Better Call Saul confirms return of Breaking Bad stars in first-look

Monday, April 11, 2022
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Better Call Saul Confirms Return of Breaking Bad Stars in First Look

In the first look‚ Better Call Saul's creator‚ Vince Gilligan‚ confirmed that Gus Salamanca and Bryan Cranston will return as the titular criminals. They also confirmed that Hank and Jesse Pinkman will return as well. While this news is good news for fans of Breaking Bad‚ it doesn't mean we shouldn't wait for the first season to see how these characters fit into the storyline.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Better Call Saul will end on a high note as it has confirmed that the Breaking Bad stars‚ Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul‚ will reprise their roles. Both Cranston and Paul have been seen in previous episodes of the show‚ including as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. The show is a prequel to the series‚ which also stars Bob Odenkirk. After the 2013 finale‚ the series' cast was reunited to promote the new movie. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul tweeted the same picture‚ confirming that the stars will be back in Breaking Bad. While the release date of the new film is unknown‚ fans are excited to see the stars return. The actors were previously reunited in the AMC series El Camino‚ which followed the life of Jesse Pinkman after he escaped from a neo-Nazi compound. The announcement comes after Peter Gould confirmed that both Cranston and Paul will guest star in Better Call Saul season six. While neither actor has yet confirmed the return of Walt and Jesse‚ Gould said it would be a 'damn shame' if they didn't appear in the series. However‚ a season six premiere date has not yet been confirmed. In addition to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul‚ other Breaking Bad characters have been confirmed for Better Call Saul. The final season of the show will feature 13 episodes‚ split in two parts. The first seven episodes will be aired in April‚ while the final six will air on July 11.

Gus Salamanca

AMC has officially confirmed the premiere date for its new series‚ Gus‚ which is being written by AMC exec producer Gus Salamanca. The first look at the show shows Giancarlo Esposito as meth kingpin Gus Fring. The meth business was run out of Gus' nursing home‚ Los Pollos Hermanos‚ which he blew up before Walter White and his family. The actors will return to reprise their roles on the show. Similarly‚ Gus will be joined by Matt Jones and Luis Moncada‚ who play Mike's uncle and second-in-command‚ respectively. Gus will also be joined by Krysten Ritter and John de Lancie‚ as well as newcomer Chris Mara as Gus' henchman. As the president of Beneke Fabricators‚ Ted is facing financial issues‚ which Skyler helps him fix. Other actors will appear in the new series‚ including Krysten Ritter as Jane Margolis and John de Lancie as his father‚ who works for Gus. Other stars are actresses Krysten Ritter and David Costabile. A new season of Gus Salamanca will feature a new character‚ Nacho. Mike's role on the show was largely underwritten in the previous seasons. He was a part of the team on Breaking Bad and he will be back in the role of Gus in the upcoming season. In addition to Gus‚ the season will also feature two new characters‚ Lalo and Nacho. In a preview for the upcoming season of Gus Salamanca‚ the show's cast confirms their return for the second season. Gus‚ however‚ has a vested interest in Hector's well-being and arranges for a Spanish-speaking therapist to help him. Meanwhile‚ Nacho is forced to become a mole for the Salamancas.

Jesse Pinkman

In the first look at season six‚ producer Peter Gould teased that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their roles in the show. At PaleyFest LA‚ Gould said it would be damn shame if the two actors did not appear. This season‚ fans can expect the show to follow Jesse and Walt on their journeys in New York. Though the show's first look did not feature the two Breaking Bad stars‚ it did reveal that both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will be returning as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman‚ respectively. Although Cranston and Paul haven't made a formal announcement of their return‚ other Breaking Bad characters have been confirmed. The new series will premiere on April 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. The show's cast was present at PaleyFest LA on April 2 and will continue through the end of the month. The season will consist of 13 episodes‚ which will be released in two parts. The first half will feature seven episodes‚ followed by six episodes in July. Gould‚ Thomas Schnauz‚ and Michael Morris wrote the pilot episode and directed the premiere. Gilligan‚ who previously appeared on the show‚ was one of the executive producers. The cast of the new series Better Call Saul includes many of the stars from the popular series‚ as well as some familiar faces. The series will be split into two parts‚ with the first seven episodes airing in April‚ while the final six episodes will premiere on July 11.


The final season of the critically acclaimed drama is about to end‚ but there are plenty of reasons to look forward to this spinoff of the hit NBC drama. It will feature the return of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston‚ who both made their Breaking Bad debuts on the show. Bryan Cranston will reprise his role as Walter White and Aaron Paul will reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman. The Breaking Bad cast will be returning to the new show‚ which premieres April 18 on AMC. Jonathan Banks‚ Giancarlo Esposito‚ and Dean Norris will return as Mike Ehrmantraut‚ Gus Fring‚ and Hank Schrader. The series will also feature Mark Margolis‚ Luis Politti‚ and Daniel Moncada in key roles. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will also be guest-starring on Better Call Saul. The show's creators confirmed that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will make cameo appearances in the sixth season‚ but remained mum on whether they would return for the final season. However‚ the showrunners did tease the return of Walter White‚ and he added that The gang from the acclaimed hit will also make an appearance in the new season. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on Better Call Saul. Peter Gould‚ who created the popular drama‚ revealed the news at PaleyFest this weekend. The actor‚ who played Jesse Pinkman in the original show‚ declined to divulge any further details about the new series‚ but said There's more to the story.

Lalo McGill

After teasing the return of many of the show's recurring characters‚ producer Bryan Fuller has confirmed the return of Lalo McGill. The character first appeared in season four's finale‚ when he fought for Werner Ziegler's affections with Mike. While he was only a minor player‚ he will now be one of the series' main villains. The first look also reveals that Lalo will be back as Gus' nephew. This is great news for fans who missed the show. Although he is a villain‚ Dalton has successfully played the part of the emotionally disturbed Lalo. Lalo is a highly intelligent man who's blindly loyal to the cartel. In addition to his cold-blooded murders‚ he is also a good man who'll be able to show his affections to those who are close to him. In the final season of Breaking Bad‚ Lalo McGill is a dangerous man who has the power to kill. He is a threat to the lives of Jimmy‚ Kim‚ Mike‚ and Gus. Lalo's death would protect Nacho from revenge from Gus' family‚ but after all‚ he'll still have to deal with Gus. The first look also reveals the names of several non-showcase characters. One of these is Kim Wexler. The storyline of Kim Wexler left off at the end of season five. It's highly likely that Kim will get involved in some sort of nefarious activities with Jimmy‚ and it's possible that she might end up in witness protection.