Brian Houston Hillsong megachurch founder steps down amid

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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The Hillsong megachurch has announced that co-founder Brian Houston has resigned as the global senior pastor. The resignation follows complaints from church members that the former pastor was inappropriate with them. One staff member claimed that Houston sent her inappropriate text messages‚ and the church said the allegations did not support the claims. The accusation was made based on video evidence that has not been independently verified by CNN. However‚ a representative for the church confirmed that it is still investigating the claims. The Australian public has been outraged by Houston's resignation. The Hillsong Global Board conducted an investigation into the first complaint‚ in which Houston had allegedly violated a woman's privacy. According to the complaint‚ Houston had taken anti-anxiety medication over the prescribed dosage and drank alcohol. In addition‚ he had knocked on a hotel room that was not his‚ and had spent time with the woman in the room. Although some aspects of the complaint were not upheld‚ the accusation was important and was a matter of public interest. After discovering the allegations‚ Houston agreed to take specific actions‚ but failed to do so. The board then took further action and asked Houston to resign. The church's public relations department said that the decision has not been finalized‚ but the church's board has not responded to queries about the matter. The allegations are based on the testimony of one of Brian Houston's own children‚ and he has denied the claims. After the discovery of the abuse‚ Brian Houston apologised and sought treatment. The Hillsong statement said that the incident occurred in the 1970s‚ when he was still a young boy. The accusations stemmed from Houston's alleged role in covering up his father's sexual abuse of children. After the revelations‚ the church stated that it was not a coincidence that his pastor was accused of covering up for child sexual abuse. The church's statement says that Brian Houston breached its pastoral code of conduct by entering a woman's hotel room for 40 minutes. The woman has not disclosed whether they had sex. Several Hillsong members have contacted the media and filed complaints on behalf of their fathers. Despite the allegations‚ Houston has not been accused of any criminal offense. Nonetheless‚ he has resigned. Earlier this year‚ the Hillsong board found that Houston had violated the code of conduct and recommended an independent review of the organisation's structure. Immediately after the conference‚ Brian Houston temporarily stepped down as global pastor. After the Hillsong board made the decision‚ the interim pastor‚ Phil Dooley‚ stepped in. During a video conference with the media‚ he defended the allegations that his late father had sexually abused his son. While there were rumors that Houston had been mistreated as a child‚ the pastor resigned indefinitely.

brian houston hillsong megachurch founder steps down amid
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The allegations are unfounded and the church will not allow this to happen‚ the spokesperson for Hillsong declined to comment on Brian Houston's resignation. Neither the pastor nor his wife publicly commented on the matter. At this point‚ it is unclear whether the allegations against Brian Houston are true or false. Following the allegations of sexual abuse against Brian Houston‚ the Australian Assemblies of God has decided to remove Houston as their national president. As a result‚ the Australian Assemblies of God's board of directors has taken a position in the absence of the former pastor. The church will continue to investigate the allegations and will dismiss Houston immediately if he refuses to step down. While there is no evidence of any physical misconduct against Houston‚ the church will not enforce it unless the allegations are proven true. The allegations that Houston engaged in sexual misconduct have caused the megachurch's board of directors to remove him. The Australian leader has pleaded not guilty to the allegations and is facing trial. The Australian board has already received complaints about the church's conduct. But the decision has been taken because of the circumstances surrounding the matter. The issue of his personal behavior has caused the Church to become notorious and has resulted in his resignation.