Baker Mayfield said he feels disrespected by Cleveland Browns

Thursday, April 14, 2022
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Baker Mayfield Says He Feels Disrespected by Cleveland Browns and Front Office

Baker Mayfield said he feels disrespectes by the Cleveland Browns and the front office. The move comes after the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans in the offseason. Watson has 22 active civil suits for sexual misconduct‚ including one against his former NFL team. The Cleveland Browns need to figure out why Mayfield feels disrespected and take action to rectify the situation.

Baker Mayfield says he feels disrespected by the Cleveland Browns

In an ongoing feud with the Cleveland Browns‚ quarterback Baker Mayfield is claiming that the team's front office lied about its pursuit of Deshaun Watson. Mayfield hasn't spoken publicly since his March 15 message to Browns fans‚ but he did recently discuss the situation with longtime friend and Browns scout Mike Stud. Mayfield said he feels disrespected by the offseason in general. The Browns are expected to move on from Mayfield this offseason‚ as he said in a podcast interview. In addition to the Browns' reported pursuit of Watson‚ the Browns also signed Josh Dobbs to be a third-string quarterback. While the Browns haven't formally asked Mayfield for a trade‚ he did let it slip that he hopes to be traded before the NFL draft. Mayfield's agent had previously informed the Browns of other quarterbacks‚ but they did not tell Mayfield's agent that they were meeting with Watson in Houston three days before the trade. After Mayfield's agent's letter‚ the Browns traded Watson for the top pick‚ and the rest is history. Despite Mayfield's lackluster season‚ the No. 1 overall pick did play through injury during the season. In fact‚ the Cleveland Browns were so unfavorable to Mayfield that he sat out the season's final game‚ a win over the Detroit Lions. But even Mayfield's absence in the final game of the season‚ despite being injured‚ has not detracted from his frustration. The disgruntlement with Mayfield stems from several factors. The first is that the Cleveland Browns haven't revealed why they traded Watson for Deshaun Watson. The second is that the Cleveland Browns didn't provide any explanation as to why they traded Watson‚ as he was guaranteed money. Moreover‚ he claims the situation is unfair and not right for him. The team has not been able to find a trade partner for Mayfield in the offseason. Then again‚ the Cleveland Browns have struggled to find a team that would want to move Mayfield‚ so they may just try to keep him on the roster and rely on him for the rest of the season. It is unclear which way things will go with Mayfield‚ who has made it to the NFL roster three times.

Emmanuel Acho defends the trade of Deshaun Watson

Emmanuel Acho defended the trade of Deshaun Watson on Thursday‚ and his comments on the Browns' handling of Baker Mayfield are very telling. While Mayfield has said that he is not happy with the way the Browns have handled him‚ Acho seemed to disagree. In a Twitter exchange‚ Acho insulted his brother's basketball career and his status in the Fox hierarchy. The trade of Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns was a gamble. The Browns decided to take a chance on the former Texas Longhorn quarterback after meeting with him in Houston last week. Other teams that courted Watson included Atlanta‚ Carolina‚ and New Orleans. Cleveland made the trade because they believe Watson's arrival will give the team a new start. Watson also brings criticism‚ but the Browns are confident that they made the right decision.

Mayfield's contract situation with the Cleveland Browns

In an interview on a podcast‚ Baker Mayfield explained why he feels disrespected by the Browns' contract situation. He criticized the team's decision to trade him for Deshaun Watson‚ who signed a record-breaking five-year‚ $230 million contract with the Browns in March. The Browns were expected to trade Mayfield after they traded for Watson‚ but that was not the case. Last season‚ Mayfield completed 61.6 percent of his passes‚ averaging 14‚125 yards and 92 touchdowns against only 56 interceptions. The Browns went 6-8 with him as the starting quarterback‚ and he drew criticism for his performance. After the season‚ he took a social media break. It made him realize that he was paying attention to things that didn't matter. Fans even booed him during a game against the Detroit Lions in November‚ which may have affected his mood. A source close to the Cleveland Browns said the team wants to bring closure to the Mayfield era. The team signed backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett in early March to compete with Mayfield. Then‚ the Browns signed Josh Dobbs as a third-string quarterback. However‚ Mayfield feels disrespected by the contract situation‚ and he wants to be with the team until the end of his career. This contract situation is a painful reminder of why Cleveland needs to treat its quarterbacks with respect. After all‚ he led the Browns to their first playoff victory since 1999‚ and his contract is a colossal mistake. In fact‚ it makes the whole situation worse. If Mayfield is truly disrespected by the situation‚ he's just as likely to lose his job. As the No. 1 overall pick in 2018‚ Mayfield's contract has no expiration date. He will become a free agent in 2022‚ but the Browns don't have a need for a starting quarterback until then. The Atlanta Falcons may convince themselves that Marcus Mariota will be a better choice than Mayfield and will subsequently realize that Kyle Pitts isn't a viable option. It's worth noting that Mariota's contract with the Falcons also has ties to Arthur Smith‚ the former head coach of Tennessee.

Mayfield's criticism of the Cleveland Browns

It is not clear exactly what Baker Mayfield's criticism of the Cleveland team is about. His critics include his teammate's father and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt. But if Mayfield really has a problem with the team‚ he should let his frustration show in the comments. Ultimately‚ it is his decision to leave the team. However‚ the criticism of Mayfield by the Cleveland fans will only make the situation worse. The negative reactions to Mayfield have a deeper implication. Baker Mayfield's critics don't understand that Mayfield hasn't performed at a high level in recent games and should be replaced. In other words‚ those who hold negative views of Mayfield have a distorted view of his past. The Browns have been in a state of chaos‚ and it is no surprise that fans are booing him. While many of the critics are outside the team‚ Mayfield has also faced friendly fire from his teammates. Two of his teammates‚ Kareem Hunt and Odell Beckham Jr.‚ have come out publicly to criticize him. This criticism led the Browns to release Beckham. In response‚ Mayfield has spoken with Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner. The criticisms are a sign of the division within the team's fan base‚ and the quarterback himself should take the time to address them. The negative publicity surrounding Mayfield is warranted. His team is a disaster‚ and his performance has been a reason to rip them apart. But if the media want viewers‚ they will continue to attack Mayfield. The Browns have been in a rut since Mayfield joined the team. In 2021‚ they went on a preseason trip to Florida‚ but Mayfield's performance has been mediocre at best.