: Blue Jays Have Remained Aggressive in Pursuit of Freddie

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The Blue Jays have been aggressive in their pursuit of Freddie Freeman ever since the deadline passed. While the Dodgers and Yankees have led the pack‚ the Blue Jays have remained aggressive. The Braves have resisted all offers to sign Freeman‚ and they have also acquired Josh Olson‚ who finished in the top eight of the AL MVP voting. Despite Freeman's glaring deficiencies‚ Toronto has a deep bench and is a good option at first base. The team's front office has increased its personnel in recent years‚ which has led to speculation about a potential Freddie Freeman trade. The Blue Jays have a history of aggressively pursuing free agents‚ but the current team isn't interested in spending too much money. Instead‚ they're going to keep their options open and see if they can find the right combination to contend in the next few years. The Blue Jays' front office has been aggressive in their pursuit of Freddie Freeman. While the Dodgers and Yankees are considered the favorites to sign Freeman‚ Toronto has been reportedly in contact with Freeman since the lockout. A source told MLB Network that the Blues have made a serious offer to Freeman. However‚ the Dodgers and Yankees have also been interested in Freeman.