Belfast: 5 Ways Its Kenneth Branaghs Best Film 5 Alternatives

Tuesday, February 8, 2022
author picture Jules David
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While there are many ways to praise Belfast, here are five ways the film is the best. As the best film from Kenneth Branagh in years, Belfast uses loose plotting to mirror the ebbs and flows of life. Buddy's childhood is complex and unpredictable, and we learn that the family's plight is not merely a matter of class. The movie's main character, nine-year-old Buddy, is played by Jude Hill, who also makes a remarkable debut. Judi Dench and Ciaran Hinds are terrific, as well. The film is set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and it is also a semi-autobiographical story about the conflict in the region. The cast and crew have a fantastic working relationship and have shared numerous stories about their love of Belfast. Some even talked about the joyous competitions between takes, which involved soccer and other team sports. Although the film is based on real events, it feels a little like a biopic. While Belfast is the most highly praised movie this year, there are many others that deserve attention, too.

The five-time Oscar nominee reflects on half-century-old memories in this affecting film, which may be a healing mechanism for him. Still, Belfast is a brilliant film, and we hope that it is the best film of 2021. It's definitely worth seeing.