Braemar Lodge Hotel: Fire crews at the scene of catastrophic blaze

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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The historic Braemar Lodge Hotel in the village of Deeside has gone up in flames. Six fire crews‚ a height appliance‚ and a water carrier were called to the blaze. The fire is believed to have started in a shed in the back yard of the building and has since spread to the main building. The property's roof was also damaged‚ and occupants of the hotel were evacuated‚ but no one was injured. The fire started at 7.50am on Wednesday. The blaze was feared to have a destructive effect on the nearby town of Inverness‚ but it is unclear how many people were affected. The fire was first reported at an apartment block near the hotel‚ and then quickly spread to the hotel. At least two firefighters were sent to the scene to put the blaze out. At the time of the blaze‚ Braemar Primary School was already moving to online learning to reduce the risk of further casualties. The blaze spread to other rooms‚ including the bar‚ restaurant‚ and meeting rooms.

braemar lodge hotel fire crews at the scene of catastrophic blaze hotel
Image source : dailyadven

The fire had already destroyed the entire structure. Affected residents were forced to seek refuge in the nearby Fife Arms Hotel‚ which had recently been taken over by a new owner and was undergoing significant refurbishment. The manager told BBC Scotland that he did not sleep in the hotel‚ but he does not sleep there.