Biden is rhetorically aggressive about gas prices, and calls for a gas tax holiday

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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The Biden White House Can Do Little About Gasoline Prices

The Biden administration can do little about the high gasoline prices sweeping the nation. Gasoline prices are at seven-year highs‚ up more than a dollar from a year ago. High inflation has exacerbated the problem‚ placing pressure on household budgets and making the problem a serious political issue. It's not just a political issue - the issue has a broad impact on our lives.

WASHINGTON -- The President of the United States‚ Joe Biden spoke strongly to Republicans accusing him not being able to lower gasoline prices below their historical highs. In his White House remarks on Wednesday‚ he twice used this word. He did so to request a temporary suspension for the gas tax and as a counter argument to those political opponents who blame him for the average $4.96 price per gallon in the country. My Republican friends say we don't produce enough oil. I counter that by limiting oil production. Biden stated that it was utter nonsense to say that‚ noting that the United States has a lot of oil.

This makes the average current administration for Trump's administration slightly lower than his predecessor Donald Trump. On Wednesday‚ President Biden was at the White House. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images) The president also dismissed Republican claims of limiting drilling on federal lands as nonsense. According to the president‚ there are more federal permits approved for industry production than can be used. However‚ his administration hasn't yet approved any new leases for federal lands. (A planned sale of leases is in the works). Has been delayed until later this month.) Biden was elected to represent the United States' commitment to renewable energy sources. However‚ Russia's attack on Ukraine in April this year caused panic and disruptions in the global oil markets. Biden's critics claim he should have responded more aggressively and quickly. Suspend the gas tax during the summer travel-heavy months gas prices would be reduced by 18 cents it requires approval from Congress. Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker)‚ a regular supporter of President Obama‚ provided what can best be described to as indifferent support for the plan. She said that we will find the consensus‚ in a statement. Karine Jean Pierre‚ White House Press Secretary‚ described the talks as just beginning. Republicans also oppose the measure with Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).

He noted that he was referring to a former President.

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Tom Cotton">Senator Tom Cotton (Republican opponent to President Bidens) proposed suspending a gas tax. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images). Biden called for states to stop levying their gas taxes. As he has done before‚ he also claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is largely to blame for rising prices at the pumps. Although the argument was not new‚ he asked his GOP colleagues if they were still defending him for criticizing me about high gasoline prices in America. The Biden administration tried to make inflation‚ in particular the price of food and energy‚ a global issue that had little to do domestically or with Democratic green energy policies. Later in Wednesday's afternoon White House press conference‚ Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm highlighted that prices in other countries were even higher: $8.49 for France and $7.71 for the United Kingdom. Granholm stated that this is a worldwide problem. It is happening all over the globe.