Biden vows to crack down on ghost guns – weapons of choice for

Monday, April 11, 2022
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Vice President Joe Biden Vows to Crack Down on Ghost Guns

The Vice President has faced pressure to address the epidemic of gun deaths in the US and has promised to crack down on the production of ghost guns. He gave an example of how to assemble one at a press conference‚ and warned the audience about their ease of use. But some gun safety advocates aren't so convinced. GOA plans to sue the US government to stop the implementation of the new rule‚ which would require manufacturers and dealers to be licensed.

Biden's proposal to require manufacturers and dealers to be licensed

President-elect Joe Biden has taken a swipe at ghost guns‚ the privately manufactured firearms without serial numbers that are increasingly appearing in violent crimes. Although the Biden administration has been unable to break Washington's gridlock‚ it has been taking some action to combat the issue. Biden highlighted the Justice Department's work to finalize regulations on ghost guns. He also nominated Steve Dettlebach to lead the Bureau of Alcohol‚ Tobacco‚ Firearms‚ and Explosives. The new rule would also make it easier to track the origins of ghost guns‚ which are sold as kits that can be assembled without much trace. Since ghost guns do not have a serial number‚ it is difficult to track them back to their owner. Biden's proposal also extends federal laws to cover all other firearms‚ including those sold through online retailers and gun dealers. While many Americans support the idea of more stringent gun laws‚ bipartisan efforts have failed to pass legislation to protect the public from these dangerous weapons. The Biden administration's proposal to require manufacturers and dealers of ghost guns to be licensed is a welcome step in the right direction. However‚ the current political climate makes it difficult to find a candidate who will survive the confirmation process. As a result‚ bipartisan support for the new rule has increased. Gun safety groups have praised Biden's proposal‚ which was first proposed by the ATF in May 2016. However‚ the new regulations will face considerable opposition from gun lobbyists and gun-owners organizations. The new rules will probably result in a legal fight in the coming weeks. However‚ the fact that Biden stepped forward with his proposal indicates that it will meet fierce opposition from the gun lobby. In addition to the new regulations for gun-owners‚ the Biden administration is also nominating a former U.S. attorney to head the Bureau of Alcohol‚ Tobacco‚ and Firearms. Although the nomination of Dettelbach is unlikely to be successful in the Senate‚ it is a positive step toward limiting gun violence. As President Biden emphasized‚ bipartisan support for gun reform is vital to combating the deadly trend of gun violence.

Increase in gun deaths in 2021

As the coronavirus pandemic has been spreading throughout the country‚ experts have been concerned about an increase in gun deaths. In the first 11 months of 2020‚ the murder rate was up in 11 cities relative to the same period in 2019. The sociologist at Princeton University‚ Patrick Sharkey‚ has also found that fatal shootings had increased in 75 percent of the nation's largest cities by April. It is not yet clear why the number of shootings has increased in some cities earlier than others. But some suspect that the increase in killings may be tied to increased domestic violence‚ warmer weather‚ or random factors. There are many factors contributing to the increase in shootings. Some experts believe that entrenched inequality‚ fraying police-community relations‚ and the coronavirus pandemic are the main causes. Other factors that may be responsible for the increase in shootings include the fact that summer is considered a deadlier season. This is because of the combination of warmer temperatures and more restrictions on gun ownership. In addition‚ more people are unable to carry guns in the summer months‚ and fewer guns are available to shoot. The rate of gun murders has risen sharply in recent years. It will top the previous peak set in 1993 of 18‚253 homicides. That is an increase of 34% over the year before‚ but still far below the rate of the previous decade. CDC data‚ FBI‚ and Pew Research Center's analysis of the numbers‚ shows that gun deaths have increased sharply since the onset of the Civil Rights Movement. There is a substantial body of research to support the conclusion that more gun availability increases the risk of homicides. But the data from 2020 are insufficient to draw any firm conclusions about causality‚ especially since the year was so different than the other years. Researchers also caution against drawing causal connections between firearm availability and fatal shootings. Further‚ 2020 is a single year and the numbers will likely increase in 2021. As of now‚ no studies have been conducted comparing firearm deaths in 2021 with those from previous years.

Plan to curtail production of unlicensed ghost guns

Vice President Joe Biden is vowing to crack down on the proliferation of ghost guns that allow criminals to get around background checks. These firearms can be made from parts or purchased in kits and don't have a serial number. Biden says he plans to issue a new rule within 30 days to combat the problem. ATF and Justice Department officials are currently reviewing public comments and are considering a new rule. In addition to tackling the issue of illegal gun sales‚ President Biden also promised to change the definition of ghost guns to make them more difficult to buy. Under the new policy‚ only licensed gun manufacturers can produce unlicensed buy build shoot kits. Then‚ commercial sellers must get a federal license and must conduct background checks on their prospective buyers. The new rule also prohibits the sale of unlicensed ghost guns for personal use. While bipartisan support for the idea of cracking down on ghost guns is welcome‚ there are many barriers to the implementation of meaningful gun control measures. Biden has praised President Obama's executive actions on gun violence. However‚ the Senate has not acted on the legislation to expand background checks. After passing the House's version of the bill in March‚ Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised to hold a vote on background checks for firearm purchases. While President Obama has pushed for reform of the gun industry‚ Democrats are slashing the budget of police departments and the criminal justice system. The Democratic Party is reclaiming power over the criminal justice system. They also plan to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The RNC chairwoman has even called on the president to publicly denounce liberal prosecutors who fail to prosecute criminals who have used ghost guns. Despite the heightened gun violence in America‚ the president is also making an effort to protect the industry. He is pledging to crack down on illegal weapons sales‚ and has pledged to marshal the Department of Justice to tackle the problem. Biden has also outlined six initial steps he hopes to see passed in the Senate. The top priority is to end immunity from liability for the $1 billion gun manufacturing industry. In addition‚ he will require all guns to be equipped with Smart technology.