Bob Sagets fractures possibly caused by fall on carpeted floor

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The cause of Bob Saget's death is still a mystery‚ but it is believed that the actor suffered fractures to his eye sockets and brain while falling on a carpeted floor. According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office‚ the incident report indicates that Saget may have fallen on something soft or hard‚ and hit the carpeted floor. In his death‚ the Chief Medical Examiner said that he would have experienced dizziness and shock. The Orange County sheriff's office has released a report regarding the incident‚ which found no toxins or illicit drugs. It also revealed that the coronavirus was not the cause of Bob Saget's death‚ although it could have been. He claimed in a podcast early this year that he contracted the coronavirus. The report also cites the medical examiner's findings‚ saying that the artist would have experienced dizziness and stunned reactions to the fall. The Orange County Sheriff's Office report notes that the comedian's eye sockets were fractured and he also suffered bleeding around the brain.

bob sagets fractures possibly caused by fall on carpeted floor
Image source : peoplecom