Blunts criticism of Imran Ahmad Khan verdict sparks fury among MPs

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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Crispin Blunts criticism of the Imran Ahmad Khan Verdict

The Conservative MP for South West London‚ Nick Blunt‚ has been slammed for his comments urging the reinstatement of the convicted sex offender into public service. Labour has condemned Blunt's remarks‚ and she has resigned as chair of a cross-party LGBT+ group. The sentence could spark a by-election.

Blunt criticises Imran Ahmad Khan's sex act on 15-year-old boy

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt has come under fire for defending Imran Ahmed Khan‚ who was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in 2008. He was thrown out of the Conservative party following the verdict and was later convicted of the offence. The conviction was later quashed by a Southwark Crown Court‚ sparking a furious backlash among MPs. The MP was born in Wakefield‚ Yorkshire and later attended Kings College London. He has worked for the United Nations and the advertising firm M & C Saatchi. He is currently on bail and is expected to be sentenced in due course. However‚ he has faced a furious backlash from members of his own party‚ with Labour calling for his resignation and a wakefield by-election. After the judgment‚ Amir Khan tried to gag the media from reporting the name of the victim‚ the age of the victim‚ and his gin and tonic preference. His attempts to gag the media failed‚ but the chief magistrate noted the attempts to conceal the age of the victim. The MPs then fired a barrage of criticism. While it's not clear exactly what the allegations against Khan are‚ the fact that he was in Pakistan during the time of the alleged sex act prompted an outcry among MPs. It's not just Blunt criticising Imran Ahmad Khan‚ but the other Conservative MPs have also condemned him.

Conservative MP calls for reporting restrictions

The critics of Crispin Blunt's criticisation of the Imran Ahmad Khan verdict are not the only MPs to resign in anger. Former Labour MP Sir Peter Bottomley and Conservative MP Adam Holloway have defended Khan's character. Born in Wakefield‚ Khan went to an independent school and attended the Pushkin Institute in Russia before graduating from King's College in London. After the trial‚ Khan was a UN peacekeeper in Mogadishu. The former Conservative justice minister Crispin Blunt has criticised the verdict of Imran Ahmad Khan‚ who was convicted in 2008 of sexual assault. In his defence‚ Mr Blunt referred to the verdict as disgraceful. This has sparked fury in the House of Commons and beyond. At the hearing‚ five members resigned from the Conservative party and are calling on Mr Blunt to quit. A second complainant‚ aged 15‚ came forward to raise concerns about the safety of Khan‚ who was initially cleared of the charges. However‚ after the trial and publicity surrounding the case‚ a second complainant was forced to step forward. In addition‚ the prosecution did not disclose the name of the complainant until a change in the law was made. Moreover‚ if a newspaper had published Khan's name‚ it would breach his right to life‚ inhuman treatment‚ and private life. The MP who made such a request was not aware that there were restrictions on reporting about the case. The court was not informed of these restrictions a week before the trial began. The prosecutor and lawyer‚ however‚ had informed journalists a day before the trial began that reporting about the case would put their client at risk of harm. Then‚ the judge‚ who was a QC‚ said: There is no need to limit freedom of speech in order to protect the reputation of the accused.

Judge's decision sparks fury among MPs

Crispin Blunts criticism of the Imran Ahmad Khan verdict has sparked a furious reaction among MPs. The former justice minister questioned the verdict of the Wakefield MP‚ who was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. In a statement‚ Mr Blunt said that the case was based on lazy tropes about LGBT+ people. He also argued that the verdict has wider implications for the treatment of LGBT+ Muslims around the world. The case centered on the behaviour of a Tories MP‚ Imran Ahmed Khan‚ in which he forced a 15-year-old boy to drink gin and tonic‚ and then forced him to go upstairs. He then groped him‚ touching his feet and legs and even coming within a hair's breadth of his genitals. The teenage victim‚ who was at the time oblivious to the incident‚ was distraught and ran to his parents. The police investigated and filed a police report. Imran Ahmad Khan was found guilty of sexual assault in February 2017. Mr Blunt has come out as gay in 2010 and has said that the decision of the jury was an international scandal. The judge said he did not have the jurisdiction to overturn the decision. A second complainant came forward as a result of the publicity surrounding the case. However‚ he added that a decision to overturn the verdict was a 'technical error' because Khan had not been charged with another offence before the change in UK law. If the court finds that Khan is guilty of the offence‚ he will be expelled as MP and face a by-election. But this scenario could be avoided by triggering a recall process by Khan's constituents. That would allow him to be removed from Parliament. And if he's convicted‚ the re-election could be triggered by petition. The court rejected Khan's application to keep the victim's identity confidential. He argued that the press's reporting on the case would endanger the victim's safety. Nevertheless‚ Goldspring ruled that the requisition of the suspect in the case was unfounded.

Sentence could trigger by-election

Crispin Blunt's criticism of the Imran Ahmed Khan verdict has sparked a flurry of fury from MPs across the political spectrum. The former justice minister said the verdict was based on lazy tropes about LGBT+ people. Mr Blunt also suggested that the case was potentially damaging to the rights of other LGBT Muslims around the world. The MP‚ who came out as gay in 2010‚ has been criticised for his comments following the acquittal of the former police officer. He has claimed that the boy was not sexually assaulted and did not touch him. The jury took five hours to rule‚ despite evidence from Mr Blunt. He also called the verdict international scandal. The Wakefield MP‚ who is serving a 12-month jail sentence for groping a 15-year-old boy‚ had denied the allegations and will appeal. If he is found guilty‚ he will be thrown out of the House of Commons. A recall petition can be filed to remove him from office. A recall petition can be filed by constituents to force a by-election in Wakefield. The prosecution's case against Mr Amess was based on evidence which spanned more than 200 pages. Evidence included a bullet found in the MP's constituency office in January 2020. The prosecution also cited dozens of tweets and references to the murder of Sir David Amess and Jo Cox. However‚ the media and the public have had no prior notice. The prosecution's case against Khan has sparked a flurry of fury from MPs. The judge has told Khan that he does not have the power to overturn the decision. The chief magistrate would have backed the prosecution's case. Despite this‚ a second complainant has come forward. After the publicity surrounding Khan‚ a second complainant has come forward. The prosecution's lawyers claim that the case has caused massive confusion in the justice system‚ but a further investigation is necessary. While the case was highly contentious and sparked widespread dissent among MPs‚ the process of recalling an MP is much simpler than it seems. If a member is found guilty of a disciplinary offence involving bullying or harassment‚ they will automatically be disqualified. MPs can also be recalled by an independent expert panel. However‚ there are several exceptions to this rule‚ and the ruling will likely lead to a closely-fought Wakefield by-election.