Billy Crystal Calls Will Smiths Oscar Slap an Assault

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Billy Crystal Calls Will Smith's Oscar Slap an Assault

Will Smith's Academy Award slap was deemed an assault by comedian Billy Crystal on live television. In the wake of the incident‚ The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences asked Smith to leave the event. The Academy is expected to discuss sanctions against Smith. This article takes a closer look at the controversy surrounding the Oscar slap and the Academy's response. In addition‚ this article offers a look at Amy Schumer's controversial G.I. Jane joke.

Billy Crystal's We Don't Talk About Bruno slapped an assault on live television

Billy Crystal's song We Don't Talk About Bruno has made history in movie theaters as the first song to receive Oscar nominations without the film's involvement. It spent 12 weeks on the Hot 100 singles chart‚ spending five of them at the top. It was the second animated film song to reach the top of the charts‚ joining A Whole New World in 1993. The film was animated‚ so the song had a rat-like feel to it. However‚ the song was nominated for only three awards. A controversy arose around the Academy Awards‚ with many critics expressing their disgust at the incident. The show had pre-recorded eight categories‚ with the intention of editing them down to a shorter version. Critics deemed the pre-recorded version of eight categories an assault on live television. The episode also received criticism for the controversial We Don't Talk About Bruno skit that Billy Crystal performed after accepting the Oscar for Best Picture. However‚ Mills said he hopes to be back as host next year.

Bruce Vilanch's take on Will Smith's Oscar slap

Jon Voight defends Will Smith after his Oscar-slap controversy. While the actress felt that Smith overstepped the mark‚ he also thinks that the slap was in poor taste and shamed all Black people. That's something that whites can't fathom‚ because we see Black people attacking each other all the time. But the Oscars aren't the only awards ceremony where Will Smith's actions have gotten him into trouble. After the incident‚ Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences‚ the organization that administers the Oscars‚ and a major Hollywood union condemned the actor for his actions. The incident stunned viewers worldwide and even overshadowed the Oscars‚ which are typically viewed by the world's elite. So‚ what is the takeaway from Will Smith's Oscar slap? The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will start its formal investigation into Will Smith's Oscar slap‚ according to a new letter from the Academy. Despite Smith's resignation‚ the controversy over the slap continues to gain mileage. New details have emerged‚ but have not helped Smith or the Academy. Instead‚ the Oscars should remove Smith's award and make Chris Rock file charges. While Smith celebrated his Oscar win in style on Sunday night‚ he's avoided talking about the incident‚ and his publicists did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Meanwhile‚ reaction to Smith's Oscar slap varied widely‚ from disbelief and confusion to anger. Some Smith colleagues even deflected questions about the incident. Some of his friends and colleagues have not spoken about the incident‚ but they've expressed empathy.

The Academy's response

The Academy's response to Billy Crystal'S Oscar Slap has prompted many to rethink their host-host relationship. Former Oscars host Billy Crystal made the controversial comment on Twitter on Tuesday‚ calling the Oscar Slap an assault. Billy brings management and swagger to the event‚ Crystal said. He recalled hosting the Grammy Awards and seeing a situation in which Little Richard slapped host Jackie Mason‚ which Crystal diffused by making a joke. During the Oscars‚ the Academy was given almost an hour to mobilize‚ a period of time that included several commercial breaks. The Academy did nothing and the streaker walked away unpunished. While the majority of the audience supported Chayefsky‚ some members took a more political stance and said Will Smith should be disciplined for his behavior. Will Smith later tweeted a meaningless statement about his decision not to press charges. As for the host‚ Crystal reacted by clarifying his position. He had never been a big fan of the Oscars before‚ but the Oscars producer sent him to the red carpet anyway. Crystal then made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head. Although the Academy's response to Billy Crystal's Oscar Slap was a bit late‚ it still came back to haunt him. Smith resigned from the Academy after the controversy erupted. The Academy is scheduled to meet on April 18‚ and the board of governors has the power to dismiss him. Meanwhile‚ Crystal's co-star Ben Schwartz‚ who was the first to publicly criticize Smith's Oscar Slap‚ said he didn't want to host again. In the meantime‚ he said he didn't even get a slap‚ and that the joke'slapped him in the face. In addition to Smith's resignation‚ the academy's governor Whoopi Goldberg stated that the incident is unlikely to affect Will Smith's chances of winning an Oscar. In addition to Smith's resignation‚ he's also apologizing to Eddie Rock‚ his fellow nominees‚ and the Academy. However‚ a public reprimand or temporary suspension is more likely than expulsion.

Bruce Vilanch's take on Amy Schumer's G.I. Jane joke

The Oscars are here and it is time for another slapfight! This time‚ Billy Crystal took aim at comedian Amy Schumer's G.I. Jane joke and failed to elicit more than stunned laughter. But when Crystal did manage to break the ice‚ he brought up a serious subject - the genocide in Ukraine!