Before the buffalo shooting, law enforcement warned about a'replacement theory-driven' violence

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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White Supremacist Mass Shootings Revealed - The Great Replacement Theory

The white supremacists behind the recent Buffalo mass shootings are the latest example of the great replacement theory. Proponents of this theory claim that the white race is being replaced with people of a different race. While this theory has deep historical roots‚ it has recently gained traction‚ leading to violence. In this article‚ we will discuss the great replacement theory and why it is so dangerous.

U.S. police officials alerted the nation about possible violent attacks from white supremacists who believed in the same conspiracy theory that inspired the attack. Yahoo News obtained over a dozen intelligence reports and law enforcement bulletins from the FBI that raise concerns about extremist violence. They are based on the Great Replacement conspiracy theory‚ a racist ideology popular among white supremacists. It claims that minorities are replacing whites. The Great Replacement conspiracy theory is also supported by Brenton Tarrant (an Australian white supremacist). Who killed 51 and injures 40 people In the Christchurch mass shootings of 2019‚ two mosques were shot in Christchurch‚ New Zealand. These reports‚ which were made in the aftermath of the massacre in Buffalo on May 14‚ 2018‚ shed some light on how authorities might be unable to catch and stop violence from proponents of these views. Payton Gendron (18)‚ was the suspect in Thursday's Buffalo shooting. Authorities say the attack targeted Black residents of a neighborhood. The victims of all 10 murders were Black. Federal hate crimes are also under investigation. Payton Gendron faces charges for the mass shooting that took place at Buffalo's supermarket on May 14. (Matt Rourke/AP) Yahoo News reports Monday that law enforcement officers said Monday during closed-door briefings they believed the alleged gunman. FBI Director Chris Wray and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas discussed with Buffalo investigators the motives of the suspected shooter‚ as well as online activity. Eric County Sheriff John Garcia stated that the manifesto was filled with references and echoes of the New Zealand replacement theory. The law enforcement documents obtained by Yahoo News‚ which are marked Law Enforcement Sensitive or Official Use Only‚ reflect increased concerns about the potential for another Christchurch-inspired attack in the U.S. While some documents detail the online threats being investigated‚ others give police and first responders indicators that can help them spot potential attackers. DHS Bulletin‚ December 2021: Law enforcement in the United States was warned by a DHS bulletin that said white supremacists were using Twitch and Discord as videogame-adjacent platforms to spread video footage of the Christchurch shooting and recruit more members. Outside the scene of the massacre‚ there are many mourners. (Brendan McDermid/Reuters) According to Stephen Belongia (the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo Field Office)‚ the investigation shows that the killer started posting Discord threats about body armor and firearms in summer 2021. The alleged murderer taunted federal authorities in April 2022. According to authorities‚ Gendron also livestreamed the attack with a Go-Pro camera that was attached to his helmet. According to the speakers‚ Gendron is not believed to have been a member any group. Instead‚ Gendron acted on his own. Kevin Vorndran from the FBI‚ acting head for counterterrorism said Monday that the independent nature of single offenders makes it more difficult for law enforcement to disrupt plots. Mayorkas stated Monday on the conference call that DHS has worked closely with FBI to distribute information to communities in our country to help them‚ first responders‚ better understand the threats we face. DHS's domestic violence extremism prevention strategy does not include information sharing. He offered resources including FEMA grants to assist communities in identifying people who are on a violent path to avoid future attacks. One of the Department of Homeland Security offices in Tukwila (Wash.) (Jason Redmond/AFP via Getty Images). According to Yahoo News raw intelligence reports‚ DHS has flagged several posts in recent months that promoted the great substitute theory and called to quit talking and start shooting Black communities and Jews. Yahoo News also found posts glorifying New Zealand's shooter. These reports were forwarded to the FBI and over 30 federal and state police agencies across the country to be investigated. Vondran stated that the FBI considers racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism a top priority.

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As this attack has shown‚ they remain America's most deadly domestic terrorist threat. Because the FBI is still investigating‚ they declined to comment. Yahoo News was informed by a spokesperson for DHS that the Department of Homeland Security shares regularly information about the increased threat environment with federal and state officials‚ as well as local tribal and territorial officials‚ to protect all American communities. The FBI's Domestic Terrorism Reference Guide was widely distributed within the government in late 2013. It states that the great substitution theory was popularized by European nationalists first based upon a 2005 book. After a shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue‚ Pittsburgh in October 2018‚ 11 people were killed by a gunman. (Matthew Hatcher/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images This has spread to white supremacists throughout the U.S. and has been mentioned in social media posts and manifestos by the perpetrators racially motivated Mass Shooters. Patrick Crusius is charged with the murder of 23 at Walmart El Paso in Texas‚ in 2018. The 2021 intelligence bulletin reveals that Proud Boys has begun to promote the theory. This is a group of right-wing extremists they previously disassociated themselves from. In large part‚ prominent voices have helped to spread replacement theory among extremists. Conservative media and politics. A recent poll by the associated press it was found that one third of Americans believe there are efforts to bring in immigrants to the U.S. in order for them gain electoral votes. President Biden visited Buffalo on Tuesday to see the aftermath of the shooting. Calling it a “lie. ” This is simple‚ straightforward terroristic behavior. Biden stated that domestic terrorism is the cause. Thumbnail credit: Reuters/Brendan McDermid