Blac Chynas mom, Tokyo Toni, vows to get that judge after court ban

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
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Blac Chyna's Mom Vows to Get That Judge Back!

The social media videos that Blac Chyna posted have gotten her mother banned from the Kardashian trial, but her mom, Tokyo Toni, vows to get that judge back! This is just the latest reason why Blac Chynas mom wants to get that judge back! But what exactly will it take? We've gathered some information about this case and the judge's decision, which you can read in full below.

Blac Chyna's mom vows to get that judge

After being banned from the courtroom, Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, took to Instagram to express her disappointment. After being barred from the courtroom because of comments she made on social media, Toni promised to get revenge on the Kardashian-Jenner family. She reportedly vows to get the judge to step down if she wants to continue to be involved in the trial. Following her court ban, Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni, also known as Shalana Hunter, is vowing to get the judge to remove the court ban imposed upon her for threatening social media posts. After being banned from the court, Toni has been photographed outside the courthouse in a gray dress and dropping her heels. This comes as a major blow to the Kardashian family, who are suing the Chyna family for $100 million. In her latest interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Tokyo Toni made it clear that she plans to fight the judge's decision. The mom-of-two has reportedly threatened to sue the Kardashians if the judge continues to ban her from the court. In response, Tokyo Toni blows a cloud of smoke from her vape into Toni's face, which irritates her. During the jury selection process, Toni Jenner's attorney addressed her rant, calling Kris Jenner a monster from the movie Saw. In addition, she compared Kris Jenner to a character from the horror film Saw, which allegedly starred Chyna. Although Toni Jenner's mom was seated at the plaintiffs table, she wasn't allowed to testify in court. The Kardashians were also in the courtroom for jury selection. The sisters were seated in a row of seats directly in front of Chyna's mom. However, the Kardashians were not allowed to sit on the front row, despite the judge's request. The four Kardashians were in court for day two. On day two of the trial, Kris Jenner was wearing a gray pant suit and leading her daughters, Kim and Khloe, and her younger sister Kylie, with black bodyguards.

Blac Chyna's mother suing Kardashian family for $100 million

Earlier this year, Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni filed a lawsuit against the Kardashian family, claiming the entire Kardashian family is guilty of sexual abuse. Tokyo Toni has repeatedly gone after the Kardashians, and has even apologized for her actions. The dispute stems from a feud on social media where Rob Kardashian leaked naked pictures of his ex-wife and accused her of using drugs. Earlier this week, the Kardashian family were not present at the jury selection for Blac Chyna's defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner did not sit on the jury for the trial, and their absence was reported in the media. The case will go to trial in Los Angeles. The lawsuit against the Kardashians was first filed in 2017. The judge ruled that Tokyo Toni had 'threatened the court'during the trial. Blac Chyna's mom was not in the courtroom Tuesday, but she appeared on Instagram Live and blasted the family, making inflammatory comments about the Kardashians and the judge. She has since withdrawn from the case. The trial is scheduled for October. Judge Steven Rhodes has already asked questions about the reality TV show on Monday and Chyna's sex tape with Ray J in 2002. The Kardashian-Jenner family was visibly upset when Rhodes mentioned the footage. In addition, the Kardashian-Jenners'defense attorney said that Chyna rejected the court's settlement offer. The lawsuit alleges that the Kardashians forced the show to be cancelled and that the reality star's relationship with Rob was a reason for the cancellation. Chyna's legal team alleges that the show was cancelled due to the breakup. The family has denied this, but the reality star believes the cancellation was forced by the breakup between her and Rob Kardashian. In her lawsuit, Chyna argues that she was guaranteed $92,000 per episode and that the Kardashians interfered with her contract with the couple. The trial will also involve the Kardashian sisters. Rob, Kylie, and Khloe will likely testify in the case, but Rob did not attend. Despite the presence of the Kardashian sisters, the Chyna family was accompanied by her mother Tokyo Toni and her attorney Lynne Ciani. Tokyo Toni has indicated she will be present for the entire trial, regardless of whether the case ends in a settlement or a verdict. The case was first filed in October 2017. The lawsuit claims Chyna was abused and threatened by Rob Kardashian during the engagement. During their one-season run, the show was cancelled and Chyna was not satisfied with the decision. The Kardashian family has denied these claims, and Chyna's mother is suing for $100 million. The Kardashian family has responded to Chyna's lawsuit by denying her claims.

Blac Chyna's mom banned from trial for social media posts

The mother of Blac Chyna has vowed to get revenge on the Kardashians and their public relations team, but her Instagram account was banned following comments she posted on social media about the family. Tokyo Toni was recently banned from Instagram after she went on a tirade against the Kardashians. But Toni has vowed to get back at the judge who banned her account. Tokyo Toni's Instagram Live video showed her trashing the Kardashians and their public image. Tokyo Toni's vow to get back at Blac Chyna follows a scathing statement from the rapper Drake last week, calling her daughter a statutory rape baby. Her mom, Tokyo Toni, meanwhile, is adamant that the judge should reverse the court's decision, and vows to get that judge reprimanded. To make matters worse, Toni Jenner has been sitting just in front of Kris Jenner's family while they were in court. Her words compared Kris Jenner to a character in the horror movie Saw, despite the fact that she sat in a public area, while Chyna's mom was at the plaintiff's table. The trial continues on Day Two of the trial. Kim and Khloe Kardashian and younger sister Kylie Jenner accompanied Kris Jenner to court on day two. All four Kardashians are named in the case. Chyna is accused of plotting to have her hit show canceled after she and Rob Kardashian were caught cheating. The Kardashians are now awaiting the results of the trial. A jury of eight men and eight women were picked for the trial. During the jury selection process, a potential juror vented disdain for the Kardashians. One man said he couldn't be impartial after watching the Kardashian sex tape. Another man said he couldn't remain impartial after watching the tape. The jury's decision will likely be affirmed if the evidence proves that White would do anything to get a part of the Kardashian family. After the court ban, the Kardashian-Jenners have already defended their actions by claiming that Chyna's actions were a cause of Rob Kardashian's restraining order. Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni vows to get that judge. The lawsuit also demands the return of the restraining order.