Bodybuilding legend Cedric McMillan dies at age 44

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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Bodybuilding Legend Cedric McMillan Dies at 44

A heart attack has claimed the life of legendary bodybuilder Cedric McMillan. The 44-year-old was just weeks away from returning to competition after suffering several health setbacks. Though his death has been attributed to an unspecified cause‚ a 'classic physique' has evoked tributes and memories. This article explores the reasons behind the bodybuilder's death.

Cedric McMillan died of a heart attack

Sadly‚ the Bodybuilding legend Cedric McMillan died of an apparent heart attack on January 8‚ 2019. He was a father of four and had a history of stomach problems‚ including ulcers and hiccups. After suffering from chronic pneumonia in 2017‚ McMillan never really felt like himself again. His condition was so bad that he missed the Olympics in 2020 and 2021. Cedric was never one to share his personal life in public‚ but he had been an inspiration to those around him. McMillan had won the 2017 Arnold Classic before developing serious health problems. His death has shocked the Bodybuilding community. Although he had been optimistic about his comeback to the stage in the 2020 Arnold Classic‚ the reason for his sudden death is still unclear. It is believed that the former Olympian had a heart attack while on a treadmill‚ but the cause of death has not been identified. Born in northern New Jersey in 1977‚ Cedric McMillan rose to prominence in the Bodybuilding world‚ winning the Arnold Classic in 2017 and the Orlando Show of Champions in 2011. The aspiring bodybuilder was a top contender for the Mr. Olympia‚ although he underperformed in the finals. A talented drawer‚ McMillan enjoyed culture and music‚ and often showcased his artistic side with elaborate poses. The sudden death of pro-bodybuilders is often linked to the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs)‚ but the autopsy report for Peterson does not explicitly address whether he took PEDs or not. However‚ it is undeniably clear that substance abuse in the Bodybuilding industry can have long-term effects. Cedric McMillan's death was a sad loss for the entire Bodybuilding community.

He was postponing his return to competition

The reason why Cedric McMillan was postpending his comeback from competition is not entirely clear‚ but he has recently suffered a heart attack while exercising on a treadmill. He was rushed to the hospital with serious breathing problems and was diagnosed with COVID-19‚ a respiratory disease that can affect anyone at anytime. He was put on life support and was unable to compete until he recovered enough to return to the gym. Despite his recent struggles with heart problems‚ Cedric McMillan's death is certainly not a shock to the Bodybuilding community. The American bodybuilder‚ a former United States Army instructor‚ was widely recognized as one of the most influential figures in the 21st century. He was discovered to have passed away on April 12‚ 2022. Though McMillan had previously opened up about his health problems‚ he had delayed his comeback to the gym because he was experiencing some complications with his heart. Although McMillan competed in two Mr. Olympia competitions - in 2016 and 2019 - his return was postponed to 2022 after he contracted COVID-19. In the past two years‚ he suffered a serious bike accident and was placed on life support. He later developed pneumonia and heart problems‚ so he was not eligible to compete in the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Before beginning his professional Bodybuilding career‚ McMillan worked as an army officer. He won the 2007 NPC South Carolina State competition and went on to win the 2009 NPC Nationals. He then went on to win the Orlando Show of Champions and the 2012 New York Pro. McMillan's death was attributed to a heart attack he had while exercising on a treadmill.

His health issues delayed his return to bodybuilding

The ailing bodybuilder cemented a lasting legacy in the sport of Bodybuilding with his impressive physique and competitive spirit. However‚ after several health issues‚ Cedric McMillan was forced to step away from the sport due to his family's needs. He was hospitalized and placed on life support for a period of time due to pneumonia. He was finally able to return to Bodybuilding in January 2019. The first setback in his comeback to the sport was a serious infection‚ COVID-19. McMillan suffered from heart problems‚ breathing difficulties and other complications. In addition‚ he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Fortunately‚ he was able to recover from his illness and compete at the next National Armed Forces Championship in 2021. While his comeback was delayed‚ he remained optimistic about his return. After his high school graduation‚ McMillan enlisted in the U.S. Army and served as a staff sergeant at Fort Jackson. He won his first Bodybuilding competition in 2011 and went on to win the New York Pro 2012 in December. Today‚ McMillan is widely considered one of the most successful bodybuilders in history. His tragic death came as a shock to the Bodybuilding community. While McMillan's death was unexpected‚ the recent death of his bodybuilder - who was 44 years old - has been mourned by fans around the world. He had previously opened up about his health problems and revealed that he suffered a near-death experience last year. McMillan's health issues delayed his return to bodybuilding‚ but he had been optimistic about his comeback in recent months.

His 'classic physique' has elicited tributes

The 'classic physique' of bodybuilder Cedric McMillan has inspired many. The 6-foot-1-inch competitor was born in Columbia‚ South Carolina. Although his physique was 'aesthetic'‚ he chose to display it through choreographed poses‚ often performed to classical music. He was the champion of the Arnold Classic in 2017‚ but withdrew from the Mr. Olympia finals due to health issues. Despite the tragic loss of his life‚ his legacy will live on. The 'classic physique' of Cedric McMillan has elicited tributes in recent months following his untimely death. The IFBB Pro won the Arnold Classic last year and was widely recognized as one of the industry's best builders. In recent years‚ he had been dealing with health issues that delayed his competitive Bodybuilding career. Sadly‚ he passed away in April of 2022. There are no details about the cause of death‚ but it was an apparent heart attack.

Questions about the Bodybuilding industry

Following the recent death of Cedric McMillan‚ many fans have been left with many questions about the Bodybuilding industry. While fans are pointing to his complex lifestyle‚ some question whether it's the real cause of death. Other bodybuilders have died too young‚ including George Peterson and Shawn Rhoden. The bodies of these men are not publicly available‚ but the cause of death is unclear. Some have wondered if Cedric McMillan's sudden death has thrown the Bodybuilding industry into disarray. The popular bodybuilder had died unexpectedly on April 12‚ 2022. The cause of his death has yet to be determined‚ but it is believed that he suffered a heart attack while running on a treadmill. McMillan had been out of competition for quite some time‚ owing to various injuries. Many people have been left wondering about what caused Cedric's death. While the cause of death has not been released‚ Cedric McMillan‚ a 2017 Arnold Classic champion‚ spoke openly about his health and life struggles. While he never reclaimed his Arnold Classic title‚ his physique was renowned and was the envy of many. The bodybuilder's family has yet to reveal the cause of his death. Several questions have been raised about McMillan's death. McMillan was a world-renowned athlete with a huge fan base. The Bodybuilding industry will inevitably be left void of a world-class bodybuilder. However‚ the industry's future is unclear without him. He was regarded as one of the most influential athletes and was expected to dominate the sport.