Big Cleanup Underway After Record-Setting Snowfall

Sunday, January 30, 2022
author picture Jade Durand
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Boston, Massachusetts is undergoing a big clean up after a record-setting snowfall on Sunday. The city's mayor, Michelle Wu, has declared a snow emergency and has urged residents to keep their windows and doors shut. At a press conference scheduled for late Sunday afternoon, Wu said more than 900 pieces of equipment will be clearing the streets. She also promised that schools will open on Monday, pending the speed of the clean-up. The city's mayor, Carl Florea, has declared a state of emergency after the storm deposited more than 48 centimetres of snow on the region. He has approved the request to call in the National Guard for assistance in citizen welfare checks, food delivery and general snow cleanup. Several hundred troops have been sent to the area to assist in the effort. The biggest clean-up efforts will be on the South Shore, with the City of Boston taking the lead in the effort to help the people in the region recover from the blizzard. Meanwhile, the Big Cleanup is proving to be more complex than some might think.

While there have been scattered power outages, the overall situation has been relatively calm. Fortunately, the majority of the city has had no power outages and has been able to open up some shops. The city is now starting to come back to normal, although the big clean-up will continue for days.