Bella Hadid: Supermodel says she regrets having nose job at 14

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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At only fourteen years old‚ Bella Hadid underwent a rhinoplasty operation to change her appearance. She has since talked candidly about the decision and how it has caused her to feel inferior to her sister Gigi. The two sisters‚ who are only one year apart in age‚ have faced side-by-side comparisons throughout their careers. In a recent interview with Vogue US‚ Bella explained that her nose surgery was a sign of self-loathing and made her feel like a ugly sister. After my surgery‚ I still feel like I'm an amateur‚ she said in an interview with Vogue‚ which was published in April 2022. But she also revealed that her rhinoplasty experience taught her to accept her body as it is and to accept it for what it is. She said she's never regretted the decision and is glad she waited until now to have it done. During the interview‚ Bella Hadid denied having her eyes lifted and credits her recent pulled look to face tape. Despite the rumors‚ Gigi Hadid has been defiant about plastic surgery for years. In fact‚ she denied having a nose job four years ago. But a year later‚ she denied it for the second time. The rumors are so far from her childhood that there's no evidence that she had gotten plastic surgery.