Audio reveals Kevin McCarthy planned to urge Trump to resign after

Saturday, April 23, 2022
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Kevin McCarthy's Audio Tape Reveals He Wanted Trump to Resign After the Capitol Riots

It's not surprising that some people are questioning the credibility of Kevin McCarthy's claims of wanting to urge Trump to resign after the recent Capitol insurrection. While McCarthy denied having any knowledge of urging Trump to resign after the Audio leak‚ others have argued that he wished tech companies would take some members off their platforms. In either case‚ the Audio leak should be taken seriously.

Kevin McCarthy urged Trump to resign after Capitol insurrection

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has denied suggesting that President Donald Trump resign after the riot in the Capitol. However‚ he did deny making the statement‚ saying that it was far too political. The remarks come in the wake of an audiotape he shared with two New York Times reporters‚ who said they had discussed the fallout and potential consequences of such a move. Both journalists obtained the tape‚ and MSNBC played it last night. While McCarthy has not made a public statement on the matter‚ the Audio recording he shared with his colleagues was widely circulated on social media and is now available to the public. The Audio has been attributed to McCarthy‚ a member of the House Republican leadership. He said that the attack on the Capitol insurrection is un-American‚ but it is not entirely his fault. Despite the attack‚ McCarthy joined about half of the House Republicans in challenging Biden's election. The Audio was released by The New York Times and corroborated by other reporters who have access to the conversation. The Times reported that the conversation took place during the Jan. 11‚ 2021 Republican conference call. In the call‚ McCarthy asked the former president if he felt he had a responsibility for the insurrection‚ to which he reportedly replied that he had a certain degree of responsibility. According to the recording‚ Trump also called McCarthy on Thursday afternoon to congratulate him on his victory in the election and to say that he is not mad at me! The Times did not immediately respond to questions about the call between Trump and McCarthy. The House Intelligence Committee is considering subpoenaing House members to investigate Trump's ties to Russian operatives. However‚ this move would be extremely controversial and likely meet with legal and political snags. Meanwhile‚ the media has been adamant about Trump's leadership‚ and are more focused on profiting from manufactured political intrigue than investigating the truth.

McCarthy denies knowledge of urging Trump to resign

The New York Times is reporting that Rep. Kevin McCarthy denies urging Trump to resign after hearing Audio that depicts him as a far different person than he is in his leadership role. Following the Jan. 6 riots‚ GOP leaders had vowed to boot Trump from office‚ but the President's recalcitrance caused them to retreat. The audio‚ based on details from a forthcoming book‚ depicts a different McCarthy. The Audio of the call was posted online by The New York Times and aired on MSNBC. During the call‚ McCarthy discussed his desire to have Trump removed from office‚ which led to the Democratic overthrow of the Capitol. The New York Times also released a second recording of the conference call on Jan. 11‚ 2021. In this recording‚ McCarthy asks the former president if he feels responsible for the deadly insurrection in the White House. The former president responds that he has some responsibility. The new Audio recording was made public a week after McCarthy's phone call to Trump on January 6. He denied any knowledge of the recordings. After the release of the audio‚ McCarthy called dozens of Republican lawmakers to discuss the call. He also told them he had a very good relationship with Trump and discussed the Democratic Party's efforts to remove him from office. While the Audio is not widely known‚ McCarthy's remarks have been praised by Trump. The House minority leader's remarks have received some flak on social media. But it was not the first time the GOP's top officials were implicated in the Trump impeachment process. In fact‚ the House Republicans were the ones who voted for the impeachment of Trump. And it was McCarthy who voted against impeaching him despite the audio. This is the reason why some conservatives are concerned about the situation in Congress.

McCarthy urged Trump to resign after Audio leak

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy discussed his plans to urge President Donald Trump to resign after an Audio leak surfaced. The remarks come after a report claiming he and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had privately pledged to keep the president out of politics. However‚ the two lawmakers denied any such plan. The reports come just days after an Audio leak revealed Trump's alleged conversations with Russians. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy denied that he intended to urge President-elect Donald Trump to resign following an Audio leak. However‚ two New York Times reporters said McCarthy had discussed the fallout and Trump with GOP leaders. They obtained the Audio tape and played it on MSNBC. The alleged audiotape was played on MSNBC and was published by the New York Times. In light of the revelations‚ McCarthy has since retracted his previous comments. In a recent House floor exchange‚ McCarthy said that Trump bears responsibility for the rioters and should have condemned the mob that attacked the House. But the senator has been careful to avoid tying Trump to the incident. In recent weeks‚ McCarthy has been making appearances at Trump's Florida resort‚ Mar-a-Lago. This has received mixed reviews from his rank and file colleagues. After the Audio leak‚ the House minority leader has been targeted on Twitter. However‚ it has been reported that Trump and McCarthy spoke by phone. Despite the remarks‚ Trump seemed unfazed‚ which could mitigate rank and file reactions among Trump supporters. Meanwhile‚ McCarthy has been discussing the Audio on MSNBC and in the book This Will Not Pass‚ which will be released by Simon & Schuster on May 3.

McCarthy said he wished tech companies would remove some members from their platforms

Rep. Kevin McCarthy said he wished tech companies would remove some members of the Republican Party from their platforms. McCarthy has faced criticism from his hard-line conservatives and has visited President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. But he never said which members of the GOP should be removed from the platforms. The House Minority Leader's remarks on this issue are a reaction to recent remarks made by the President. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is running for speaker of the House in 2022. He wished the tech companies would remove some members of the GOP from their platforms‚ but none have followed through. But it's important to note that Trump has already warned tech companies to remove certain members. That's because if the GOP majority wants to keep him in the White House‚ they will not tolerate the behavior of the Republican Party. While this move may seem like an overreaction‚ McCarthy was right. He initially held Trump accountable for his tweets and backlash against the former president. Yet when he defended Trump in Palm Beach‚ he also claimed that Trump worshipers are needed to keep the GOP's turnout high and his speakership strong. But he later acknowledged that he regrets this decision‚ and the former speaker has since distanced himself from the former president. While McConnell's office did not respond to requests for comment‚ the House Republican leader's comments about Trump sparked a tense relationship. In a Jan. 11 GOP conference call‚ McCarthy asked the former president if he felt responsible for the country's deadly insurgency. He said he was partly responsible for the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq‚ but admitted some of his own fault in allowing the terrorists to continue. But McCarthy did not mention the possibility of Trump resign‚ despite indicating that he believes he has a very good relationship with the president. The recording aired Thursday afternoon on MSNBC and was released on The New York Times. While the House Oversight Committee has not ruled out the possibility of a Trump call‚ it is seeking more information about McCarthy's communications with the president. McCarthy has reportedly called a former aide of Trump‚ Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler‚ as a witness. She claims McCarthy told her that the riot was carried out by a group of Trump supporters. Trump initially claimed the group was composed of far-left antifa members. The Senate cleared Trump‚ but not before a lengthy investigation.