Avenatti faces sentencing and apologizes for his actions to the stormy daniels

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Donald Trump and Michael Avenatti Sentencing

The recent sentencing of Michael Avenatti for his involvement in Stormy Daniels' legal troubles has the world's attention. The lawyer is facing a $300‚000 book deal with Daniels and a series of other cases. Avenatti has denied all the accusations against him. In addition to the book deal‚ Avenatti was arrested in 2018 for a domestic abuse case‚ which LA prosecutors later dropped.

NEW YORK -- Michael Avenatti‚ a California lawyer‚ is seeking leniency in sentencing. He was convicted of defrauding Stormy Daniels‚ stealing hundreds of thousands of money. His lawyers cite a letter in which he wrote Daniels‚ "I am really sorry." This emailed correspondence‚ which was dated May 13th‚ was submitted by his attorneys in Manhattan federal court late Thursday ahead of the June 2 sentencing. Avenatti (51)‚ should not spend more than 3 years in prison. His latest conviction the lawyers stated that he has been convicted twice‚ resulting in a total of 4 1/2 years. This sobering truth is just as powerful as any punishment or deterrent. Even worse‚ the extreme rise and fall of Mr. Avenatti was filmed on public platforms. This is an experience that he will never be able to recover his reputation from‚ they stated. Avenatti‚ who tried to extort Nike up to $25m was sentenced last year to two and a half years. He threatened to ruin Nike's reputation by making claims about a scandal in college basketball recruitment in which top-tier players were steered to the most elite programs with cash payments. He was then convicted this year by a jury for taking $300‚000. of a $800‚000. payout to Daniels to write her autobiography. Avenatti insisted on speaking for himself before Daniels was called to testify. He confronted his ex-client over the advances she had received for Full Disclosure (published fall 2018)‚ and forced them to back off. To justify his taking book proceeds‚ he cited other legal pursuits that he pursued for Daniels while he litigated lawsuits on her behalf to reduce the effect of $130‚000 she claimed she received from Donald Trump's personal lawyer in 2016. He also tried to keep silent about a dispute she had ten years earlier which Trump denies. Trump was elected to the presidency shortly after receiving the $130‚000 payment. Avenattis attorneys noted in the presentence submission that they included Daniels' letter of apology. The letter was attached as an exhibit. It stated that he had been reflecting over several months on his life‚ his friendship‚ and his legal representation. He wrote that it was obvious that I had failed you in several areas and that I let you down in numerous ways. It would be great if we could go back in time so the same mistakes that I made wouldn't happen again. My sincere apologies. Citing the letter‚ Avenattis attorneys also wrote: Mr. Avenatti realizes that not everyone will feel the same way about his repentance. The Court might be skeptical of his confession given how Mr. Avenatti was tried. However‚ Avenatti feels genuinely sorry for his actions‚ particularly considering the hurt he has caused to his close family members and friends. Avenatti also expressed a desire to receive treatment for his alcohol addiction and engage in therapy counseling. This month‚ the prosecution will submit their sentencing recommendations.