Bob Saget death: Final details last moments of actors life

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released the final report into the death of Bob Saget. The American actor and comedian was found dead in his hotel room in Florida on January 9. He had performed a comedy show in the area the night before. In the report‚ the coroner outlines the circumstances surrounding the star's death. The autopsy results show that the deceased was suffering from blunt head trauma. It is unclear whether any drugs or toxins were involved. But the autopsy revealed that he had severe fractures of his skull and face‚ including a skull fracture and eye sockets. The autopsy revealed that Bob had died of a single accident resulting from a blow to the back of the head. The cause of his death remains a mystery. There was no sign of drug use or alcohol consumption. The actor had been scheduled to check out of the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes hotel the next day. The family of Bob Saget has not released a public explanation of his death‚ but the Orange County Sheriff's Office has issued a report about the incident. The cause of Bob Saget's death remains undetermined.

bob saget death final details last moments of actors life death
Image source : globalnews

Investigators say the actor suffered a brain injury that caused him to hallucinate. However‚ the cause of his death remains unclear‚ but the actor's family says he was not in any distress when he entered his hotel room. He may have fallen asleep while using the restroom and woken up after the fall. He would later lose consciousness again in bed and succumb to his injuries. The death was attributed to a fatal accident and has yet to be ruled a homicide.