Bihar MLC election results 2022 NDA wins big, grabs 13 out of 24

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Bihar MLC Election Results 2022 - NDA Wins Big Grabs 13 Out of 24 Seats

In the Bihar MLC elections‚ the National Democratic Alliance won big‚ snatching 13 out of 24 seats. The Rashtriya Janata Dal won six seats‚ independent candidates won four‚ and the Congress won one seat. The BJP‚ in alliance with the Janata Dal (United)‚ fielded 12 candidates. Both the parties are expected to come second in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections‚ which the BJP is targeting to win.

BJP loses in Nagpur and Dhapewada

The NDA wins big in Bihar‚ taking 13 out of 24 MLC seats. The ruling party has a slight edge over its rivals in the state‚ but still trails the NCP and the RJD. The NDA also won five of the 23 seats in the state's assembly. The Congress lost one seat in Begusarai. The BJP lost two seats in Patna‚ but won one in Begusarai‚ while the RJD had no candidates. The BJP lost two seats in Uttar Pradesh and two in Karnataka‚ but managed to pick up one in Himachal Pradesh. There are 29 assembly seats and three Lok Sabha seats in the state. The NDA held on to Fatehpur and Arki. The BJP retained Jubbal-Kotkhai and Mandi. The NDA won more than half of the MLC seats in Bihar. The RJD's Lalu Yadav won six seats‚ while the BJP's Rajeev Singh won Gopalganj by a narrow margin. The BJP fielded several upper caste candidates‚ while the independent Rahul Singh won one seat. While there were some upsets‚ the RJD managed to capture six assembly seats in Gaya. Kumar Nagendra won by five28 votes‚ displacing current JDU MLC Manorama Devi. The remaining six candidates were forced to forfeit their deposits. In addition to the MLC seats‚ the NDA also won one MLC seat in Munger‚ where the RJD had a parliamentary candidate.

NDA retains stronghold

The NDA retained its stronghold in Bihar MLC election results‚ claiming victory in 12 seats. The other parties were RJD‚ Congress‚ and Independents. The official results are still to be declared‚ but BJP candidate Santosh Kumar Singh defeated RJD's Krishna Kumar Singh in Sasaram and BJP's Tarun Khandwala defeated RJD's Roma Bharti in Samastipur. The BJP-JDU alliance won thirteen of the 24 MLC seats‚ while the RJD won five seats. As of now‚ the results are largely expected‚ but a few surprises remain. In the first round‚ Dilip Jaiswal defeated the JDU's Valmiki Singh and won the Purnia-Araria-Kishanganj legislative council seat‚ while NDA candidate Vince Jaiswal edged out RJD's Shambhu Singh in the second round. While the results were expected to give the NDA an overall majority‚ some surprising outcomes were also observed. The RJD was forced to concede defeat in Vaishali and Patna. The RJD's player forced Nitish's candidate to concede defeat even before the results were announced. Meanwhile‚ in Chapra‚ the biggest game was played‚ where BJP rebel Satchidanand Rai defeated all the incumbents. Despite the results of the first round‚ the NDA retained a stronghold in Bihar MLC election. While the NDA retained its majority in all 24 seats‚ the RJD managed to win one seat in Gopalganj. In Muzaffarnagar‚ a JDU candidate won. The NDA also held a stronghold in four other districts. And in Nalanda‚ the BJP and the RJD shared the remaining seats.

Shiv Sena wins seven seats

The Shiv Sena won seven out of 14 MLC seats in the latest Bihar assembly elections. The party has fielded candidates on six seats in Manipur‚ and one in Uttar Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh‚ the party won 0.69 percent of the votes‚ while NOTA got 0.54 percent. In Bihar‚ Shiv Sena won seven seats out of 14 contested seats. In UP‚ the Shiv Sena has won two out of seven MLC seats‚ and has secured one seat in Lakhimpur Kheri. In Maharashtra‚ the BJP has won four MLC seats‚ and the Shiv Sena has won one. The BJP has also filed for a seat in Nagpur. In Bihar‚ a mafia don has filed nominations in the city of Akola-Buldhana-Washim. The Shiv Sena won seven of the seats in Bihar MLC election in 2022. The BJP‚ RJD‚ and the JD(U) have contested the seats. The Shiv Sena won seven seats‚ four by a margin of nearly five percent. Meanwhile‚ the RJD and the Hindustani Awam Morcha did not win any seats in the MLC elections. The Shiv Sena is the right-wing Marathi regionalist and Hindu ultranationalist party in India. The party was founded in 1966 by a cartoonist‚ Bal Thackeray‚ and was forged out of nativist movements in Bombay. Its leadership includes Bal Thackeray's son‚ Uddhav‚ who serves as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

BJP wins Dhule ZP

The Bihar MLC election result 2022 will decide the fate of 24 seats‚ including one seat held by the BJP. The polling for the 24 seats took place on Monday. In all‚ around 1.32 lakh voters will decide the fate of 185 candidates. The election was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic‚ and five seats fell vacant before the end of the term. As a result‚ 24 seats went to polls in Bihar‚ including Bochahan‚ Gaya-Jahanabad-Arwal‚ Bhojpur-Buxar‚ Nalanda‚ Narwada‚ and Begusarai-Khagaria. Several other seats are also up for grabs. Bihar's MLC election results will also be announced shortly. On the other hand‚ the BJP's Rajeev Kumar took the Gopalganj local authorities MLC seat by 20 votes. Earlier‚ the RJD's Rajnish Kumar had contested the seat but was defeated by the BJP candidate Rajnish Kumar. In addition‚ Rajiv Singh of the RJD won the seat of Muzaffarnagar by two votes‚ and Congress' Ashok Yadav won the seat in Nawada. The BJP will win the Dhule ZP in Bihar's MLC elections for the first time in over a decade. Its tally is a year behind schedule. However‚ it is still a good sign that the BJP has the support of the people. A BJP win in Bihar MLC election results 2022 means that the state's governing party has a stronger hand than the RJD and the JDU.

BJP wins Panchayat Samitis

BJP has won a majority in Bihar's MLC elections‚ and the party has secured the biggest number of seats in the state's panchayat samitis. In Maharashtra‚ the BJP has won 113 seats and the Congress 73. The Shiv Sena‚ on the other hand‚ won nine seats and the independents three. The BJP has lost only one seat and retained the majority in the Dhule ZP‚ which was contested by both the BJP and the Congress. In Bihar‚ the MLC Elections will take place in 24 local authorities. These seats are Patna‚ Gaya‚ Aurangabad‚ Muzaffarpur‚ East Champaran‚ West Champaran‚ Bhagalpur‚ Siwan‚ and Munger. Bihar's MLC Elections are the first of its kind‚ and the BJP is confident of making a strong showing. As the counting begins‚ the BJP has made gains in the Zila Parishad and the Panchayat Samitis elections. The BJP won 17 Zila Pramukhs and two more Zila Parishad boards in Kota division. The election results for these seats will be crucial to the future of the state. BJP state president Arun Kumar Bhattacharya said the victory is a superb performance by any opposition party in Bihar. The BJP also has won a majority of the seats in the elections to the state's Panchayat Samitis. The BJP won 635 out of the 825 seats while the Congress got 97. The results for the elections for the state's MLCs were announced by the State Election Commission‚ which notified the winners of the four by-elections. Several candidates stood for the same seat and were defeated by the other.

BJP wins Panchayat Samitis in Dhule

The state of Bihar saw the MLC elections on Monday‚ with BJP winning all the seats in Dhule. The biennial polls were held a year behind schedule and the ruling NDA retained its majority in the legislature. BJP and JD(U) secured a majority of seven seats‚ while four Independent candidates contested the polls. The counting process is underway in Dhule‚ Nalanda‚ Gaya-Jahanabad-Arwal‚ Narwada‚ Begusarai-Khagaria‚ Saharsa-Supaul‚ and West Champaran. Several other constituencies have not yet reported the results. The election result was delayed by a year‚ as the state was grappling with a pandemic. There were also a number of by-elections in cities and districts‚ but only four were held. A year later‚ the elections took place for the legislative council‚ and the combined NDA won 12 seats - 50 percent of the total. Three seats are yet to be declared. During the MLC polls‚ an Independent candidate for Dhule narrowly escaped being attacked with AK-47 rifles. The attack happened while he was traveling to the police station in Hussainganj. The attackers left a car behind them. It is not known if he managed to escape the assault‚ but he was lucky to avoid serious injury and hospitalization.