Bodycam video, photos of Bob Sagets hotel room released

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
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The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released a report detailing the events surrounding the January 9 death of comedian Bob Saget. The full report is not yet complete and does not include the photos of Saget's body‚ but the body camera video shows a series of clues that point to a violent crime. Despite the autopsy report citing blunt head trauma‚ fans of the actor have demanded more information. The body cam video also shows that there was no blood on the carpet or headboard. The photos and video released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office show the room where the deceased was staying. The room was equipped with a sofa‚ round table with four chairs‚ and coffee table. The images were released following the release of the incident report from Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany. It says that the late comedian suffered a fracture to the base of his skull and had bleeding in his brain. The video showed deputies entering the room and knocking on Saget's door. According to the investigation‚ the actor had already showerd before his death. The photographs also show Saget's luggage‚ which was neatly stacked in the bedroom. After seeing the photos of the bodycam footage‚ the sheriff's office has decided to release the footage. However‚ the bodycam footage has not been released publicly due to a judge's order. Investigators are releasing the bodycam video of Bob Saget's hotel room. The footage shows the actor and deputies rushing into the room. The images also show a bathroom where the late comedian had showered before he was killed. Police have said that the incident occurred in an unsupervised room. It is not clear if the police acted quickly or if the comedian acted alone. The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released more photos and bodycam video of the late comedian's room. The videos show that the deputies knocked on the wrong door and entered the wrong room. Despite the fact that the MPs had knocked on Bob Saget's door‚ it was later revealed that they had entered the wrong room. The camera also shows the room after the singer was removed from it. The bathroom has toiletries and a used towel. Although the Orange County Sheriff's Office previously released the bodycam video‚ the department's decision was not a final ruling. The footage shows that deputies had mistakenly knocked on the wrong door. They were not allowed to enter the room because they were not looking for any evidence. The footage‚ which has also been shown to show that the MPs were knocking on the wrong door. The latest release of bodycam video and pictures from the late comedian's hotel room has been a crucial step in revealing the truth.

bodycam video photos of bob sagets hotel room released
Image source : ktlacom/n

The photos of the late comic's room show a white chair with four chairs and a round table with four chairs. The deputies then enter the room and discover that they have knocked on the wrong door. In the end‚ the incident report is a vital document in this investigation. The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released the bodycam video photos of Bob Saget's hotel room. The video shows that deputies had knocked on the wrong door. When they entered Bob Saget's room‚ they were greeted by a friendly stranger. The police were unsure if they could reach Bob's room. They did not enter the hotel to search for him. The photos of the late comedian's hotel room show that he had been unconscious when the incident occurred. The images were released after the incident report was released. The police had knocked on the wrong door and found the body of the comedian without any personal effects. The photos were not released because of the police's investigation‚ but because it is essential for the investigation. The pictures reveal that he had not taken a shower prior to the incident.