Brand slammed for sick promo email

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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Ulta Beauty Apologizes For Shady Promotional Email

Ulta Beauty has apologized for sending out a shady promotional email. The email‚ which alluded to a designer's suicide‚ shocked Ulta shoppers. Some called the email 'disgusting' and wondered how the mistake hadn't been caught before it was sent. Others accused Ulta's marketers of making a deliberate error. In this article‚ we take a look at why Ulta was so widely criticized for its e-mail campaign.

Ulta Beauty apologises for deaf email promotion

Earlier this month‚ the beauty retailer Ulta Beauty apologized for sending a tone-deaf email promotion about its Kate Spade perfume collection. The email‚ which promoted the perfume collection in a Kate Spade fragrance pouch and roll-on body fragrance oil‚ also mentioned the fashion designer's suicide by hanging. The email was sent during Mental Health Awareness Month‚ which highlights the company's carelessness around mental health issues. According to an Ulta spokesperson‚ the company will hold internal mental health sessions with employees. Several people on social media expressed outrage after Ulta's email promoted the late designer Kate Spade's fragrances‚ despite her suicide in 2018. The email was sent on the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month‚ which is dedicated to raising awareness of depression. The brand apologized for the deaf email and promised to honor the late designer's memory. However‚ this doesn't mean that it isn't still promoting Kate Spade's fragrances. The company is scrambling to recover from its Kate Spade perfume campaign‚ which was marketed on Sunday. In the email‚ Ulta Beauty's email promotes the Kate Spade fragrance and invites people to come hang with us! In addition‚ the brand also promoted Ulta After Dark's Beauty Break online promotion. Although the company is trying to move on‚ it seems to have missed the mark - for now.

Alluded to designer's suicide

Ulta Beauty has apologized for sending out a sick promo email about Kate Spade fragrances. The email made reference to the late designer‚ who committed suicide in June. Upon further inquiry‚ the company confirmed the email was sent in error and apologized to the Spade family and customers. A full apology was issued. In the meantime‚ customers can look forward to an apology in the mail. The company has apologized for its actions following an uproar after an e-mail sent by Ulta Beauty referencing Kate Spade's suicide. The e-mail promoted beauty products by the designer‚ and included a link to a Kate Spade fragrance sale. Fans expressed outrage at the email‚ which included a link to purchase the fragrance. This is not an acceptable use of social media‚ said Ulta Beauty in a statement.

Apologises for shady promotion

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