Boston Red Sox Sign Trevor Story: Scattered Thoughts on the

Monday, March 21, 2022
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The Boston Red Sox have signed outfielder Trevor Story to a six-year‚ $140 million contract. The deal includes a player opt-out in the fourth year‚ as he would have preferred to play shortstop. But Xander Bogaerts is already playing the position and Story will now be moving to second base. This move fills the biggest hole in the Red Sox lineup. Although the Red Sox have to give up a draft pick for Story's services‚ his value is still based on his defensive ability at shortstop. Xander Bogaerts has said he doesn't want to move from shortstop‚ and Story's arm strength isn't known. The team is able to upgrade the position elsewhere by signing him to a deal with the Red Sox. The 3.5-win player by FanGraphs isn't just a nice piece to add to the Red Sox's roster. He is also a valuable baserunner. As a result‚ he will have a lesser impact at second base but will be able to add to his baserunning value. That's an excellent bargain‚ and if Story is a good fit and can contribute defensively as well as offensively‚ he will make the Red Sox' lineup. A former Red Sox pitcher‚ Michael Wacha‚ is familiar with Story from his days in the National League. He praised Story's bat-to-ball skills and his ability to drive the ball to the opposite field. He called the Boston-Story duo one of the best middle infields in the game. The veteran manager joked that he had no idea he would face the Red Sox's starting lineup in 2022. The Boston Red Sox are lucky to have Trevor Story. The deal is worth about $140 million and includes an opt-out after the fourth year. The Red Sox can add another year for an additional $20 million. However‚ they have to consider the potential long-term impact of this trade. There are many risks and uncertainties with the Boston Red Sox's newest addition. As mentioned earlier‚ Story is an excellent player. He was one of the most productive players in the National League last year. His defense is also an important part of the team. However‚ his arm is not as good as the other players on the team. So‚ he will have to play second base. The Red Sox will have to wait until 2022 before he signs Trevor Story. Story is very good. His offensive production is high‚ but his year-to-year numbers have been down. His 2021 season had only a 100 wRC+. After three years‚ his wRC+ was 124. It is hard to find a player with a 100 wRC+ in 595 plate appearances.

boston red sox sign trevor story scattered thoughts on the story
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He was tied with Xander Bogaerts for ninth place among position players. The good thing is that he hits from the right side. After the season‚ the Red Sox are expected to opt-out of Story's contract. This is a great deal for the Red Sox. He was the best free agent in the offseason‚ but faced stiff competition from the New York Yankees‚ he is still the best player in the MLB. A six-year‚ $140 million contract for Story is a solid value. Another reason to add Story to the roster is the position he'll play for the Red Sox. While he may be a valuable second baseman‚ he will likely lose defensive value moving from first base. His defense will remain a strong point for the team‚ but his defense will be a weak spot for the team. If he moves from shortstop‚ he'll probably be a bad fit at second base. There's another reason why the Red Sox added Story. The player is very good. In his last season‚ he had a down year with a 100 wRC+ in 595 plate appearances. In the previous three years‚ he had a 122 wRC+ in his five-year career. His age-29 season is the right time to sign him and he'll most likely be a second baseman.