Awkwafinas' Statement Is Finally Responding to Her, Activists Believe

Sunday, February 6, 2022
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After months of public outcry, Awkwafina's statement about appropriating Black culture was a much-needed response to the recent uproar. Although her nomination at the NAACP Image Awards, traditionally honoring Black achievement in the entertainment industry, was widely criticized, Activists feel that her statement finally addresses the issue. Activists have pointed out that Awkwafina's statement does not address the underlying causes of the outrage. But while Awkwafina'statements are not perfect, they are significant, and the timing of her statement is critical. Awkwafina'Statement Appropriating Her Culture While Awkwafina's statement has been scrutinized, some feel that it is a good start. Many Black artists and people in Hollywood have been accused of appropriating Black culture, and she has done so in her own career as a comedian. Some Activists argue that this is an unavoidable phenomenon in the entertainment industry. But Awkwafina's statement was not well-received and has been questioned, as the rap singer has done the same in the past.

Gibbs was able to DM Awkwafina after her tweet about blocking her. Despite her DMs and attempts to explain the erroneous decision, Awkwafina'S team is still working to protect her image and protect her social media accounts.