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Thursday, April 7, 2022
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TalkBasketnet: Bayern Munich and the NBA Get in on the NFT Market

With Alphonso Davies launching his first NFT collectibles‚ Bayern Munich is getting in on the action as well. The team's partnership with Huawei is coming to an end as the star forward has decided to pursue his own NFT collectibles. Meanwhile‚ the Golden State Warriors have also released their own NFT collection. But what exactly is NFT‚ and why is it becoming a hot commodity in the sports industry?

Alphonso Davies launches first NFT collectibles

In the off-season‚ left back Alphonso Davies is using his platform to launch his first NFT collectibles. These limited-edition collectibles will feature illustrations by Jack Perkins and include an exclusive opportunity: the chance to meet the Edmonton soccer player and win a signed UEFA Champions League shirt. Fans will have the opportunity to vote on the designs and decide which one is best. The winning NFT will be sold on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Fans can get their hands on the new collection in June‚ with three limited-edition NFTs being released by the Canadian defender. The designs are not yet finalized‚ but are likely to be connected to his Bundesliga career. The NFTs will be awarded randomly to three winners‚ with one of the lucky winners also receiving a signed Champions League winning shirt. If you're interested in becoming one of the lucky winners‚ follow Davies on Twitter‚ Instagram‚ and Facebook for more information. There are three NFT collectibles available‚ including the limited edition platinum version. Each one is signed by the player and comes in a blind box. A winner will receive an NFT animation video‚ which will airdropped into their Binance wallet fourteen days after the draw date. The meeting tickets will be distributed before December 31st‚ 2021. The limited edition of NFTs will be released each month‚ so users can sign up to receive details about new releases. Other sports are experimenting with NFTs. The Kansas City Chiefs announced six digital artworks in March‚ which have sold out for a combined $3.4 million. In addition‚ the NFL is now reportedly exploring this emerging market. It will also be interesting to see if other teams will follow suit and launch NFT collectibles in the near future. If this model proves to be successful‚ there are many possibilities for the next big league to jump into. Other luxury brands have also started using NFTs to promote their brands. The popular Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has also signed on with an NFT trading platform to start minting the new digital currency. In the near future‚ many other luxury fashion houses will join the NFT movement as well. The popular Burberry brand has announced a limited-edition NFT game character called Sharky B. And Louis Vuitton has even launched its own NFT line for fans. Fans of both clubs will be delighted to find Alphonso Davies' first-ever team card. It will feature the Premier League‚ Bundesliga and Ligue 1 sides. This exclusive card will also feature the former Manchester United player's first team jersey. Davies' first-team jersey‚ which will be unveiled on October 1‚ will be a limited-edition product that will only be available to Ultimate Edition owners.

Alphonso Lewandowski ends sponsorship deal with Huawei

German technology company Huawei has cut its partnership with Polish soccer star Robert Lewandowski due to a row over allegations of espionage. Russian media have accused the company of helping Russia block cyber attacks. Lewandowski‚ who has previously spoken out against Russia‚ has been captain of Poland's national team and has also worn an armband with the Ukrainian flag while playing for Bayern Munich. The German company has denied the claims and has offered to compensate Lewandowski for his decision to end his sponsorship deal with Huawei. The soccer player's agent confirmed that the contract was terminated. Huawei had paid Lewandowski a PS4 million a year to be its global ambassador. The move comes amid claims that Huawei helped Russia secure its 4G systems following cyberattacks. The company is also accused of providing technical assistance to the Russian army. Bayern Munich have backed Lewandowski's decision to cut his sponsorship deal with Huawei. The Pole has a history of voicing his political views and has been named Best FIFA Men's Player 2020. Despite being a Chinese tech giant‚ Lewandowski has also expressed his support for Ukraine in recent years. In a statement released on Tuesday‚ Lewandowski also called on FIFA to remove the company from its World Cup playoffs. The Polish international has lived in Germany since 2010 and bought a deluxe apartment in Warsaw in 2016. He has scored 74 goals for Poland and equaled Gerd Muller's record of 42 Bundesliga goals in a calendar year. His latest goal on Tuesday evening capped a perfect night for Bayern. In the meanwhile‚ Lewandowski's contract with the German club is due to expire in 2023.

Golden State Warriors releases own NFT collection

The NBA's top franchises are adding legitimacy to NFTs by releasing their own basketball cards and NFT collections. In the first quarter‚ these products accounted for over a third of all NFT trading volume. NBA franchises also allow fans to customize and sell their own NFTs. If you want to get the latest news on NBA franchises and their NFT offerings‚ check out the NBA Top Shot. The first team to enter the NFT market is the Golden State Warriors. The team's Legacy NFT Collection will honor the team's six championships‚ including the most recent title. The digital collectibles will also honor the franchise's memorable moments‚ like the We Believe upset‚ 73-point win over the Memphis Grizzlies‚ and the last game in Oracle Arena. The Warriors' first NFT collection will be unveiled in April 2021‚ when the team advances to the EuroLeague finals for the second consecutive season. The NBA's NBA team is not the only one to start selling NFTs‚ as the Milwaukee Bucks did last month. The Warriors are partnering with Berlin-based start-up FANZONE to sell NFTs‚ and will even offer free NTFs for new users. Other notable NFTs in the Warriors' own collection include the Championship Ring and Commemorative Ticket Stub. These two NFTs are unique and will honor some of the most memorable moments in the franchise's history. In addition to the Golden Ticket NFT‚ the Warriors also have an exclusive NFT of the team's historic moment - the 1947 NBA Championship game against the Mavericks.