Biden and yoon are reunited in the shadow of nuclear sabre-rattling north korean nukesabre conflict

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Vice President Joe Biden Visits South Korea

Vice President Joe Biden will be in South Korean capital Seoul next week‚ meeting new President Yoon Suk-yeol and touring an Electronics plant. The two men will attend a full day of events on Saturday. Yoon said that Biden's visit would strengthen the relationship between the US and South Korea. The two countries are already partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

The US President Joe Biden met with South Korea's recently sworn in President Yoon Suk yeol Saturday to talk about fears of a North Korean nuclear weapons test. This was even while the secretive dictatorship fights a raging Covid epidemic. Biden started his day at Seoul National Cemetery. This is where South Korean soldiers who died defending South Korea are buried‚ as well as many of those who served alongside the US in the Korean War. White gloves were worn by the US President as he laid a wreath on the Memorial Tower to honor the tens and thousands of fallen soldiers. Then‚ he held close-door discussions with Yoon before a joint press conference. Biden will travel to Japan on Sunday as part of his Asia tour. According to a US official‚ in addition to the tensions surrounding North Korea and Russia's invasion of Ukraine‚ Bidens primary focus on Saturday was to establish a close personal relationship with Yoon. He is only two weeks into his presidency. South Korea‚ like Japan is considered a major player in the US strategy to control China and preserve what Washington refers to as the open Indo-Pacific. The official said that Bidens Asia is all about unity‚ resolve‚ and strengthening coordination among our closest allies. The visit‚ however‚ is overshadowed in the US by what the official described as sabre-rattling along the fortified North Korean border. According to the White House‚ this could be used to test a nuclear-capable or explosive. South Korean intelligence also warns that Pyongyang has recently prepared for a nuclear attack. According to the US official‚ "From our perspective‚ we're ready‚" he told reporters. - Cutting-edge investments - Biden joined Yoon for a tour at a huge Samsung semiconductor plant as part of his Friday trip. The US official stated that relations between the leaders were very positive. Biden stated that the US-South Korean Alliance is the key to peace‚ stability‚ and prosperity in his initial remarks upon arrival. He also highlighted the role of the Samsung Plants in maintaining the fragile global supply chains for semiconductors. Biden stated that chips play a critical role in nearly every piece modern tech. South Korea and America need to cooperate to ensure our supply chains are resilient‚ reliable‚ secure and safe. The US leader is concerned about a potential defeat in midterm elections. In November‚ the Democratic Party will be facing a difficult domestic political problem. Snarled supply chain problems are a serious challenge. Americans have become increasingly dissatisfied with rising prices and the setbacks in recovery from the post-Covid pandemic. Biden emphasized Samsung's decision to open a Texas semiconductor plant by 2024. Georgia's governor announced Friday that Hyundai‚ the South Korean automaker‚ will construct a $5.5 Billion plant to make electric cars and batteries. This is another priority for Bidens plan to place cutting-edge technology centrally in US industrial strategy. North Korea Covid Infection - The North Korean isolated country is experiencing a severe outbreak of Covid-19‚ adding to uncertainty. The many uncertainties that the crisis will have on Kim Jong Un's nuclear test decision are among the unknowns US and South Korean officials weigh. The US official stated that they are concerned by the Covid situation within the DPRK. They are in a very serious position. We were sensitive. As you can see‚ we are ready to help others within the international community if they need it. Soo Kim‚ a former CIA analyst‚ told AFP that North Korea's next move will be to help guide the US-South Korean relations under Yoon. She said that Kim should testify during Biden's visit to North Korea. This will help the countries see greater reasons for working together in the North Korea matter. Biden and Fumio Kishhida‚ the Prime Minister of Japan will be meeting with Emperor. He will announce the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity‚ an important new US initiative for trade in regional areas‚ on Monday. He will then attend the Quad regional summit‚ which is a consortium of Australia‚ India and Japan. sms/ceb/cwl