagram that they saw no chance of further cooperation with Severiukhin‚ and that the decision was a 'disappointing development'. The decision follows Russia's invasion of Ukraine under the guise of de-Nazification‚ and despite the fact that Severiukhin was racing under the Italian flag‚ it is unlikely that he would be allowed to compete in future events. During the awards ceremony in Portimao‚ Severiukhin‚ who competes under an Italian licence‚ appeared to give the Nazi salute while receiving his prize. During the anthem‚ he also extended his right arm in a gesture that was interpreted as a Nazi salute. Severiukhin's actions prompted widespread controversy online and have been linked to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The FIA has now imposed a ban on Russian drivers from international racing events. Luca Corberi‚ the Italian karting driver‚ has also been banned by the FIA for 'unacceptable conduct'. Despite his apology for his violent antics at the FIA Karting World Championship final‚ Corberi has been banned from all karting circuits. The Italian karting driver has been criticized by Jenson Button and other racing stars on Twitter.

Team sacks Severiukhin

The FIA has launched an investigation into the incident after Russian karting driver Artem Severiukhin was accused of giving the Nazi salute while winning a race in Portugal. Artem Severiukhin later apologised and posted a video on Instagram apologising for his actions. After being sacked by his team‚ he apologised in both English and Russian. The FIA has launched an investigation into the alleged unacceptable conduct of the 15-year-old Russian karting driver. The investigation was prompted by footage that emerged of Severiukhin's appearance on the podium performing the Nazi salute and laughing. The footage quickly spread on social media and has caused a flurry of debate about the conduct of Russian karting drivers. The Russian karting driver has been sacked by his team‚ Ward Racing‚ following the incident. The team condemned the Russian karting driver's actions as unsportsmanlike and unacceptably provocative. As a team‚ they stand with the international community in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the attack on its people. The team also expressed their solidarity with the victims of this attack. After the sacked news broke‚ the FIA's official website responded by confirming that an investigation into the incident has been launched. The Russian Automobile Federation‚ which represents the interests of the sport‚ deems fascism to be unacceptable. The Russian karting driver had been competing under the Italian flag because the Russian government has imposed sanctions on him.

Driver denies making Nazi salute

The Russian karting driver Artem Severiukhin has denied making a Nazi salute at the FIA Karting European Championship in Portimao‚ Portugal. The video footage clearly shows Severiukhin pounding his chest‚ raising his right arm in a Nazi salute and laughing. Severiukhin was banned from the Russian competition after the invasion of Ukraine. His team‚ Ward Racing‚ said it was deeply ashamed of Severiukhin's actions. After winning the European Championship in Portimao‚ Portugal‚ 15-year-old Russian Kart driver Artem Severiukhin was filmed performing the Nazi salute. The video was then posted to social media. After the race‚ the driver apologised for the gesture and said he had never supported Nazism. He considered nazism as a crime against humanity and did not condone its practices. Despite the controversy‚ the FIA has said it is investigating his conduct. The FIA has banned Russian competitors from the sport. The Russians are banned from sporting events around the world. After the race‚ Severiukhin was spotted beating his chest. On being recognized‚ he opened his palm and then dropped his arm‚ which led to hysterical laughter. But despite his denial of the Nazi salute‚ his team has withdrawn the Russian competitor from the competition. Ward Racing has withdrawn from the series and will no longer be affiliated with Severiukhin. The privately-owned team says that it will not continue to work with the driver and sees no future in cooperation. The statement comes after the Russian invasion of Ukraine under the guise of de-Nazification. The Ukranian president‚ Volodymyr Zelenskyy‚ is Jewish.

FIA launches investigation into salute

FIA has launched an investigation into the salute karting driver Artem Seeveriukhin‚ a Russian driver competing under the Italian flag. A video has been released of the Russian hitting the Ukrainian karting driver on the chest‚ while his right arm is extended. Severiukhin has apologized for his actions in a video posted on Instagram. The Russian driver has also denied giving a Nazi salute‚ but he has since apologised for his actions. Earlier‚ the Swedish-owned team said they were deeply ashamed of Severiukhin's actions and have condemned them in the strongest terms possible. They also criticised Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless‚ the FIA has launched the investigation in an attempt to put the situation right. FIA will be able to decide whether to prosecute Severiukhin‚ and if the driver was guilty. The Russian karting driver Artem Severiuhin apologised for the Nazi salute he gave to the Italian flag while competing at the OK Karting Championship round in Portugal. His team axed him following the incident. The FIA is now investigating the incident to ensure that the rules are followed and that no other kart driver will be punished over the salute. FIA has launched an investigation into the salute karting driver Artem Severyukhin performed in Portugal‚ citing the lack of proof. The Russian athlete was competing under an Italian licence and reportedly did not intend to be racist. Although the salute was unintentional‚ some observers saw it as a Nazi salute. As a result‚ Ward Racing plans to terminate Severiukhin's contract.

FIA investigates Vladimir Putin's 'neo-Nazi regime' in Ukraine

While the Kremlin denies the allegations‚ the U.S. State Department has denied the claims as well. Under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide‚ the term genocide includes acts of killing or seriously harming members of a group. Ukraine's armed conflict with pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Donbas region does not meet this definition. However‚ Russian officials have accused Ukraine of genocide in reports to the UN. However‚ Putin's claims are misleading‚ as they contradict important parts of 20th-century history and further his own agenda. Putin tries to justify his actions by invoking the heroics of the Soviet Union during World War II‚ but in reality‚ Ukraine was destroyed by Nazi tanks more than Russia. This tactic is a classic example of Soviet propaganda. The Azov Battalion‚ a far-right political alliance in Ukraine‚ has a history of neo-Nazi leanings. During its heyday as an autonomous militia‚ Azov has been associated with White supremacists‚ and its leadership has cultivated ties with White supremacists from Western countries. While some critics of Putin's language say the Russian president's 'neo-Neo-Nazi regime' in the Ukraine is justified by right-wing extremists‚ the neo-Nazi rhetoric is not. It is also unlikely to be implemented without the approval of President Vladimir Putin. So‚ why should the FIA investigate Putin's 'neo-Nazi regime' in Ukraine? Italy's fascist-themed Olympics have been overshadowed by the ongoing war in Ukraine.